Is There Room For Art In All This Madness?

Is There Room For Art In All This Madness?

Commentary by: TLB Staff Writer Lucille Femine

As a fine artist, I give this much thought. Often these days, I leave my painting space alone to watch a video by one patriot or another, hoping to find a clue or solution that will work, something the majority of the country can agree on and act upon as a united force. We hope we can make it all well.

My grim thought becomes: Is art important now?

What has taken it’s place in many minds and hearts, I wonder. Obviously, we want to be safe, to have a job or a business, either of which is secure and unthreatened by chaos, to be free to exercise our human rights, all of which has made a total about face, going from the freedom this country has enjoyed to a life of imprisonment far beyond our imagination and which we still cannot fully acknowledge as having occurred.

Madness can consume us. And what is the greater part of us, of our individuality? It is nothing other than creativity. I’m not just speaking of painting, which is my own, personal form of expression. It is anything good and helpful that arises from you, that essence that is not made from anything physical. It is art in any number of forms. Because what is art? It is a way to say something and it is something to give that will enhance another’s life in some way, as well as experiencing a joy in one’s one expression. Or it will speak truth than can be accepted and cause a positive change.

In times like these, art can deteriorate to a level of expressing our fear, horror, anguish, degradation or to being limited, through the power of totalitarianism, to only expressing praise and honor of the state while abolishing all books and art not related to that same agenda.

Are we in such a nightmare state that little else matters but to handle the dire emergency? This is my most disturbing thought. Perhaps you have a similar, sad concern. For sure, when you handle a fire, nothing else matters. But must we consider and operate on that assumption in this present world-wide situation? In a nutshell, what I am saying is: could it be that you create in the world what you create in your mind, good or bad?

Yes, indeed. The real nightmare is that scenes like all the angry protesters over the death of George Floyd, that viral violence, be the order of thinking in many minds, in agreeing with the violence or in deciding, through fear, that the world has become nothing but hateful chaos indefinitely. And so it will be if that thinking prevails.

Aiding greatly in this mindset are fake white hats spouting all day long how bad it all is, quoting prophecies on how the world is going to end…next week or tomorrow. How many times was the world going to end? Do we need to listen to the wolves crying any more?

Back to art, here’s a video explaining the deterioration of art since the classical and impressionist eras.

What is not pointed out in the video is one very important fact: this destruction of art (among all other aspects of life) was deliberately planned and executed through the instructions in Psychopolitics. One of the books dealing with this subject, “A Synthesis of the Russian Brainwashing Manual on Psychopolitics”, lays out the original text written in 1955 and brought forward to how it is still in operation today, a thorough plan to degrade and make slaves of us all.

The section about art in this manual explains that it was all a PR campaign to make nothing of art in all forms and, in most cases, as expressions of depravity or, at least, art that does nothing for the spirit. I was reminded of Jackson Pollock, famous abstract artist in the late 1940s who made his fortune dripping paint directly from cans onto large canvases. I will never understand why his art was considered so great, except that people were made to think so. The implication is that if you don’t “get it”, well, you’re just not sophisticated or educated enough to understand it.

My brother was a house painter and his drop cloths looked very much like those Pollack paintings. He could have peddled them to museums and galleries and made millions!

Putting traditional art aside for a moment, I want to say that possibly the most important art to be created now should emanate from sane politicians and freedom fighters in finding and implementing solutions to this pandemic of insanity. It’s time to stop REACTING impulsively through fear, violence, a need for power or a succumbing to globalists threats. It needs to stem from the same inner need we all have to create life in all its beauty. This planet wouldn’t exist at all without that invisible force.

Though immersed in this ugly chaos which is anything but aesthetic, it still takes a creative mind to work through it and which starts with the seed of vision. We are being distracted, instead, by these unseen chaos merchants into agreeing and creating what is happening at the moment – an unlivable planet. And it is certainly growing.

With that said, can we face the fact that we are somewhat responsible for all the destruction? Responsible simply means “respond”, does it not? So there’s no finger-pointing here. We don’t just recoil in fear and accept the “inevitable”. That is the biggest mistake, the disease that inflicts more and more people each day.

Can we cancel that mass, deadly creation? Yes, we can. To start with, you simply have to believe we can. Then get others to agree. All the while, we avoid dwelling on how bad things are. Does that dark mindset help? You know the answer to that. No, it magnifies it. I’m not speaking esoteric philosophy or theory. This is how the mind operates and how it manifests in solid reality.

The mask wearers and social distancing, vaccine-loving, stay at home, broke people are all agreeing with the mass-produced hysteria as they constantly re-create the madness in their thoughts. It’s as simple as that and the answer is just as simple. Change your mind.

I ask again, after writing all this: Is there room for art in all this madness? Not only is there room but there is a dire, undeniable need for it. Art is not something we dabble with as an escape from the insanity. That thought has crept into my mind more often than I care to say. But that thinking is a corruption of the truth and a darkening of life. It is part and parcel of the agenda to destroy, to turn our attention from all of life’s vibrant expressions and cause us to dive into a river of death.

So, I have answered the question I was struggling with for myself. I hope it has helped you, too. Any amount of creation that is ethically done with joy will expand into all other aspects of life and create them, too.

For sure, we need to protest and fight back but that can be done from a creative mindset with no doubts that anything but a peaceful outcome will occur. Meanwhile, create your own life just as much.

I think of flowers that can grow through blacktop. If a delicate flower has such a powerful intention, might we not have even more?

Below is one of my paintings, the price of which has been drastically cut, partly to help in this financial crisis. Did you know that during financial hard times, more people buy art than ever before? Doesn’t that say much for the power of aesthetics as a solution to our very sanity?


TLB Note: The painting directly above is titled McDougal St, Greenwich Village, is now $1200 rather than $2,000. The painting at the top of this article (Featured Image) is also by Lucille. You can find out more about Lucille, and look through her many great paintings by visiting her website (click on image below) 


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  1. Absolutely Exquisite article, by a Fabulous Artist! Thank you Lucille for proposing such a SANE solution to the chaos!

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