Is Trump’s Investigation of Vaccine-Dangers Dead?

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Vaccines are one of the largest human rights violations in the history of man! None of us can afford to count on the politicians to fix the problem. If we are going to end the vaccine lie we must refuse to obey any law that promotes vaccines. We must stand together in a united front against the mass poisoning of humanity. We must make sure that every man, woman, and child knows that they are in grave danger if they receive any vaccines!

We can do this but it means we have to be willing to speak honestly, sacrifice, and not give in to those who want to water down the truth! WE THE PEOPLE not THEY THE ELITE! (CW)


Is Trump’s Investigation of Vaccine-Dangers Dead?

By Jon Rappoport

Trump has made two key appointments in the area of childhood vaccination. The first was Scott Gottlieb, the director of the FDA. What does Gottlieb have to say?

From “…antivaccine activists were disappointed with Trump’s appointment for FDA head, Scott Gottlieb, who has said any theories of a link between vaccines and autism have been ‘thoroughly debunked’.”

Trump’s second key appointment has now been revealed. Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald takes over as the head of the CDC.

Georgia Department of Public Health: “’Immunizations are the best way to protect infants and children from childhood diseases, like whooping cough and measles that can be life-threatening at young ages’,” said Brenda Fitzgerald, M.D., commissioner of the Georgia Department of Public Health [before her appointment to lead the CDC]. “It is critical for parents to talk to their child’s doctor to ensure they are up-to-date on immunizations, because no child should have to suffer a vaccine-preventable illness’.”

In 2014, Dr. Fitzgerald wrote an op-ed in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “I’ve heard all the arguments against vaccination. All have been debunked…”

Is Trump, who has declared he believes there is a link between vaccination and autism, playing a secret game? Is he giving his new appointees enough rope to hang themselves, before he moves in and empowers an independent panel to investigate vaccine-dangers?

We’ll see. However, if other key appointees Trump has moved into important slots in his administration are any indication—with their leaking, their out of school statements, their former employment at Goldman Sachs, their bias in favor of extending American Empire and policing the planet—the whole issue of vaccination could be off the table.

Does Trump want yet another media war, this time over vaccines? If he does, for example, as rumored, tap Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to head up a probe into corruption and fraud at the CDC re childhood vaccination, mainstream news networks will erupt in a new round of furor. Pharmaceutical companies, which pour mighty amounts of advertising dollars into those networks, will demand volcanic attacks against Trump.

For the moment, vaccine makers are relieved to see the president has filled two key posts with defenders of their toxic realm.


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1 Comment on Is Trump’s Investigation of Vaccine-Dangers Dead?

  1. i ask myself this same question all the time. I would like to think that he is simply too busy right now with North Korea and repealing Obamacare to address this and it will be his “second tier” of issues to get to after the initial tsunami. I have not given up on him addressing it yet. Plus his attack on CNN etc is in heat at the moment already and maybe he figures it doesn’t need more fuel on the fire right now. But he could start very quickly and easily by starting with Robert Kennedy Jr for sure…he is ready to go! Love that man.

    Its up to us to keep on bringing it up, Del Bigtree is doing an incredible job….we need to keep the pressure on Trump and I’m confident he will address it. Hopefully sooner than later though every day more children are being needlessly damaged for life.

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