It’s up to Rosenstein – Testify, Resign or face Impeachment [video]

It’s up to Rosenstein – Testify, Resign or face Impeachment

Preface and Post by (TLB) Staff

Coverage by The Daily Caller and synopsis via (TLB)/Youtube.

The main-spring on a wall clock can only be wound so tight before it breaks. And so it is with members of The House Freedom Caucus trying to get to the bottom of actions taken or not taken by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Rosenstein’s  (self vow of silence ) might be advantages if he were to be entering the Priesthood, but not so in the Halls of Congress. The “Congressional Main Spring” is wound to the max. It is time for Rosenstein to back off the pressure before he becomes just another name in judicial history books of someone who bit the big one because he was not ethical and did not follow “the rule of law.” (~TLB)

(Daily Caller) 

The House Freedom Caucus is calling on Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to testify about allegations that he offered to spy on President Donald Trump or resign from office.

“Tonight the Freedom Caucus took an official position that Rod Rosenstein needs to come testify before the Judiciary committee within the week or he needs to resign,” reads a tweet from the conservative Republican group. He is set to meet on Thursday with Trump to discuss reports about memos written by Andrew McCabe, the former FBI deputy director.

According to The New York Times, McCabe claimed in memos that Rosenstein offered to wear a wire during meetings with Trump. McCabe, who was fired for lack of candor, also asserted that he discussed using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office.

Rosenstein disputed the report, saying that he never seriously discussed deposing Trump or spying on him. Justice Department sources who were in the meetings have anonymously claimed that he responded sarcastically to a request from McCabe to investigate Trump.

Rosenstein reportedly offered to resign because he expected Trump to fire him. But Trump’s allies counseled the president not to fire him, especially based on claims from McCabe.

Fox News host Sean Hannity, a Trump confidant, said in a monologue on Friday that he believed the New York Times report was a setup aimed at forcing Trump to act impulsively and fire Rosenstein, who oversees the Mueller investigation.

The House Freedom Caucus is packed full of close Trump allies, including North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows and Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan.



Rep. Matt Gaetz is a Committee member that is wound tight and tired of Rosenstein’s stall games. He says if they do not get the answers they want, Congress would invoke a vote to impeach. That might realign Rosenstein’s retirement plans… yes?

Gaetz weighs in on CNN….


Our founders and forebears found a way to deal with an out of control government and the power brokers that pop up when there is no moral leadership, no transparency  or enforced rule of law.

We have many forms of Pitchforks and Torches available to us via the world of techknowledgey. You are using one of them now. It is now time to pick up these tools and let our Elected officials know we are also wound tight and weary of very little action to Drain the Swamp. Let them know you are behind President Trump in his efforts to make DC Accountable to the American People.

Take it one step further…

Call Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein and that gang. Let them know your opinion and feelings and Support for Trump. Be firm, but respectful. Switchboard: 202-456-1414.  Comments to the Pres. (202) 456-1111   

KEEP in mind, they spend the checks that we sign. (TLB)


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