Judicial Watch continues to Peel Back the layers of the “Hillary Onion”

Preface by TLB Editorial Staff

The “legal attack dogs” continue to take “a bite out of crime”… that is The ‘Clinton Crime’ Machine with Bill and Hillary at the helm.

Looking at this weeks report from Judicial Watch, we have to ask ourselves how could anyone with half a brain cell think Hillary Clinton should be President? Security Breach after Security Breach, Decisions at the State Dept that cost our Finest Military Men their lives and her Pay to Play scheme that sold her government position of power to those individuals and corporations that contributed millions to the Clinton Foundation. With all this and more… and still no prosecution from a “neutered” Justice Department.

Just this week TLB reported on a Navy enlisted seaman that was sent to Prison for taking a few selfies aboard a nuclear sub. Was he a spy? Nope… he just wanted to take a few pictures to show his “children to be” what Dad did in the military as soon as they were old enough to appreciate it and understand their family heritage. No intent to cause harm to America’s defenses… No intent to do anything illegal. It didn’t matter it’s off to Prison.

We submit to you, dear reader, this indiscretion by an enlisted member of the Navy is but “a speck” of dust when compared to the Sand Storm of INTENDED Tyranny and Criminal activities of Clinton and Company. Thank God for Judicial Watch shining the bright light of Truth into the dark corners of the Clinton Compound. (TLB)


4 Comments on Judicial Watch continues to Peel Back the layers of the “Hillary Onion”

  1. Lee adjust your page zoom on your browser because we have looked at this article in 3 different browsers and see the entire article with no problems …

  2. Of course all of the polls are reflecting what they need to, to set the agenda. The polls only become accurate a few weeks or days before the election so they don’t appear wrong or irrelevant.

  3. She is ahead in the polls on TV. So who do you think will be selected as next president ? If she is not removed everyone will get what they deserve.

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