Israeli Theft of Palestinian Natural Gas to Supply EU

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The zionists are at it again. With a little help from their friends.

The article republished below frames the issue of Israel supplying gas to Europe as an ‘against Russia’ type of situation, all of which is rather predictable. We also see how the EU and Wall Street banks are lining up to be Israel’s cheerleaders. Since Russia’s new Nord Stream 2 pipeline, going from Finland to Germany under the Baltic Sea, is apparently much bigger, however, capable of delivering a much larger supply, in addition to Russia’s other pipelines, it’s hard to see how anything Israel offers will reduce Russia’s continuing dominance too much in the European gas market. But you have to hand it to the Washington, zionist puppets for never giving up.

But what a tiny article from Fars News reveals is that Israeli gas may actually not be Israeli at all, and that Israel is engaged in little more than theft of valuable Palestinian resources, affecting Lebanon into the bargain:

TEHRAN (FNA) – Reports revealed Israel has signed a $4 bn agreement to sell the gas extracted from the Palestinian seashore to the European Union.

The installed pipeline will transfer the gas from the occupied Palestinian seashore to the EU states passing through Cyprus, Greece and Italy and will rival the Russian gas which passes through Turkey into Southern Europe, Al Manar reported.

Lebanon also will be affected by the Israeli-EU agreement which will deprive the country from a major market to sell its gas resources.

Oil exploration in Lebanon is scheduled to start soon in order to protect the Lebanese resources from any Zionist infringement and to find suitable markets for the country’s production.

NobleEnergyLevantBasinPaul Kincaid’s article, republished through Covert Geopolitics, reveals that Texas company Noble discovered a significant supply of oil and gas in the Levant Basin in 2010.  The Levant has always referred to Syria, Lebanon and Palestine. Under international law, these three countries have a 200-nautical mile exclusive economic zone offshore with rights to all resource extraction. Says Kincaid, “the US and Israel know this but are intent on robbing Syria, Lebanon and Palestinians of $billions in oil and gas revenue.”

Which, of course, helps to explain why the US and NATO-backed forces seem hell bent on creating yet another war again in Syria, and why we’re currently being bombarded with shamelessly fake reports of sarin-gassed Syrian children.  Kincaid again:

PRESS Core first reported this 3 years ago with the report titled “Oil and Gas find offshore Syria motive for US Israeli mercenary uprising and bloodshed in Syria“. This report is meant to help you understand why US President Barack Obama, the Crown (Pope Francis), former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, current Prime Minster Justin Trudeau, former UK Prime Minister David Cameron, Saudi King Salman, Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, NATO and the New World Order HQ UN joined Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in fabricating an ISIS terrorist threat. ISIS also known as ISIL or Daesh or just IS is codename for a paramilitary Operation to overthrow Syrian President Assad.


 EU-Israeli gas pipeline to compete with Russia

Gas exploration ship at Israel’s port of Haifa (Photo: Helix Energy Solutions Group)

The EU and three member states have backed a plan for Israel to reduce Europe’s gas dependence on Russia.

The European Commission and ministers from Cyprus, Greece, and Italy signed up to build a new gas pipeline from Israel to Europe at a meeting in Tel Aviv on Monday (3 April).

  • Israeli gas considered safer than Russia’s, which has been used for political blackmail (Photo: the half-blood prince)

The 2,200-km East Med pipeline would connect Israeli and Cypriot offshore gas fields to Greece and Italy.

It is designed to come online in 2025 with a capacity of up to 16 billion cubic metres (bcm) of gas a year.

It would be the longest and deepest ever built, but an EU co-financed feasibility study by Italian firm IGI Poseidon said the project should go ahead.

Speaking in Tel Aviv on Monday, EU energy commissioner Miguel Arias Canete took a swipe at a competing Russian project, Nord Stream 2.

“North Stream is a pipeline [that] adds nothing to the [EU’s] security of supply,” he said.

He said the commission’s strategy was “to diversify sources, routes, and suppliers” and hinted that Israel was a safer partner than Russia, which has used gas to blackmail neighbouring countries.

With Nord Stream 2 disliked by Baltic, central European, and Nordic states, Canete added that the Israeli project “is a pipe that unites and will have the full support of all the members of the European Union”.

Yuval Steinitz, Israel’s energy minister, said US investment banks, such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, got excited about the €6 billion project when they learned that the commission was on board.

“When they heard that the European energy commissioner was behind it [and] ready to give some assistance, that was very helpful,” he said.

He said the amount of gas discovered for export so far, up to 500 bcm, was “just the tip of the iceberg”.

Carlo Calenda, Italy’s economic development minister, said Rome would seek the backing of the G7 club of wealthy nations, which includes Canada, Japan, and the US, for the pipeline at a summit in Sicily in May.

The Cypriot energy minister Yiorgos Lakkotrypis said the project would “showcase” the region’s potential as an alternative EU supplier.

The much bigger Nord Stream 2 pipeline is designed to pump 55 bcm of gas a year to Germany from 2020, concentrating EU imports in Russia and Germany’s hands.

It faces open questions on whether EU laws would apply to its offshore section, as well as complaints by the Polish energy regulator, but Russia has already started buying pipe segments.


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  1. Glen – So literally robbing a people of the land they have worked and lived on for many hundreds of years (regardless of its name) … most times by violence or force is OK … because it isn’t a real country? Really? Your justification for these actions is weak at best, and idiotic at worst.

  2. Why does the media keep talking about Palestine? There is no nation called ‘Palestine’ and never has been. Is there a Palestinian government, or post office? No. If the Jordanian, or Saudi, or Iraqi, or Syrian, or Lebanonese governments won’t stand up for these ‘people’, then why should you? This is no different than complaining that Northern Ireland is “occupied territory” from British aggression. We don’t hear you complaining about that, yet you’ll join the chorus of those who complain about anything Israel does to a non-country that never was.

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