Is COVID-19 a Step Toward Socialism?

Is COVID-19 A Step Toward Socialism?

Commentary by: TLB Staff Writer Lucille Femine

With the existence of the coronavirus, are we headed toward a kind of benevolent socialism? With the countrywide bailout for every citizen, one might wonder – is this part of the plan? Maybe a revised edition of the New World Order master plan? Will we experience a covert, underhanded plot to soft sell our citizens into a totally government–dependent society, despite Trump’s apparent goodwill? We have already been sliding into that lifestyle in the form of massive stripping of our human rights and enforcement’s that should never exist.

We have been hoping all that will be short-circuited by Trump and pray (all in our own way, secular or not) he won’t be overwhelmed by these forces.

I hope I’m not being paranoid or pessimistic.

But this is what runs through my mind every time I watch a video about billions of dollars slated to be handed out soon. How many of those individual bailouts will reach people and families honestly in need and not embezzled by those who fake their qualifications? Will there BE any qualifications? Maybe the dollars will fly through the air to be caught indiscriminately. That’s the image I get.

But then again, perhaps it doesn’t matter how many cheat. We certainly don’t want the whole country to go down the drain just to avoid some criminality. The alternative scenario might be – with NO bailouts – dozens or hundreds of hungry, unemployed people, even good, honest ones, roaming the streets looking for houses to rob. People get awfully desperate in times of dire need and neighbors you shared barbecues with become rivals. I don’t want to envision myself with five more locks on my door, bars on my windows and refrigerator and one eye open all night.

Again, I hope I’m not being paranoid.

Maybe it’s because I work at home and I’m more of a hermit than I’ve ever been. No one to distract me from these grim thoughts. You could say I’m practicing social distancing of my own freewill, though I go out and look at empty shelves in the supermarkets. There’s no freewill there to acquire one’s basic needs for food, at least not the stuff I need and want and people moving away from me like I’m a leper. That’s when this most likely orchestrated event hits me hard.

My assumption and just about firm belief, though not solidly proven to all yet because the power-hungry folks in high places are lacking in transparency, is yes, this is all planned. And the sooner we all, or at least a great more of us realize that, the more we can defeat them. That’s been said so many times, I feel really redundant. But it really isn’t because too many people are blind to these obvious truths. We are still being called conspiracy-theorists, fed to them by the media and other puppets. So we need to say it again and again – in words, videos, movies, blogs, kites, tee shirts, water balloons and of course, The Liberty Beacon. Whatever it takes.

No, I’m not being paranoid. Not about the real issue. But paranoia and economic disaster is sure being manufactured through this illogical fear of a virus with very low statistics of deaths and those from mostly elderly people, often already health-compromised.

I refrain these days from expressing this observation on social media because I’ve already been attacked by “friends” for not giving a damn or for violating the rules of social virus etiquette, utterances with exclamations coming from minds gone into anxious overdrive.

Moving on past the virus and the life contraction it causes, all one needs to do is look at the broader picture of statistics. How was the country doing when Obama was president? Everything was crashing along with a threatened slide into an oppressive Muslim leadership. How are we doing now? The stats are expanding. All areas of the country are doing well. There’s little else to know about leadership qualities than that. What products is the guy creating? We all know the answer to that from Trump’s presidency.

The success in handling the virus so quickly and efficiently is just more testimony to his leadership qualities. Baffles me why more people don’t see that and continue to accept lies and bad news about him. I read Hillary was complaining about how negligent he was in handling the virus problem. (??) What was SHE doing to help find a cure? You don’t have to be in office to offer some help. But since when was she into help? My guess is she would probably put in a plug to euthanize everyone over sixty to save on hospital beds.

I’m particularly concerned, though, about our young people who make up the majority of socialists in this country. What in the world are they being fed in school? Who knows, maybe given scholarships for being Bernie or Joe supporters. Nah, probably not. More like re-orientation coming from the Dept of Brainwashing at the universities. If I could survive it, I might visit one someday and sit in on a few classes. That would be painful enlightenment, often needed to move a little faster on that road to freedom.

That’s the only path we’ve ever been on, whether we realize it or not. It’s just that some awake people make it part and parcel of their lives, fight like hell while some give lip service to it, as they vaguely sense something is not right in their cushy life.


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