Is This The Biggest Conspiracy In All Of History? Mind Blowing!


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We promise to keep you informed on all tyranny, mechanisms that harm humanity or disinformation we are privy to . This we attempt to do without regard to our own personal beliefs or prejudices.

What you are about to read and watch starts out in the realm of issues we discuss regularly, so no big surprises there. But what follows the foundation of known conspiracy … if true … is the biggest secret/conspiracy affecting all of humanity “EVER” on this planet, or in our entire history!

We only ask that you look at the information with an open mind and come to your own conclusions. We have discharged or responsibility to you by making this information available.

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Is This The Biggest Conspiracy In History? It Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind


This might be the most important article I ever write…. what i am about to share with you is so preposterous at first that it is laughable. We have been conditioned cleverly since being in school to think that this is what savages and stupid people who could not read believed in medieval times. BUT i can tell you that when i went through the series of videos that i am about to share with you the more i watched the more i simply could not believe just how much it made sense.

It then got me thinking how so many of the other seemingly random “conspiracy theories” which most are now more like “conspiracy fact” all fit together. This really is the big kahuna of secrets that over ride all others.

Now before i go into this and give you the videos to watch (all at the bottom of this post) i just want to cover a few key points. We as people have grown up believing that our governments and institutions are built to serve the us the people. We are brought up to believe that every big business, institution and government is “regulated” and that they are not allowed to lie to us and that they are not allowed to make decisions that could harm us. Yet thanks to the brilliance of the hive mind of the internet we are now seeing information coming out from every corner of the planet that shows that the idea of the people at the top all having our best interests at heart is simply not the case. The internet is bringing together all the pieces of the jigsaw at a phenomenal speed.

Lets take a look at some real world examples of how governments, institutions, businesses, scientists and the media have repeatedly lied to us and in many cases with seriously detrimental results.

1. The Tobacco Industry

As long as 1924 Irving Fisher and in 1929 Fritz Lickint both published significant findings that smoking caused an increase in lung disease. Countless more studies were published but the multi billion dollar tobacco industry (even in those days) paid scientists, doctors and most importantly the media to defend their product. They say a picture tells a thousand words so see what you think of the images below……



Now ask yourself how many millions of lives have been lost because of this scandalous denial of the facts? According to cancer research Tobacco caused 100 million deaths worldwide during the 20th century, and if current trends continue it will kill 1 billion people in the 21st century.

Think about that for a second a legal product that only benefits a few very rich and powerful families has killed over 100 million people to date and these families are free and have been free to invest their billions of income for the last 100 years in all other companies such as oil, chemical production, pharmaceuticals, transport, media and much more.

We live in a world that has allowed this to happen legally. We also live in a world that has allowed these companies to filter their earnings into off shore tax havens and not even benefit the economy of the people that their products are killing.

2.  Silicon Breast Implants

In 1994 the biggest class action law suit in history (at that time) was agreed between the 3 main breast implant companies to pay $3.7 Billion in compensation to more than 25,000 woman who had suffered a multitude of health issues due their silicon implants.

An estimated one million to two million women had silicone breast implants in the previous 25 year period. Some women and doctors say the devices caused a variety of diseases, including autoimmune disorders, like lupus, and connective tissue disorders, like scleroderma, a progressive hardening and thickening of the skin and internal organs.

3. Big Pharma

Where to even begin with this there are just so many areas to cover because this is an industry that in the last 60 years has grown from nothing to be as big as the oil industry. They have created a self regulating system that excuse the pun doctors medical studies, makes it incredibly difficult for new natural discoveries to ever see the light of day and it bribes doctors, universities and the scientific community to use and favour drugs it has patents on.

One particular and shocking example of this is a little known anti-arrhythmic drug called Lorcainide. In the 1980’s a study was done on 49 men who had a heart attack and took this drug they found 9 of them died. Big Pharma never published these results as they are not required to publish all their studies only the ones they choose to publish (crazy right). Now the impact of them not publishing this meant that over 100,000 people died as a result of doctors being denied the information and prescribing similar anti-arrhythmic drugs to heart attack patients.

That is 30 times the death toll of the 9/11 attacks and i bet you have never heard about it.

I could go on and on with things such as thalidomide, vaccines causing Autism, cancer cures being suppressed or made illegal. There are countless legal cases for misrepresentation, bribery and even being caught paying Doctors a commission to prescribe their drugs! How many lives has this impacted?

One look on wikipedia shows over $10 billion in settlements to date and these are just the big settlements.

These assholes have it so sown up that stores in the UK now cannot say that peppermint is good for digestion. Universal knowledge and millions upon million of people for generations know this to be a fact but the Big Pharma / EU lobby says no store in Europe can make that claim. How far out of whack has society become to allow these corporations and bureaucrats this level of power and influence over our lives?

4. Nuclear Detonations

Surely no one in their right mind would risk detonating Nuclear bombs that could spread nuclear fall out across the globe through the wind and oceans? Under no circumstances is that a good idea and i like many others believed they has tested a few detonations as in maybe 10 and obviously we all know about Hiroshima. So i grew up thinking there had been minimal detonations i was stunned to discover last year that our elected leaders took it upon themselves to mindlessly detonate 2053 Nuclear weapons all around the world between 1945 and 1998.

I mean seriously what sort of society do we live in where our elected leaders think it is acceptable to quietly let off over 2000 nuclear bombs into our world. These same people we trust to write our school curriculum’s, police our industries and look out for our well being.

It is a boring video to watch but this shows where each bomb was detonated

5. Fluoride In The Water Supply

Once again our elected leaders think it is ok to put a hazardous nerve toxin in our water supply. This is attributed to so many illnesses and deaths it is ridiculous.


6. Mercury In Fillings and Vaccines

This is just absolutely ludicrous how this has ever been allowed? We all know from being in school that if someone broke a thermometer it was so lethal that it could kill you just from going through your skin. Yet it has been allowed by our scientists, medical advisors, pharmaceutical companies and our elected leaders to allow one of the most poisonous substances known to man to be put into silver fillings and vaccines. This has without doubt cost millions of people their lives and millions more have suffered as a result of the illnesses that have been triggered from this ridiculous and lethal use of Mercury.

Many countries around the world have banned Mercury fillings while many others continue to ignore the damage that they are causing. Once very simple video outlining this you should watch is

7. Bogus Economy / Bank Bail Outs / Tax Havens

We live in times of “austerity” that being the buzz word for persecute the poor. Banks make money out of thin air and admit they do through fractional reserve banking and fiat currency. No one on earth had 10 trillion to lend America or 3 trillion to lend the UK it was simply made out of nothing and is used to tax the people into poverty. In just the last 10 years everyones standard of living has hit the floor to the point hard working families with multiple jobs have to go to food banks to feed their children. Yet bankers can run up 700 trillion in derivatives debt making themselves billionaires and when the system implodes like 2008 they have the nerve to have the poor downtrodden people agree to bail them out for money that never existed in the first place.

No bankers went to jail in 2008 for their fraud and the fines handed out to the banks are at best 5% slap on the wrists which they see as the cost of doing business.

Yet in amongst all of this the laws have been made so that billion dollar companies like Amazon and Apple pay pathetically low tax on their income and store it all away in 0% tax havens. Once again our elected representatives allow this to happen year on year and it is only the people who are persecuted with “austerity” and tax hikes.

A 2012 report by the Tax Justice Network estimated that between $21 trillion and $32 trillion is sheltered from taxes in unreported tax havens worldwide. If such wealth earns 3% annually and such capital gains were taxed at 30%, it would generate between $190 billion and $280 billion in tax revenues.

Another study of 60 large US companies found that they deposited $166 billion in offshore accounts during 2012, sheltering over 40% of their profits from U.S. taxes. What is this figure when every countries tax haven deposits are accumulated.

  • Is the world really broke?
  • Should we all be in and out of recessions every 10 years?
  • Should we really be paying such high taxes when the richest people on the planet hide such vast sums of money?
  • Does anyone need a billion even 100 million even 10 million that badly?
  • Why are national debts not just wiped out
  • Why does no billionaires or trans-national corporations wipe out poverty with its profits?
  • What kind of person would find another super yacht more important than saving millions of lives?
  • Why are companies allowed to destroy millions and millions of hectares of our planets most precious resource the rainforest which will only lead to our own extinction?

I could go on and on but you know in yourself reading this that we have been lied to through the media about politics, historical facts, the economy, the fake evidence to start wars such as the Iraq search for weapons of mass destruction that never existed, the relentless creation of the next new terrorist organisation, the fake war on drugs! You cannot tell me that we can have drone planes that can see into the window of a car yet they could not throw a small force of troops to go and blow up every poppy field and take out the drug barons. I mean they threw billions at finding Osama in a cave im sure it would not be to difficult to go and destroy a few poppy plantations and wipe out heroin from the globe.

There are just to many thing in this world that do not add up and you find yourself drawn to looking for answers as millions and millions of people are doing all around the globe. Never at any point in history has the ruling elite had such an outpouring of information against them making it more and more difficult for them to hold on to power. At every turn there is major institutions being effected by this because we the people are more connected and better informed than at any point in our history. Heroic whistleblowers are coming out and revealing at great personal risk to themselves information of fraud and deception at every level of government, banking and big business.

I think you would be hard pushed to find many people who do not doubt the official story of 9/11, ISIS, reasons for wars are clearly about oil and not politics. Most people feel trust in the governments is at an all time low and with that the trust in the media is at an all time low. Recently 10,000 marched on the offices of the BBC forcing them to stop the Israeli biased coverage and to actually show the devastation brought on the people (mainly children) in Palestine. Just last month hundreds of thousands of people attended protests around the world to support Greece and it never made the mainstream media.

So what i am saying here before i reveal the big daddy kahuna whale of all conspiracies is that you need to see that for hundreds of years in many different ways we as the people have been controlled and lied to about some huge issues. It was actually a tactic in wars that the invaders would destroy all the countries historical archives and libraries to remove that country from the connection to their true past, their true history. This was done because within 2 generations an entire culture could be lost and reprogrammed with new books quoting a new history. This has been documented and done all through out history. Therefore what i am about to show you is not as unbelievable or laughable as when you really watch the all the videos and do your own research. Below you will find a sequence of videos that will give you all the information you need to start your journey of research online and to come to your own conclusions.

If you find this as mind blowing and intriguing as we have then please share this page with others.

So here it is THE BIGGEST CONSPIRACY EVER … Enjoy the Journey watch all the videos.

Video Clue 1

Video Clue 2

Video Clue 3

Video Clue 4

Video Clue 5

Video Clue 6

Video Clue 7

Video Clue 8

Video Clue 9

Video Clue 10

Video Clue 11

Mark Sargent Interview

Eric Dubay Full Documentary

Eric Dubay Interview

In Search Of The Edge 1990 Documentary

Brilliant Russian Documentary (Subtitled)

Nasa Documentary – “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon”

Nasa WhistleBlower

Wiki Leaks Part 1

Wiki Leaks Part 2

Skeptics Roundtable

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