Joshua Coleman Speaks Out on Son’s Vaccine-Induced Paralysis (Transverse Myelitis) and SB277

Preface By Christopher Wyatt | TLB staff writer/documentary producer

The vaccine injury suffered by Joshua Coleman at the hands of the pharmaceutical industry is not as uncommon as one might think. If vaccines mere safe the pharmaceutical industry would not need lobbyist, they would not need to pass laws that mandate the use of their products, and they would not need to target and harass those who question vaccine safety.

Vaccines can be proven unsafe with a simple Google search of ingredients such as aluminium, formaldehyde, and polysorbate 80. If this were not enough unknown viruses and bacteria along with altered organisms are added in for fun. Many scientist and doctors say that vaccines are safe and effective but not so long ago a similar thing was said smoking and cigarettes. Those who said smoking was harmful were the targets of big tobacco. This is the same scenario with vaccines and unless every man, woman, and child stands up and reclaims their health the vaccine tyranny will continue. Do your research not just on vaccine dangers but the very real benefits of natural immunity. Mumps, measles, chickenpox, and rubella all have been shown to reduce the risk of autoimmune disease and cancer. This should tell a thinking person all they need to know. (CW)

[TLB editors note: The following article begins with Mr. Coleman’s appearance in 2015 at the California State Capitol and brings the reader/viewer up-to-date with a series of videos.]

Joshua Coleman Speaks Out on Son’s Vaccine-Induced Paralysis (Transverse Myelitis) and California Bill SB277

By Anne Dachel

Joshua Coleman is the father of eight year old Otto Coleman [pictured below], who was vaccine-injured at seventeen months of age. Joshua was very involved in the efforts to stop the bill that would end vaccine choice in California last year.

Otto Coleman, 6, waits outside the Governor's office with his brother Fenton, 4, left, and father Joshua, to deliver a stack of petitions with thousands of signatures calling on California Gov. Jerry Brown to veto a measure requiring nearly all California school children to be vaccinated Monday, June 29, 2015, in Sacramento, Calif. The state Senate approved the bill sending it to Brown. Joshua Coleman said his son has been wheelchair bound as a result of an adverse reaction to a vaccine. Photo: AP

Joshua [went] to Sacramento on June 10, 2015 to speak to the California Assembly Health Committee about what happened to his son. In this Age of Autism piece Disabled CA Boy’s Testimony to SB277 Lawmakers: “I Love Going To School. Please Don’t Take That Away From Me.” we can read what Joshua wanted to tell legislators.

Despite the fact that he wasn’t able to address the Health Committee, Joshua did make his speech before a huge crowd at the capitol on June 25, 2015.

Here is part of what Joshua had to say about the reality of vaccine injury and what doctors and legislators are willing to close their eyes to.

We asked why this had happened, and the doctor said it was most likely a reaction to either a vaccination or an airborne virus, the latter being rejected since he’d had no signs of illness.  The doctor then slammed the door shut on further discussion of how our healthy son went from walking to being paralyzed.  There was no investigation to specifically determine what had caused our child to go from walking and running into a wheelchair for the rest of his life.  At a later date, we took our son to Johns Hopkins for further testing.  There, doctors investigated every possible reason why our son might have become paralyzed from Transverse Myelitis, every possible reason except for vaccines.  This made no sense then, and it makes no sense now, as every doctor that Otto saw at four different hospitals mentioned that the vaccines he received in close proximity to his paralysis were the most likely culprit.

Recently Anne Dachel contacted Joshua Coleman so he could tell us more about his experiences.

“We showed up at the capitol and there was a large rally, hundreds and hundreds of parents—possibly about a thousand—showed up and several of us gave speeches. I spoke about my experience with vaccines. My son was vaccine injured at seventeen months old.

“I have his vaccination cards here. I actually looked at his vaccination records. At seventeen months old, he had received thirty-seven vaccines, which is about three times the amount I got in my entire adult life. He ended up paralyzed with transverse myelitis.

“I was very much under the impression that vaccine injury was extremely rare, that’s what they told me at the time. Right off the bat, after the MRI, they were aware that it was in all likelihood a vaccine injury, which of course was later proven at Johns Hopkins. –But that it was very, very rare.

“And when something like that happens to your child, you want to be under the impression that okay, if this happened, they were as careful as possible and this couldn’t be avoided. Over time, doing my research, I, in fact, saw that the vaccine program is extremely careless, and possibly this could have been prevented had they just done better safety studies.

“…And nobody told me about VAERS, so there was no VAERS report submitted by the doctors who saw him, which they are obligated by law to do. They didn’t tell me about Vaccine Injury Court. I had no idea the kind of expenses that come along when you have a child that’s a paraplegic. I very quickly learned how expensive it can be. It makes it very difficult to work or do the types of things to earn money…. It’s extremely difficult, and I just think that there’s no way SB277 is something that should be enacted where it can do this type of damage to a family.”

Autism is the main focus of vaccine injury right now. I think that’s very relevant; it’s a huge part, if not the biggest part of vaccine injury. But it is not the only part of vaccine injury. When you read an article in the media, the public perception is ‘The people that are worried about vaccines are worried about autism, and we’ve proven that that’s not true.’ They don’t even discuss the other things that can happen. Things like what happened to my son, or what happened to Karen Kain’s daughter, and the deaths that happen from vaccines. These are all very, very relevant. They don’t need to be discounted. They need to be part of the discussion, and I think people will start to understand what we’re talking about here.

“Now when people see Otto in a wheelchair, the most common thing that I am asked is, ‘What happen?’

“And I’ll say, ‘It’s a vaccine injury.’

“And the most common response is, ‘Vaccine injury? What’s that?’

“Literally these parents, these people, these people who have been vaccinated, these people who have vaccinated their children, they don’t even know what a vaccine injury is. Which is extremely disturbing and really shows how very purposefully the industry has given this public perception that it’s not even a real thing.  And of course, we know that it is.”

“I think right the most important thing is, I think it’s a numbers game. I think we all need to band together, and we all need to be very vocal.

“Unfortunately, even though there are a lot of us, there are more than our group who are being quiet, who are standing by the side lines and just kind of hoping that we succeed here.

“These people need to come out of the closet. We need to all join together. You need to be brave and be vocal. We are not going to conquer this demon unless we all together stand and fight.

“And even more importantly, or just as important, are people in the medical community: doctors, nurses, people who are part of these vaccine research tests. You need to stand up. And we’re actually seeing more and more of that, but the more the better. Don’t be afraid to come out of the closet.

“I hate to be overly dramatic here, but we are talking about the future of the human race. We’re talking about the lives of babies, families. There’s probably nothing—I can’t think of anything that is more important right now in the world.

“The media conditions people to ridicule you—ridicule us—if you say anything against vaccines, the vaccine program whatsoever. You need to not be afraid of that. When I came out two years ago, I was a little bit worried, and I felt like I had no choice because SB277 had come out and I was not going to sit on the sidelines and let this pass. …

“Please, please come out! Be brave, stand with us. You won’t regret it, and we can beat this thing together.”

“Beyond this being just somewhere that we need to be more vocal about, it’s a political issue, unfortunately. Right now it’s more important than ever before.

“ Absolutely, if Hillary Clinton gets into office, we’re going to be looking at federal mandates coming down. Mandates that are going to be almost impossible to fight.

“You have Donald Trump who has recognized and acknowledged that vaccines do in fact cause autism; there is a problem with the vaccine program. And he is absolutely against mandates. As far as I’m concerned, this is a one issue election year. There’s nothing more important to me than this issue. I think people have to think about that and vote with that in mind.”

SB277 came about over the measles issue at Disneyland. They say we need herd immunity to protect everyone, and the interesting thing is that ‘herd immunity’ was a concept that came before vaccines. It was talked about as far as people getting the disease and passing immunity on. So for instance, with measles, vaccines have destroyed herd immunity. If we really had a perfect system there, people would get measles at an age appropriate time—they say the first two years of life, it can be a little scary—but they would get it at an age appropriate time, and then the mothers pass down immunity to their children which protected them for the first two years of life. How perfect is that?

“So now with vaccinations, they have created immuno-compromised children that are immuno-compromised that the scariest time to get this disease. And their solution to this problem is EVERYBODY HAS TO GET VACCINATED. This is insane.

“There is no product ever that has required every single person on the planet to use it in order for it to work. How convenient for them.

“It should be very obvious what’s going on here–that this is not about safety; it’s about money. The fact that SB277 came around when not one person died—a bunch of people got a rash and got over it. I believe more than half of them were vaccinated. It’s absolutely absurd, and not to mention, …the Disneyland incident went on for six days. …And it wasn’t just Disneyland, it was also Disney’s California Adventure, and between the two parks, you’re looking at 70,000 people in attendance everyday for six days. And the amount of people that actually got the disease falls within under one percent of the amount of people exposed, which falls within the efficacy of the vaccination. The whole thing is absolutely absurd and makes no sense whatsoever.”  



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