Is Jordan Peterson’s ARC WEF 2.0?

ER Editor: Peterson’s controlled opposition tendencies were outed a while back, as he seemed to be speaking for the right-populist section of the community, especially for disaffected young white males, only NOT to disclose he used to work under a George Soros associate at the UN for six years. He came out within the last few days about Israel, and it didn’t do him any credit. See this by Celia Farber (you have to scroll far down in this piece for Jordan’s unflattering interview segment with Piers Morgan) —

Israel’s Bombardment Of Jabalia Refugee Camp Stuns World


Is Jordan Peterson’s ARC WEF 2.0?

The Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC) which Jordan Peterson has said is an alternative to the apocalyptic World Economic Forum, has just held it’s inaugural conference at the O2 arena in London.


The ARC (Alliance for Responsible Citizenship) conference that was attended by over 1500 people, set out to be an alternative to gatherings such as Davos and the World Economic Forum. However, the ARC according to David Icke, is blatant Pied Piper controlled opposition full of fake ‘alternatives’, investment bankers, globalists and elitists, and funded by the owners of fake ‘alternative’ GB News. Hijackers of the REAL alternative media now on public display.

This is ten months after Peterson announced on the Joe Rogan show on January the 27th 2023 that he’d been working with a group of people in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the U.S. to organise a series of questions about how we might want to conduct ourselves and what we might want to happen collectively as we move forward in to the future. Peterson, said that “from the level of the individual all the way up to the level of the universal collective, Peterson claimed to want to know what kind of planet do we want to inhabit? Sounds a bit WEF to me. (ER: Indeed. Why do we need these self-appointed people?)


Peterson’s vision for ARC:

it is existentially perilous to insist upon the impending end of the world in this doomsaying manner — lest the ensuing panicked tyranny produce exactly the result that is, in principle, most feared.”

Peterson uses a lot of religious themes and keywords, starting with the ARC obviously, but he said this is not something he wanted to bring across in the ARC narrative.

We at the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship, we at ARC do not believe that humanity is necessarily and inevitably teetering on the brink of apocalyptic disaster. We do not believe that we are beings primarily motivated by lust for power and the desire to dominate. We do not regard ourselves or our fellow citizens as destructive forces living in an alien relationship to the pristine and pure natural world. We posit instead that men and women of faith and decisiveness made in the image of God,says Jordan “give em hell” Peterson. Who clearly failed in keeping religious, apocalyptic themes out of his monologue.

Organically Grown

Peterson imagines that we might be cynical as he only met with “conservative people” who were just echoing back to him what he wanted to hear. That’s actually not true, he argues, and insists that the group came about because lots of people that he met were “disenchanted liberals or leftists who were not left enough to be enamoured of the communist regimes, or who had also been cancelled and  mobbed by the new woke tyrants.”

These new members of the ARC previously “felt like voices crying in the wilderness” according to Peterson, who said this was reiterated in about 6 countries. “Every place we go people are saying the same thing”, claims Peterson, “They’re appalled by what’s happening on the culture war front, especially what’s happening to the radical left, they can’t believe that they’re making the incursions that they’re making and they feel absolutely isolated in their attempts to do anything about it.”

“Why aren’t people coming together,?” he asked himself, let’s say, “why aren’t they coming together in some international manner to discuss exactly this problem. Is there no overarching structure of communication that would make that possible?” then he thought, “maybe I should organise such a thing and bring people together for a conference, somewhere in Europe, or maybe in North America,” bring people who are centrally inclined, and that would be the vast majority of people, together so they can share what they’ve done in their own country that might be extremely useful.”

Did you Jordan?

Meet the New Boss, Same as The Old Boss

Basically what Peterson would like us to believe is that this group just happened organically, that he travelled the world after getting speaking to a few people, and the ARC organisation all came together. This is just too unbelievable, especially when we then look at who are aboard the ARC’s organising committee, which proves the point that it is Meet the New Boss, Same as the old boss. according to amazing Polly, (who actually does do some amazing research!)




Take just three members of the ARCs organising committee: Bjorn Longboard still believes in climate change and thinks we need to do something about it; it is just slightly different from how it is being sold to us now. Robin Batterman is from Net Zero Australia, and as we all know Net Zero is the World Economic Forum’s Climate Change and Sustainable Development agenda. Riva Melissa Tez has plans to build a digital city with crypto, but a real city much like a “Smart City.”

In fact the members are very much established establishment. Here is also an organising committee member from Globol ROBO and a WEF young global leader, Dan Cranshaw, and many from Australia, including two former prime ministers Tony Abbott and John Howard as well as a deputy Prime Minister. It is all the same as the Great Reset, just with a different story. As Peterson said, “we need a new story”, according to Amazing Polly, who has researched the members in depth,

UK Members

Just from the UK, board members include 3 House of Lords members, Stroud, Glasman, Morrissey. 2 from GBnews – McCormick chairman, and Paul Marshall (Marshall Wace) owner of GBNews, who is also one of the directors of the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC) who has also brought his musician son Winston Marshall from the band Mumford and sons on board the ARC.

Baroness Philippa Stroud is co-founder and CEO of the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship and seems to be a spokesperson for them and promotes the organisation alongside Peterson. The Baroness is also a Member of the House of Lords, and Chair of the Social Metrics Commission. and Co-Founder and Chief Executive of the Centre for Social Justice. She served as Special Adviser to the Rt. Hon. Iain Duncan Smith MP from 2010-15 and also to the Prime Minister from 2012.

Legatum is ARC

Prior to this, she was the CEO of the Legatum Institute, In fact there a lot of people from an organisation called Legatum, and what is apparent is that the ARC is Legatum.

Alan McCormick Partner of the investment group Legatum, who with his partners founded and now plays a governance role for organisations including the END Fund, Freedom Fund, Luminos Fund, the Legatum Center for Entrepreneurship at MIT and the Legatum Institute Foundation. (source) He is also the co-creator of the Legatum Prosperity Index and Chairman of GB News. Legatum is also headed up by and is said to be owned by Christopher Chandler, a New Zealand born businessman and founder of the Dubai-based investment firm, which also provides funding for Paul Marshall’s UK media channel GB News.

ARC has a number of ties to the Legatum Institute. In addition to ARC CEO Philippa Stroud’s prior role at Legatum, the Legatum Group’s current CEO, Mark Alan Stoleson, is also listed in Companies House documents as a person with significant control in ARC.14

The Financial Times described The Legatum Institute as the “intellectual heart” of a “‘hard’ Brexit.”15 The Legatum Institute reportedly receives a significant portion of its funding — £3.9m according to a 2017 article — from the Legatum Foundation Limited. DeSmog mapped the connections between the Legatum Institute and the “Brexiteers’ brain,”16 Shanker Singham, and how this provided privileged access to the UK government in order to push a hard Brexit. Singham was at one point a policy expert for the US-based Heartland Institute, which has received at least $676,500 from ExxonMobil since 1998.17

A search of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ)’s Offshore Leaks Database reveals the Legatum Foundation Limited has ties to both Bermuda and the UAE, and lists two directors also associated with ARC.18 (Source).

The Alliance For Responsible Citizenship on Companies House

Companies house also has the ARC listed from back in 2016, and lists a previous name Prosperity UK 2017 Limited from the 12th December 2016 and changed to the name the Alliance of Responsible Citizenship in January. As you can see Paul Marshall is listed as one of the owners along with Alan McCormick.

What this means is that the ARC is not a new venture and certainly was not grown organically through Jordan Peterson jaunting around the world and talking to people. Peterson is simply a spokesperson for the ARC.


Who is Paul Marshall?

Paul Marshall and Fossil Fuels

Paul Marshall is the chairman and chief investment officer of Marshall Wace, a London-based hedge fund that he co-founded in 1997. Marshall Wace is now one of the world’s largest hedge funds – an investment vehicle that bets on rising and falling share prices – with around $63 billion (£51.9 billion) in assets under management. According to DeSmog’s analysis of Marshall Wace’s filings with the US financial regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), his fund owns shares worth $2.2 billion (£1.8 billion) in fossil fuel firms.

Marshall Wace reports a $213 million (£175.6 million) shareholding in the oil and gas supermajor Chevron, as well as stakes in Shell, Equinor, and 109 other fossil fuel companies and the value of Marshall Wace’s stake in Chevron, the world’s eighth largest fossil fuel company, has more than doubled from $105 million (£86.6 million) to $213 million (£175.6 million) in two years, even though its total number of shares and equity options has increased over that period by just 35 percent. Marshall Wace held shares in 112 fossil fuel companies as of June 2023. Two years earlier, in June 2021, the hedge fund held shares in 50 of these firms. The value of the stakes in these 50 firms almost trebled over the period, from $565.4 million (£466.1 million) to $1.4 billion (£1.15 billion).

Paul Marshall and the Tory Party

Marshall donated £3,250 to Michael Gove in 2016. Gove is a member of ARC, and spoke today at the conference, saying “you will find that there are major institutions within the corporate world – the decisions that they have taken have enriched them.” Hmm, you don’t say Michael!?


Paul Marshall and GB News

Marshall also donated £500,000 to the Tories in 2019, no doubt to help his good buddy Boris Johnson in the 2019 election where he was not really trying to campaign and was reported as hiding in fridges and not turning up for debates. His new position should not be a surprise to us.

Also within the investigation carried out in May, DeSmog found that one in three of Paul Marshall’s GB News presenters had spread climate science denial on air in 2022, while more than half had attacked climate action. GB News presenters have used their platforms to urge the UK to “drill, baby, drill” for more coal, oil and gas.

You will remember that Laurence Fox from the Reclaim Party was sacked from his position at Paul Marshall’s GBNews, so what a surprise that he was invited along to the ARC Conference today. Isn’t that just lovely?

Every single person at Jordan Peterson’s ‘The Arc’ is completely controlled opposition and or a sell out, says Unity News Net Author, Miri AF who always has well research entertaining reads, points out in her article “Here Comes the Flood, All aboard the ARC” “We’ve all heard it and said it a million times but it deserves one big resonant repeat…

It’s a big club and we’re not in it.

That club she is referring to includes “Anti-establishment heroes” like Laurence Fox, Andrew Bridgen, and Jordan Peterson, who are in exactly the same club as Matt Hancock, Boris Johnson, Justin Trudeau et al. The only difference is, they’re scripted in order to appeal to a different demographic – the “dissidents”, us – but ultimately, are funnelling us all in exactly the same direction as Hancock and co are the normies.” according to Miri.

Miri claims that this is why “all the supposedly supposedly independent anti-establishment figures and platforms interlink, and why, ultimately, they all coalesce with the same establishment agenda (and its money), as is irrevocably clear by the names listed on ARC’s Advisory Board. You’ve got “anti-establishment rebels” like Peterson and Perry, right there with as-establishment-as-it gets Tony Abbott (former PM of Australia), various members of the House of Lords and assorted other billionaires and big cheeses.

The ARC is WEF 2.0

There is a connection between these “supposedly independent, unconnected initiatives” which includes GB News, The Reclaim Party, The Bad Law Project, and Democracy 3.0 – and all names prominently associated with these projects, including Laurence Fox, Andrew Bridgen and Dan Wootton (source).  (ER: We admit to needing persuading why or HOW Andrew Bridgen is being corralled and given a controlled script; it is easy to see, however, that he would be a target of ill-intentioned people.)

They are nothing but funnels to take us all in the same direction – to WEF 2.0, the ARC, and the“WEF has intentionally been made very prominent as an institution, and become very publicly villainised, with its most famous representative quite literally (and intentionally) resembling a cartoon villain – so that we can be manipulated into feeling we’ve won an important victory when the WEF is inevitably dismantled (Klaus Schwab is very elderly and hasn’t appointed a successor for when he dies) and is replaced by ARC… which will, in reality, function in exactly the same way (source).

As David Icke Says, it is “the time when the REAL alternative media must step forward and reclaim the momentum for the celeb fakes and frauds who have hijacked the arena. It will come as a surprise to many people just who from their fave celebs are in fake frauds.” Particularly Peterson who has concocted such a huge story.” It is time to Give em Hell!



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