The Term “ISIS” Is A Media Smokescreen That Hides Or “Re-Names” The Illegal Activities Of PMCs throughout The Middle East

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By Mary Carmel

When President Obama told the American people, and the world that we would not put troops on the ground in Syria last year, he was somewhat telling the truth, but as usual through his contriving, he just used a loophole to get around it. We listened to the speeches about the new threat of ISIS in the region, and were astute enough to know in the independent media, that the confusion even in his own description of the US role in the region did not quite add up. So as the world has uncovered this mystery, about what we are doing in Syria, as well as the sudden uprising  of ISIS, the puzzle pieces started to fit together, and the picture was not a pretty one. We are in fact using private military contractors (PMCs), hired to train the regional troops, once perhaps members of Al Qaeda, and others. One of the major PMCs that has been blacked out of the media, and creating a stir, as well as the atrocities on their watch, is called DynCorp International. Please take the time to read the article below, follow the links, and the videos. This is a blog you will want to keep up with.

Once again, Americans, and Europeans have been lied to, and taxed to FUND these war crimes in the name of the Greater Israel Project(the destabilization and depopulation of the Middle East). It is high time people speak out, for the victims, and for the safety of Western Society. We are being scammed by our own government, with such an evil agenda, for way too long. With the migration crisis that was predictably an outcome of this, it puts the whole globe at risk.

Strictly applying the US constitution, titles of nobility were not to take part in a public office capacity, as the Republic was designed to be governed by the people. This included the BAR association, which answers to the Crown Vatican Corporation that hijacked America under the act of 1871, handing our country over to corporations and bankers. Now one can understand the danger our forefathers were warning us of, in their brilliant construction of this document. Since then, we have had these people legislating, and even making decisions that far outreach the duties of Congress, the Judicial, and Executive branch of our Republic. Only the people can save America now, do not be distracted by the election and vote another one of these crooks in. Demand better representation, or we may never have another election again. MC


DynCorp. HUGE PMC In Middle East: Media BLACKOUT On Their Activities !!


This article relates to other articles on this blog regarding Private Military Contractors (PMCs) and what their relationship is to that fictitious organisation which the US-based Zionist media calls “ISIS”.

Do you remember how the name “Al Qaeda” was inserted into middle-East news reports in the 1990s?  “Al Qaeda” was never a reference to any organisation, but rather to “the base” (geographical location) where the Islamic militia-men did their training, to oust Russia out of Afghanistan in the 1990s.

Therefore, we must ask the question:
“WHO orchestrated and promoted to the Western audience, this so-called ‘organisation’ called Al Quaeda?”

“The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive the TV watcher to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US . . .” — Pierre-Henri Bunel 

The same is true for “ISIS”.  Nobody in the mid-East had ever heard of “ISIS” either, in May-June 2014.
ie: it is not a grassroots Syrian-Iraqi organisation.  Some commentators have even gone so far as to say it’s run by Mossad – Israeli Intelligence.

The ARABIC name for any small pockets of rebel fighters in the mid-East, fighting against the AMERICAN MILITARY OCCUPIER since 1991 is:

Al-dawlah al-Islamiyah

It’s pretty “funny” (obvious) how the local rebels actually have an ARABIC name for their own fighters…  not an EGYPTIAN GODDESS‘ name !!

Think about it…

Since when would a patriarchal culture who is DEEPLY RELIGIOUS call their predominantly MALE militia by a woman’s name who moreover, is a mythological goddess from EGYPT !!  – “Isis” is not even an Iraqi mythological figure. The equivalent for “Isis” in Iraq is “Innana” !! Come on !!

– so this is an ENGLISH name: “ISIS which is then applied to these pockets of “rebels” (freedom fighters) dotted around the desert… all with the same passion, to GET RID of the Western/American occupier.

This name “ISIS” for Syria and Iraq did NOT compute for me back in June 2014, and it shouldn’t compute for you either, if you just stopped to think about it for a minute.

How true this following statement is, even though Shaykh Hamza Yusuf probably didn’t understand at the time that “ISIS” was constructed by the (NATO) “agenda” so PMCs could carry out covert atrocities which become propaganda in the hands of the media which they  label as “Muslim terrorism”.

Caption:  “ISIS has nothing to do with Islam.”
– Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

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Where these rabbit holes have lead me is:

The term “ISIS” is a media smokescreen that hides or “re-names” the illegal activities of PMCs throughout the middle East, such as child trafficking into sex slavery and heroin trafficking, as bloggers and alternative news have clearly documented is the case for Afghanistan.

Big money… Big perks.

The question in my mind therefore is:

How much of the “ISIS” activities that get reported in our US-based Mainstream Zionist-owned “news” media are actually the activities of American boys contracted to PMCs?

Please remember the testimony of German Journalist and Editor Dr. Udo Ulfkatte:

Here’s DynCorp’s main website. It’s got EVERYTHING on it. Check it out. BIG BUSINESS:

DynCorp are HUGE…  and yet I bet you’ve never ever heard of them before.  And you certainly NEVERwould have heard of them as bombing the crap out of everything in Syria and Iraq for the last 6 years…Funny that, don’t you think ??

The silence is DEAFENING !!

“ISIS” is a Main Stream Media CON…  Because there are “no U.S. troops in the middle East any longer”(Barack Obama), particularly since they “got their man” in Pakistan (Osama bin Laden) in 2011… Obama reiterates: “There has been NO U.S. troops in there since 2008″. What GREAT BIG FAT PORKIES !!  Explain to me then how the fuck the middle-East is getting the snot bombed out of it, if soldiers from Western, Asian and African countries are NOT in there firing all those weapons ???

Oh that’s right… “ISIS” did it !!   :-/

“Pull the other leg…”

The solution the US administration and NATO came up with seemed to be:

“We’d better create an ‘enemy’ and maintain the LIE 
of there being no U.S. troops on middle-Eastern soil.”  

–  which IS technically correct as the PMCs are NOT U.S. “soldiers”, ie: US infantrymen.
BUT: the U.S and NATO ARE the EMPLOYERS of these PMCs (via taxpayer money)

… and let’s not forget that !!

Questions you need to ask yourself:  Who’s trying to bullshit Who here ??  … and WHY ??  It’s a serious question. 

– Please… ponder this question for the next 6 months. It’s important!



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Here’s the main recruitment offices internationally where DynCorp is based. Here are the locations where it convinces war-hardened unemployed soldiers all over the world to come and play the CON with them.  btw: These soldiers are “unemployed” because ever since c.2008, the USA and the UK have been withdrawing the statist troops from the middle East. All the fighting and antagonisms against the Islamic people are now the work of the PMCs – contracted by those SAME countries, but “technically”, they are not soldiers or forces representing those countries of origin.

It’s all part of “the trick”.


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