KEN’S CORNER: Liberty’s Spontaneous Combustion

KEN’S CORNER: Liberty’s Spontaneous Combustion

Commentary by TLB Contributing Writer: Ken LaRive

Let’s look at the truth of the matter. Lets look at Liberty exploding in a ball of fire…

Hillary was, and is, just a pawn. The machine that created her is our true master, the head of the snake. That conglomerate machine is the Federal Reserve and the International Monetary fund, in league with international corporations, a war machine, a consortium of bankers… and a pharmaceutical industry larger than the military industrial complex. This isn’t talked about on their media, or in their universities. Without a doubt we have created them, by our compliance… but they have, in every way possible, created us as well. Their reality and future is woven into us, and we own it, created one slap, or one caress at a time, and though we have the God-given ability to reason, try to have free will and responsibility for self, most everything we produce is a reflection of that machine… but lets start here with a fact that is not readily known in America. America has been a corporation since 1871, and its international business dealings bypass the Constitution for Maritime Law. Hillary is a company man of that company, and so beyond the law… If you want We the People to take over that oligarchy, you will have to know that. President Trump knows this, and knows you do not have the ability to grasp it. Why? Because the Deep State shadow government knows you are incapable of making viable decisions. They know, because they know you better than you know yourself.

In spite of that daunting thought, Pandora’s box is about to show you many profound truths, very disconcerting to behold… and few can look at it without fear and dread. This power structure knows you, all of us, from the inside out. What we have done, our life, is well recorded, and here is the rub… We are all matched, from every connection we do, by one of three, very large, super computers.

They indeed can look at the process and effect of every move we can make, every decision a person can potentially create. They have created first, with an unlimited number of variables, just in case you try to think out of the box. They can then determine the multiples of simultaneous procedures to accomplish the same task you are attempting, and then in one fluid movement, ether intervene or guide you along, with the hope of selling you something along the way, or, if they deem you a threat to their power or control, thwart or even crush your efforts without you even realizing it. Here on Face Book that is called shadow banning, but that can take may forms, from approvals for a bank loan, to putting an invisible mark on your record that only a few decision makers can see. But what can they do without any moral compunction? Anything at all. They can manufacture a virus and a cure at the same time, watch and profit by its destruction, and profit on the cure. They can create war, false flags, and hide all of the masterminds from view. We are missing 7.5 trillions from the federal reserve, unaccountable to anyone, even the President. What could that amount do? How about a space program with arms that could annihilate us. Go to Mars in a hidden space program.., Our reality has been described as a matrix, a virtual template of you and me, and a way to predict our actions.

Rigid or weak, the machine mimics our many standards, and predicts ten moves in advance. It is a reflection of where we have surfed, what we have bought or researched for on line, from Ebay and most search engines. There is a notebook of what we are curious about on You Tube, and even our taste in restaurants, politics, and porn. We have something like an aviator, a dossier, a little black book that knows how you and I are going to probably react, before we have actually made a conscious decision. This is an important part here, because it is here we can be coerced, controlled, to do what they want us to do…

Categorized, comparatively tagged, there are strings that reach into the files of every person, institution, tradition, association, and every social or public violation as well… every phone call, email, text, can be accessed without any stop. No due process. Our lives are recorded, and in a constant state of evaluation and assessment. And what a spectacular tool this is for those who want to stay in power over every aspect of our lives. A tool that has finally come of age, The Machiavellian design for power and control.

Morals and ethics we think are based on the consideration of right, wrong, good or bad, are well known and easily manipulated. Concepts such as duty, honor, respect, value, are sorted by relevance, and we are reevaluated every microsecond with just one new bit of information, every day, by every minute thing we do.

Responsibility, reverence, are thwarted at every turn from Government school agendas all the way to Progressive Universities. Our children have been taught to question and challenge all societal standards, and to pull them down. This weakens us to the very core, as that void is easily manipulated and filled by them. Words are redefined, juxtaposition-ed, such as Liberty is freedom, or that Democracy is a Constitutional Republic, I propose here, that the Liberty we so need is strongest when we not just challenge the status quo, but take positive action. Not an easy thing to accomplish when both our internal world of emotions, reality, even dreams, are laid bare, our ability to maintain a free will, liberty from tyranny, an original thought, are nothing more but a granted illusion…

We have been designed to express an obscure pandemonium of convoluted thoughts infused in what is sometimes referred to as self-image, or ego. We were taught to use speculation as fact, blind faith as strength of purpose, and to chose sides regardless of circumstances or morality. And yet we are indeed diverse, like two mirror images we clash with a designed see-saw effect, an approximate 50/50 ratio, that reverses polarity every ten to twelve years, and with the rewriting or confiscation of truth, history will teach no lessons.

The variation in philosophy and religious fervor are profound, and without tolerance, even with an objective to coexist, there will be constant war. There should be many belief systems that mutually propel our country, but unfortunately some want to dominate and threaten the existence of another, in spite of our constitution and our Republic’s rule of law designed to protect us all. Also, war is very lucrative, and as we fight, a banking consortium finances both sides, and after the dust settles, what is left is ether confiscated as an incurred debt, or bought outright by carpetbaggers for pennies on the dollar.

The reality of it is that the Progressive/neoconservative movement are two wings on the same bird, perfectly balanced, and controls America from both sides of the isle, strings, like tentacles, and they originated all the way back to Woodrow Wilson… It is now running its course… mostly unchecked. Ignoring and shredding our constitution has promoted the relinquishment of individual responsibility and acceptance of superficial liberty to government domination in unnoticeable increments. The final demolition and reconstruction of America is happening now, quickly, and right before our eyes, where Voluntary Servitude is the new standard. Debt enslavement, from 6 trillions to 24 trillions in one decade, and crickets.

Atheism vs. Deists, Marxist Communism vs. Free Market Capitalism, and the illusion of Liberty…

An atheist emphatically denies the possibility of the existence of God, and have well-displayed disdain for those who embrace a different ideology. Though most atheists will deny it, they trust that they are right in their assumptions. Sure, a description of an atheist is a non-believer, but then they have no more of a handle on truth then any other so-called believer. So, the atheist supposition is based on faith. It is a belief system, and so, a religion. Communism is emphatically opposed to religion… Our enemy is Marxist Bolshevik Progressive Neoconservative Zionist Communism, and they have us, and the world, by the throat.

Communism attempts to reach the same ultimate conclusion by making the state divine. Whether Love is of man-made design, God inspired, or a gift from nature, the reaction should be the same, …it is the cement that holds us together as a civilization, from family to country. Love is a reflection of goodness; the finest example of man, and the reason it must be destroyed, by Communism…

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Communism will displace everything we know in our reality…

Though a disdain for man-made religion is founded by what they propose is sound reason, and something to be questioned and studied intellectually, they ascribe to the assumption that there is no god. Perhaps the atheist might consider the label of agnostic as a more definitive description of their belief system, but I assure you this idea does not occur to them. While you are trying to find common ground, they are crushing you from every side. Yes, doubt is a natural extension of the intellect, and yet we must consider that the universe is vast just as our IQ is finite, with gaps filled with blind faith. This is the primary intellect’s concern, and so too the atheist. Even with a somewhat limited IQ, these gaps are defended even to death, and some religions propose the abject annihilation of others who do not agree… all of this is used by Communists, as tools.

As we study and learn, we might sometimes see through these illusions, and continue to search for truth in spite of dogmatic belief systems based on blind faith and fear. There seems to be hope in that, but that is an illusion that will be the final nail in our coffins …

But here is the rub…

Author’s note: I have worked with atheistic skeptics from both Australia and New Zealand while working in India. Their ideas were fascinating, with a lot of commonality with my own. I had for a long time considered myself a doubting Thomas, a skeptic if you will, and reveled as I questioned the validity of everything I studied, including my Roman Catholic upbringing, and the Jewish faith I studied in university. Several Australian Skeptic magazines were given to me by them, and I read every page with verve. But there it was: an indication that religious belief had “no spot” in that skeptical standard… and that standard was described to place a new foundation of atheism, Communism. Dogmatism, in this context means a statement or a point of view, as if it were an established fact. Doesn’t atheism do the exact same thing? But really, it does not matter, because while we cater to these vanilla marshmallow thoughts, there is a concerted effort to undermine our very existence… It is like a Communist lawyer I have known for several decades. I told him that they never give up, and he thought that very funny indeed… but then I told him that there was only one way for America to win, and that is to line them all up against the wall… he stopped laughing.

Our weakness is trying to figure it out. There is really nothing to figure out… When I saw the assumption “no spot,” my intellect thought them to be wrong, but they have no concept of good, bad, right and wrong, and that is our weakness. And that will be our death.

Thinking that there are no knowable absolutes seems just as erroneous as blind faith, and just because we do not have the ability to see ultimate truth at this time does not mean it does not exist. There is not yet enough verifiable truth to formulate a sound conclusion, but again, none of that means anything if your culture, your reality, is extinguished. Marxist Communism took over Russia, and exterminated 60 million people, crushing all religion, and that is now called the Progressive Neocon Zionist movement. Pause for a moment and let that sink in. Why, because if you can’t grasp this, you are dead, along with everything you know, your future, your children’s future, your religion and Country… so lets look at it again, from a slightly different perspective…

So far we find that there are exceptions for every rule, in ethics and in science, and what harm would it do to consider the possibility that God created everything, and that we are subject and accountable. What kind of world would we live in if there was no accountability, no personal responsibility, no ethical code? What has to be curbed, however, and this is the defining element: There are some men and institutions who use the fears and frailty of men for their own selfish plans, and so powerful they can print money out of thin air… so powerful they will sell you all the weapons you want, knowing that all they have to do is turn off the lights and we will kill each other on cue. Read The Prince by Machiavelli. Read Leviticus and Deuteronomy.

So this is the reason Godless Progressives need and promote big government. Though the majority of Progressives are not godless, as the 52 percent of Christians who voted for the abortionist Obama, those who control the movement predominately are. Obama’s voting record was visible, but some were blinded by smooth ambiguous rhetoric, smiling white teeth and the color of his face. If they are indeed paying attention now, President Trump seems a knight of light. And yes, he understands this, and plays the game. If he didn’t he would have been killed a long time ago… Indeed, there is a continuing dismantling of our Republic, and we are on the very cusp of the abyss. Quadrupling the national debt in one decade should be a wake-up call, but even that fails to stir your slumber. You see, what you fail to grasp is that your morals and ethics will be your ultimate downfall. There has never been a righteous war won, and never in the history of humanity has a culture, a religion, a government, even a Republic, existed without leadership that scratched its way into power. America is no exception.

A consideration of the term salvation also divides us. What Loving God would not view the act of trying favorably, in spite of the possibility of failing. As a selfless Love is measured, an understanding of it might indicate that God is pro life, and would never set one upon the other by faith’s resolve, as those who kill another in the name of God are following the blueprints of men. And yet, what would you do to survive? Would you fight fire with fire to save your children? Yes, you would. You would kill millions to survive, even if you know that your masters were the ones responsible for turning one brother against another, and in the dark you would rewrite your reality, your epitaph.

Those religions and institutions who promote themselves and their ideals over the will of others are the truest form of hypocrisy… And Marxists know and use this to their advantage. Christians are taught that Justice is not revenge, hate has no part of honor, only righteousness, and yet the horror of war seems inevitable as Love eludes us. Know this: few in this wide world pick up the Christian standard as their own, and would do anything in their power to remain in control, and that means the complete destruction of America.

As we consider our enemies from some outside source, we should reflect on the possibility that they also exist inside of the folds of our own government. We will recognize them by what they have done, by the friends who promote them, and we will see them for who they are only if we are paying attention…

Final note…

This original question was prompted by a post on facebook on an article I had written about hunting. I was told that it was a blood sport, and that men like me were the biggest problem for this country, toxic masculinity. Yes, hunting deer is a blood sport, and men like me are a big problem for the Progressive movement. My gun is the only thing holding back this massive Progressives-Marxist onslaught, and hunting deer and pigs good practice. This country will not go down without a fight, but we must first know our enemy. Look into a mirror, and you will see that it is primarily our own trusting ignorance. Our enemies are the ones who make questioning history taboo, and even the mention of their name sends a shiver up our spines. That is the truest form of slavery, slavery of the spirit. And you know you must organize… Good luck with that. Your reading of this essay has already been rerecorded.


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Ken LaRive

From the Author, Ken La Rive – We in the Liberty movement have been fighting to take back this country for more than a decade, peacefully and with the love of God and country in our hearts. Our banner has been trampled on and displaced by a multitude of distractions, further eroding our nation and the cause for Liberty. And so, as we are pulled by forces we cannot fathom, powerful entities with unlimited resources stolen from our future, unaccountable trillions printed out of thin air and put on our backs as debt, we must formulate the most pitiful of all questions any patriot might ask in the final hour: Are we going to fight for our master’s tyranny, or are we going to demand the return of our civil liberties and Constitution? Are we going to choose The Banner of Liberty, or the shackles of voluntary servitude? Will it be a war for corporate profit, or a war to regain our ability to self govern, as the blood and toil of our forefathers presented to us, their children, as a gift? I fear that decision is emanate. I fear that any decision will be a hard one, but my greatest fear of all is that the decision has already been made for us.



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  1. Ken La Rive,
    It’s good to see someone else writing these facts. I wonder what’s next. What seems likely scares the hell out of me is that there aren’t enough of us out there. We will never be able to crack through to Mainstream MEDIA and Social MEDIA is in parallel with them. Not enough people are aware that the pandemic hoax is a cover for a banking disaster. A few days ago, a well known man from New Zealand revealed that their military are training for martial law there. Then another man from New Zealand created a video explaining that the rumor has been verified and that New Zealand cannot create anymore BONDS, so there you have it. That country is covered with DEBT and Jesuit-Khazar Mafia banksters. I think it’s going to start everywhere. I hope that I’m wrong but…
    David Johnson

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