U.S. Navy Sailor Punished with One Year in Prison for Taking Selfies in a Nuclear Sub! [But Hillary goes Free]

By Onan Coca

Apparently, the Hillary Clinton defense only works for Hillary Clinton.

In a beautiful example of the tremendously grotesque hypocrisy that is the modern American system of government, this past Friday a young Navy sailor was sentenced to a year in prison for taking photographs of himself inside a nuclear attack submarine.

Kristian Saucier will be spending the next year in prison, followed by 6-months of home confinement and then 3 years of supervised release once he is released from prison.

He pleaded guilty in May to unauthorized detention of defense information and had faced five to six years in prison under federal sentencing guidelines.

Saucier admitted to taking six photos of classified areas inside the USS Alexandria in 2009 when it was in Groton and he was a 22-year-old machinist mate on the submarine. The photos showed the nuclear reactor compartment, the auxiliary steam propulsion panel and the maneuvering compartment, prosecutors said.

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Saucier readily admits that he took the pictures, but just like the Democrat presidential candidate, he argues that he meant no harm in doing so. His lawyer, Greg Rinckey was sad to see the result, “It was a foolish mistake by a very young man. It’s a very sad case because Kristian Saucier is a fine young man. We don’t believe this was really his true character.” Saucier said that he meant no harm by taking the pictures, he only wanted to be able to show his family and future children what he did during his time in the Navy.

Saucier’s lawyers compared his case to that of Mrs. Clinton’s, arguing that the FBI chose not to charge the Democrat presidential nominee because it could not prove malicious intent behind Hillary Clinton’s bad behavior, so the same standards should be used in Saucier’s case. Investigators could not prove malicious intent, or that anyone else ever saw the pictures, and yet Saucier will now spend a very difficult year in prison. Which is actually a small mercy for Saucier…

Prosecutors asked the judge to hand down a much stiffer sentence — five years in prison, to be exact. Why? Because prosecutors argued that his behavior put our national security at risk. Can you fathom the depth of insanity that would see a sailor who took a few personal pictures of a submarine that most of our enemies probably already know all about sent to prison for putting our “national security at risk,” but Hillary Clinton, who put years’ worth of our nation’s biggest secrets at risk, won’t even be charged with a crime.

It’s utter insanity.


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