KEN’S CORNER: Dominating Progressives Enslave America As We Cry Like Babies (cont)

Parts 5-8

KEN’S CORNER: Dominating Progressives Enslave America As We Cry Like Babies (cont)

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Commentary by: TLB Contributing Writer: Ken LaRive

Part 5

Originally, in this new form of democracy, the individual is barred not only from managing their own lives, but in its base form, from speaking their minds as well. Any form of condescension might have been dealt with harshly, violently, and fear will become the driving force for both cultural advancement, and the control of the population by consent. The key word here is consent.

As these masters grew and became strong, a weakened and consenting populous became fearful and confused, and so was conceived to be unwieldy. It was discovered that threats from government to the people would not work forever, and so an outside force was invented. As time went on without dissension, their power grew so great that a voice of opposition would have little concern to the institution. They knew they had little to fear because the power to promote action was gone. They finally had over fifty percent of the population receiving some form of sustenance from them, and this dependency cemented their control.

Those who questioned the actions of authority, its lack of visibility, or accountability, would be readily ignored, as it has diminutive control of information. Truthers or even the Tea Party members of today could be ridiculed, marginalized, and would not be able to gain the semblance of respect needed to overcome the cultural taboos so cleverly placed by them, the masters. Infiltration into these liberation movement attempts would also be relatively easy, as we now see today as card-carrying liberals and Progressives hide inside of the conservative fold as Neocons.

Powers have grown so totally that verbal opposition can indeed be ignored. So blatant and confident, they will sometimes tell the truth, like saying there is no way a man like Ron Paul could become president, as they believe the masses will trust them. It does seem as if they are correct in this scientifically formulated assumption, as the Progressive Obama is now in power with an undisclosed method for the promise for change, and it was his primary platform. The key word here is promise. So confused, 52 percent of Christians voted for him, and he betrayed them within weeks with his abortion initiatives. They/we now have to pay for them with their tax dollars, and the culled fetuses are making a fortune for the savvy investor, like Obama’s friend and confidant, George Sorros, in stem cell research.

We must also consider that what we hold as democracy under the guise of a Republic in contemporary America may well just be an illusion. Having dominant control of information, money lending, an internationally prescribed conglomerate war machine, international banker consortium’s in league with the Federal Reserve are now seen by those who have recently awakened as overwhelming. We find that we are pounding collective heads on a very solid, yet invisible wall. A metaphor might describe an electric fence, where the masses polish there shiny collars, drunk with national pride, are shocked into submission.

We are beginning to realize just how collectively weak we truly are, how ignorant we have become by our own laziness, and see that the fear and confusion promoted on every side is a concerted and scientific method of propaganda. The promotion of such cant dominates every aspect of our daily lives, and in this process we cringe at the realization that our minds are not entirely our own. Awakened from a deep slumber, we look around with groggy eyes, and a mind numb from inactivity in a world no longer recognizable or decipherable. It seems that there are just not enough coffee to wake us up.

We try to organize, but we are so badly informed, blinded by our own inability and lack of truthful education, we are in a constant state of confrontation within our own ranks. In the milieu, many who seemingly identify with the same issues like the constitution, law, socialism, and such, use the platform to promote their own agenda, like abortion and pornography, and this weakens us further.

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Part 6

Our earliest government sponsored Freudian propaganda operation began in the year 1916. Woodrow Wilson became president on a singular platform called “Peace without Victory.” As war raged, our overwhelmingly pacifist society did not want us involved in a European war, but the Progressives wanted otherwise.

Wilson was committed to war, and organized a formidable propaganda machine called the Creel Commission. It was designed to transform America form a pacifist society to a fear-oriented, hysterical war-mongering German-hating entity. It worked. It was so successful even children were taught to hate all things German, and that going to war would not only save America, but it would be the war to end all wars. Giving your life and fortune to that dream was so skillfully instilled that it seemed an original thought.

This same primer is going on today, as we are being taught to hate all things Muslim. Justifications for war abound, and our collective minds are but a blackboard for their agenda. In the process, rules of engagement and congressional approval can be ignored in an orange alert, and the extension of the Patriot Act and unprecedented Presidential moratoriums are challenged without success. The Federal Government can now sue a state if it bucks the status quo, like Arizona’s attempted illegal immigration curtailment. Government is now far more powerful than the people.

Today, our thoughts toward anything Muslim is writ by the same Progressive hand as it was when we killed Gooks, Nazis, Hispanics, and Japs. Even the macro wars inside of our society works to the Progressive advantage, as they grasp more liberty in the profitable mayhem. Mayhem, as in war, is a lucrative business.

At the same time there was a concerted effort to destroy anything union, and that kept up even after the war was over. This so-called “Red Scare” went after unions, but also saw the danger of having a free press. Parts of the business establishment of that time saw the amazing lucidity of war, and wanted more. Along with this newly formed “military industrialist complex” came another denominator, the Federal Reserve. In this way all interest rates could be controlled, both sides could be stimulated, and both destruction and reconstruction could be financed. It came into their power to print unsecured money to pay for it, and charged the American taxpayer for the privilege. Our great middle class was groomed for this purpose, as consumers, as taxpayers, as ignorant sheep for the shearing.

They even used our own religions for their advantage, and promoted prejudice, chauvinism, jealousy and bigotry, taboo, and their various counterparts as well. They light fires all around so that we focus on that, and not them. Sleight of hand can take on many forms, from downturns, to mandates, all in the interest of power and control.

Part 7

Hitler learned well from this mindset, and visited his friends both here and abroad to learn all he could. He was very well received and he saw firsthand that when State Propaganda is supported by the educated, the so-called intellectuals, the communication dispersants of both teachers and media, social change could be quickly instilled. It was understood from the onset that when no deviation is permitted, stymied by propaganda and taboo, change becomes accepted as the norm, and in that process, “we the people” ceased to exist.

The definition of a democracy and a republic must be understood if we are to be self regulated, but that can only happen if we are all held accountable for our actions. Elected officials who betray their primary platform should be exposed, and quickly impeached, but this would take a savvy and accountable voting populous, and at this point in time we do not have anything close to that.

The idea of a spectator democracy was developed, and it has remained and expanded brick upon brick to this very day. Those whom we elect are quickly transformed, as reality is explained, and those who do not adhere to the system are quickly dispatched and ostracized by them. A Republic was originally designed to send an elected official to represent our interests, not to be dominated and bought. This is traitorous in the extreme, and should be dealt with harshly. Something could be done, if anyone cared to pay attention.

Author’s note: There was a book out several years ago about who moved the cheese. It explains the insight to see opportunity. It takes undying optimism, and if you live long enough you will see trends. After the investment, however, you are on your own, because business, as in life, comes with no guarantee.

Part 8

In the ’30s, The Progressive Theory of Liberal Democratic Thought impressed a formidable American Journalist by the name of Walter Lippmann. He was a well-known and prolific writer of that time and promoted these Progressive commissions with both verve and success. He saw it as a democratic revolution where the power of the people could be displaced and thwarted by using a new form of propaganda that would dominate the mindset of a nation, manufacturing, as it were, mutual and binding consent. He justified this departure from our founding principles by the idea that the masses are incapable of governing themselves, and that they do not know what is for their own good. Seems that he was describing what he saw Americans to be then, and surely his description fits the here and now. At this point, there is no doubt, we the people have been designed unfit to rule this nation. The key word here is designed.

He suggested that there should be a specialized class of responsible men to dictate the complexities or a dynamic and ever-changing world. This view went back hundreds of years, quite possibly to that singular authoritarian with his weapon, and this mindset surely became manifest by the teachings of Leninism today. The proposition stated emphatically that the populous are too blindly ignorant, myopically lazy, and incompetent in the ways of the world to see beyond their immediate needs and gratifications, and Marxism-Leninism have a common thread in this assumption.

Without a doubt, and this will be the most frightful to the newly awakened, but both sides, the so-called left and right are dominated by this singular concept. They are but two fingers on the same hand and controlled by the same force, the same mindset. This constant state of war between the isles is nothing more than an illusion, and we are duped and manipulated, controlled and milked for their operable designs. We are ignored because we are thought to be children, taught to trust as slaves, and with no other power but a cry.

There is an element inside of all men, even cowards, even the most mundane of men. It is a spark inside of every soul, and it burns for liberty. No one, not even those with plenty of government sponsored peanuts to eat will long endure slavery of the will, as it is against the nature of men. This singular element is our only hope. It is the spark that will fire this revolution, and it will power our spirits to find a means to overcome these masters of deception. Along the way we will falter, but we will endure. Freedom and liberty will continue to be our guides, and those who thwart them will inevitably fall. True history emphatically tells us so.


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Ken LaRive

From the Author, Ken La Rive – We in the Liberty movement have been fighting to take back this country for less than a decade, peacefully and with the love of God and country in our hearts. Our banner has been trampled on and displaced by a multitude of distractions, further eroding our nation and the cause for Liberty. And so, as we are pulled by forces we cannot fathom, powerful entities with unlimited resources stolen from our future, unaccountable trillions printed out of thin air and put on our backs as debt, we must formulate the most pitiful of all questions any patriot might ask in the final hour: Are we going to fight for our master’s tyranny, or are we going to demand the return of our civil liberties and Constitution? Are we going to choose The Banner of Liberty, or the shackles of voluntary servitude? Will it be a war for corporate profit, or a war to regain our ability to self govern, as the blood and toil of our forefathers presented to us, their children, as a gift? I fear that decision is emanate. I fear that any decision will be a hard one, but my greatest fear of all is that the decision has already been made for us.


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