Indiana mandates that aborted babies must be buried or cremated



By Steve Watson

Planned Parenthood paid out bonuses for convincing women to have abortions

In what many believe should serve as a nationwide precedent, the Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence, signed a bill this week to make it a State law that aborted babies must be buried or cremated.

The new law comes in the wake of the exposure of the cottage industry of clinics and bio-medical companies profiting from selling tissue, body parts and organs from fetuses, with particular focus on Planned Parenthood officials discussing the issue with undercover journalists.

The legislation, known as the aborted fetal remains bill (SEA 329), sets out strict guidelines with regards to how facilities that offer abortions must dispose of the remains.

The bill states that the pregnant woman to choose to pay for one of the two sanctioned forms of disposal, after it came to light that the Indianapolis Planned Parenthood clinic was disposing of aborted babies down a drain into the sewer system – literally flushing them down the toilet.

The legislation effectively states that aborted babies should be treated in the same fashion as miscarried babies.

“This law creates rules for how to appropriately dispose of aborted fetal remains,” said the author of the bill, State Sen. Liz Brown (R-Fort Wayne).

“Establishing standards brings respect to the woman, abortion staff and the aborted child. These standards require the facility to dispose of the baby’s remains properly, unless the woman chooses to bury her baby. Hoosiers want their government to ensure the bodies of aborted babies are treated with dignity and this law accomplishes that.”

“We’re thankful for Gov. Pence’s commitment to the pro-life cause and for the legislators who boldly passed these bills,” said Mike Fichter, President and CEO of Indiana Right to Life. “The aborted remains bill is especially timely, as Americans pause to consider what becomes of the tiny lives ended in abortion procedures. We believe the aborted remains bill provides dignity to the babies, their mothers and the abortion facility staff.”

Governor Pence has also instructed the Indiana State Department of Health to conduct investigations into local Planned Parenthood facilities, to make sure they are not breaking the law.

“Every Hoosier should be deeply troubled by allegations that Planned Parenthood affiliates are engaged in the trafficking of human remains. If true, this is not only illegal, it is morally reprehensible. Under federal and state law, the buying or selling of human body parts is a felony and, as Governor, I have an obligation to make sure this is not happening in Indiana,” Pence said.

Meanwhile, in related news, a Texas Planned Parenthood clinic director has revealed that she and her colleagues profited, and were given bonuses for convincing women to have abortions.

Abby Johnson, who quit her role in 2009, says that women were only told about the “research options” for fetal remains after they had signed agreements to have abortions.

“We never discussed, [researchers] may want just a leg, or an arm, or these specific organs,” Johnson told The Daily Signal. “That would create a sense of humanity in their unborn child.”

“We would tell the client that we are participating in a study and she has an opportunity today to donate the tissue that’s removed from her uterus to a research laboratory where they will be working on life-saving treatments for various diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or other types of medical studies,” she added. “We would tell her this is an opportunity for her to possibly save the life of someone else by donating this tissue.”

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