Latest Interview with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: Pandemic is a Global Coup d’Etat

ER Editor: Jesper Johansson of FreeWest Media interviews Dr. Reiner Fuellmich of the Berlin-based Corona Investigative Committee. Here are notes to this one-hour interview.

  • That there was only one single media narrative on this ‘pandemic’ from March 2020 made Fuellmich very suspicious.
  • Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, a consultant to this Committee, declared the swine flu pandemic NOT to be so and was vindicated finally. Back then, children were vaccinated and 1,300 were permanently disabled by narcolepsy. Now the same story is happening by the same players according to Wodarg. Bird flu, then swine flu and now Covid are all their attempts to start pandemics.
  • Only ever one side of this problem has been looked at publicly and in the media. This is highly unusual.
  • Over 150 experts in many disciplines have been interviewed by Fuellmich and his team, but all their work has been ignored by the mainstream media. The media simply label them as fascists, and cannot seem to deal with other opinions and information. It’s the same situation globally.
  • Fuellmich and his colleague Viviana Fischer are running for public office.
  • There is no evidence or factual basis for any of the coronavirus measures – masks, lockdowns and vaccinations. The vaccinations are simply experimental gene therapies with no studies underlying them. The WHO was pressured to declare a global health emergency in early 2020 – that is the only foundation for being able to use these ‘vaccines’. Without an emergency declared, an experimental vaccine cannot be used. There is no pandemic. And even if there was, the vaccines are NOT EFFECTIVE and EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.
  • In late 2019 there was an accident or some sort of leak at the Wuhan lab. As a result of the leak, there was a panic and the story was spread that this was the cause of the pandemic, but it was not. The Wuhan lab incident was used as a springboard. Our experts tell us that this was all planned over 10 years. Event 201 was a dress rehearsal: it wasn’t meant to go live immediately after, not perhaps until 2 years later, but something pushed them do it immediately.  On New Year’s Eve 2019, Drosten in Germany (Fauci’s equivalent) was told to invent a PCR test to detect infection and he chose the PCR, invented by Kary Mullis. Which should not be used to detect current illness/infection. It can test positive simply by detecting old viral remnants of cold or flu. Drosten’s test set-up was meant to produce false positives and ‘cases’ by magnifying the sample too many times, by too many cycles of amplification. Beyond 24 cycles, it becomes unscientific. At 35, you get 97% false positives. Drosten set it at 45 cycles.
  • 4 German tourists were caught by this test entering Portugal and were quarantined. That court decision that followed struck down the validity of the PCR test. So why was this court decision not more influential? It’s not the only court case. There was one in October of 2020, and in February 2021, an Austrian court said that you can’t prohibit a political rally based on PCR testing. On April 8, a German family court was asked to intervene for children at school who were suffering from social distancing and masks. The judge asked for expert opinion. One expert said that the school measures were completely illegal and dangerous. So why aren’t govts reacting to these decisions? Because Mr. Global has installed in strategic positions all over the world his puppets. And these rich people are using bribes in the political, medical, judicial and media spheres. The judge who issued the aforementioned decision had his house searched and computers seized. This was a message to the judiciary, to refer such cases to administrative law courts. Yet it was a family law issue – the judge had no choice but to look into it. The judge is fighting this action against him and he’ll probably win. This is completely unheard of and basically fascist. The declaration of a public health emergency by the WHO was ONLY BASED ON PCR RESULTS, supplied by Drosten. It was based on 100% of false positives.
  • There is no basis for using vaccines because there is no global health emergency. Nobody is denying there is a virus, but it isn’t anywhere near as dangerous as what they say. The IFR is only .14%. It’s similar to the flu. Plus the WHO changed the definition of a pandemic, removing the required % of deaths. The only remaining definitional criteria of a pandemic is a ‘global disease’. Also, we know there are alternative treatments. In Scandinavia, viruses are ALWAYS out there, but we are vitamin D deficient, so we have to supplement ourselves with that. Plus zinc and ivermectin. We know this.
  • Mr. Global believes himself to be omnipotent, so they have this urge to keep us under control. But they don’t have this control. In Japan they’ve banned the Moderna vaccine based on finding particles in the vaccines. So they’re using ivermectin. There is so much secrecy surrounding the vaccines and what’s in them. We recently got hold of contracts with big pharma that nations have signed. In the documents and contracts submitted to EMA (European Medicines Agency) by pharma are: 1. makers of vaccines don’t know if they’re effective; 2. they don’t know if they’re safe; 3. in case they’re held responsible, the country itself must indemnify pharma; 4. countries must use these vaccines even if there are alternative treatments. So lawyers believe these contracts are null and void. Plus if there are harmful ingredients in there, the contract is again void. If the public learns about it, there will be an uprising. Which is beginning to happen in places like California among people refusing the vaccines. But again, the vaccines have all been planned for a long time. In October of 2020, a German client of Fuellmich was told by somebody from the Bundestag that ‘soon the vaccines will start, there will be 2 shots, but there will be continuous vaccinations every 6 months – it’s a done deal’. The most important platform is the World Economic Forum, a private enterprise organisation founded by a young Schwab back in the 70s. In 1992, the WEF started ‘Young Global Leaders’. The first class of this included Merkel and Bill Gates, later Aznar (former Spanish PM), Macron, Jens Spaan, Justin Trudeau, Jacinda Ardern, etc. It’s a serious case of corruption, because Mr. Global has installed their own people via this type of recruitment program. Many of them have fake biographies, and they’re incapable of discussing these critical issues – they just repeat the necessary talking points. Drosten in Germany falls into this category – his professorship was donated to him by the family who owns BMW. He’s neither a real professor nor doctor (academic). His dissertation was likely faked.
  • Graphene oxide: it’s not found in ALL of the vials. What is the %? We don’t know. We have a group of medical experts looking into this. In some batches, 99% have graphene oxide – it’s the story we’re hearing and we’re looking to verify it. All the nanoparticles in there, the lipids, the mRNA, the spike protein and the G.O. cause serious problems. The spike protein is the most poisonous part, and it doesn’t belong in the body. It causes clotting and heart problems, strokes and heart attacks. As yet, we don’t have enough information on the G.O. problem.
  • If G.O. is in 1/5 of the vials. What is the legal situation here? It adds another layer of suspicion to the situation. Some claim G.O. can be used to control those vaccinated through 5G technology. The vaccines in any case have done lots of damage without knowing all the ins and outs of G.O.
  • The # of deaths reported through VAERS in the US were 11,000 last December. US Lawyer Thomas Renz was contacted by a whistleblower showing that the true number was 45,000. It’s all totally unheard of. Only 1-10% of all cases are reported in normal times. But these are not normal times because the media and govts are doing everything they can to shut down the story of damage/death by vaccination. People are even being paid not to report death after vaccination to VAERS in the US – this is a verified story by the family of a deceased person. Some US doctors believe deaths there are up to 1/2 a million following vaccination. Similar stories are coming out of Israel, etc. The vaccine should have stopped at around 25 deaths or so. We’re talking 1/2 a million in the US alone. 53 deaths following the swine flu vaccine stopped it. One German doctor, Dr. Michael Dikter, has testified to a direct connection between a life-saving operation needed to remove 3.5 metres of a woman’s small intestines and the vaccination.
  • Patents: Dr. David Martin has discovered that the coronavirus, including the spike protein and vaccines, had been patented a long time before the ‘pandemic’ started – some 17 years ago. Dozens of patents had been granted. This was highly attractive to investors, according to those listening. It all sounds like it has been a plan, an agenda.
  • What is the end goal or bottom line? The bottom line is that is was never about health. Health has been used to push panic and fear. In the meantime, a member of the Secretary of the Interior’s office in Germany, who is a specialist in risk analysis – a long paper he wrote in 2020 tried to figure out the evidence for a pandemic and for the corona measures. Everything in his paper came true: it’s not about health but about the Great Reset – they are trying to obtain what are considered to be the ‘side effects,’ on the economy, etc. These are intended outcomes and goals, not merely side effects. Small and medium sized corporations and retail businesses are being destroyed, to the benefit of American platforms, such as Amazon and, etc. In Germany, the Chinese are taking over the car manufacturing and other industries. We haven’t figured it all out yet, yet they are all dividing the spoils of this. More whistleblowers are coming forward. Some are talking about 80% of serious effects post-vaccination; 1/3 of a police force and firefighters are going to court because of the vaccination, etc. Other public employees are coming out against this. All these people are talking about tyranny, not health. It’s about multi-national corporations taking over the democracies and functions of nation states. Our governments are NOT making mistakes although people believe so – the problem is, they are not our governments anymore. Over the last few decades, there has been a move into public-private partnerships. These people all mingle at the WEF. There is a self-made political elite through the YGL program – it is a hostile takeover of our politicians, who are acting for the other side.
  • Will these perpetrators ever come to court? Yes. This week there is an international lawyers’ conference, of lawyers who are involved in this fight. The lawyers who really know the specialist medical issues are a small group of 40-50, but the group is larger. They are planning an international corona tribunal. It’s not comparable to Nuremberg, which happened AFTER the war. Fuellmich plans a trial DURING the problem, not after it. The facts around the world are identical – the same vaccines, the same PCR test problem, the same measures such as lockdown with the same problems. The PCR test needs attacking because it is what everything else rests on. If we can prove in courts of law there are no ‘cases’, then there is no pandemic. A class action has been filed in Canada, but it was rejected by the court (by lawyer Michael Swinwood). Soon there will be an oral argument put forward. Other cases are being filed in different countries. But it is such a huge effort – legal efforts alone won’t do the trick. Courts of law will follow court of public opinion, so this needs to be exposed by the people. This is a plundering of people’s assets and taxes by the rich. There is also a spiritual aspect to this. Some people are connecting to this and each other on a quite different level, those who have the same understanding, and this will be a deciding factor.
  • Don’t lose heart; continue to fight it because there is no other alternative. The other side has ZERO spirituality to call on. They are incapable of it. (See Fuellmich’s concluding story about showing empathy and love to people living their lives in fear.)


Reiner Füllmich: The pandemic is a global coup d’etat

Famous lawyer Dr Reiner Füllmich speaks exclusively to Free West Media on the topic of the pandemic and the draconian measures that many countries have adopted, and how he and others will be challenging this in court.


Füllmich is a consumer protection trial lawyer invited to talk about his work as one of four members of the German Corona Investigative Committee. Since July 10, 2020, he has been listening to large numbers of international scientists’ and experts’ testimonies, to find answers to questions about the pandemic, being asked by people worldwide.

The irregularities that are committed in the name of public health during this pandemic has called for a firm response, he told FWM. He specializes in representing ordinary people against big companies, and he made headlines when he won cases against giants like Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank.

When examining the lockdowns, restrictions, Covid-vaccines, the PCR tests and other measures, he found that they were not supported by scientific inquiry. He described how advisors on Covid measures who are presented as “experts” in the media, are actually frauds that, for example, were given professorships at private universities without having accomplished any scientific work.

In this in-depth interview, Füllmich also talked about the considerable part of the workforce in the US that have refused the jab because of fear of serious side effects. The fatalities resulting from the experimental shots are massively underreported.

His conclusion is that there are other reasons for the measures than those we are told to follow, and calls the hidden hand “Mr. Global” using the pandemic to further their own agenda. It was planned years in advance and serves only to make the already wealthy and powerful even more assertive.




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  1. Where is the class action for USA for the exaggeration of corona bologna. Wft, we have hospitals falsifying death certificates etc., the media CNN exaggerating the deaths meanwhile stock and business got destroyed. People committed suicide due to losses. WHERE IN THE FUCK IS THE CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT FOR AMERICA?????????????

  2. Great interview, I also am from Victoria, our Premier has introduced a compulsory vaccine passport under mandated vaccine employment rules. He has also signalled booster injections will be added to the passport. If no booster is taken, you lose your certificate, your freedom, rights to restaurant, food halls, possibly supermarkets, and anything else he decides alone. Please push hard as we need legal representation, and trials. Perhaps this will come from USA findings and class actions.

  3. Hope this comes soon I am in Australia, victoria and the goverment mandated vaccines for every worker or lose your job, my husband is losing his jobs and thousands will be too, I know of a lot of people who only got the vaccine because they did not want to lose their jobs, it is abreech on our human rights, our right to work and breeches The Nuremberg Code to which Australia is signatory to in 1947

  4. Thank you The Liberty Beacon for the summary in English. I did one term of
    german language/deutsche Sprache before the introduction of Common Core Education in Australia in 1966! Yes, 1966!
    Reiner Füllmich has been on this case for a couple of years now, not much progress so far. The info provided doesn’t contain anything new that I didn’t know.
    Let’s hope he starts something soon. In Australia we’ve already had one suit rejected by the (City of London Corporation) Supreme Court.
    That’s the problem with so called Western Democracy, the legal system of all former\current British occupied lands are controlled by the Temple Bar in the City of London Corporation of which even the Rothschilds are submissive to.
    It just blows me away that there is only one group reporting the source of the current genocide; The Tavistock Institute in the City of London, of the independent state in London, the city, that runs the whole cabal.
    Just search “American Intelligence Media” with their joint sites they have it all, all the evidence!

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