Let’s Play the Game of Freedom

playingfieldlogo[1]By TLB Contributor: M Femine

One of the things I’ve observed, due to the violations to our freedom, is too many people have become very serious while fighting back the attacks on our rights from our government.

The reason becomes apparent once you examine why we do not easily attain freedom or even understand what freedom is. It is because our attention is fixed on the barriers.

So let’s turn this into a game. First let’s look at what a game consists of.
You create a playing field and put a goal at each end. Then you need players, of course. Some are on your team; the others are your opponents.
Once you have that, you create goals of what you are trying to achieve.
The purpose is to get the ball into your opponent’s net. That is the simplicity of it.

Now what can go wrong?

If we have our attention fixed on obstacles and become serious while we’re at it, that will cut down the chances of winning.

What do you need in order to win?

Well, first you need to have skills; you need to train yourself to your upmost. Then you need coaches that know the plays and can predict your opponent’s next move.

After that, one of the most successful qualities a group should have besides this is a powerful organization dedicated to fulfilling the purposes of the group.

Above all don’t allow yourself to get serious. As long as the activity is at the level of being a game and not serious, you can play it well and successfully. But once it becomes serious, watch out because it’s going to play you. You become, as in the game of chess, the pawn and somebody else is playing you.

This is an example of cause and affect. The pawn is not causing anything, it is being an affect. Somebody else is moving it.

In order to have a panoramic view of the game I came up with an interesting drill. Get a group of like minded individuals and, after having studied your opponent’s tactics, divide the group into two teams. One team will play the part of the bad guys and the other side, the good guys.  Then conceive different ways to overcome the opposing team. Once this is done to your satisfaction of understanding your part, then switch and wear your opponent’s hat.

After a while you’ll be able to predict your opponent’s moves and come up with solutions to prevent him from gaining territory, since your opponent has only power in areas that he can control.

ScaredThe most important tool is communication. Find all sorts of ways to communicate what is happening. Get unaware individuals to become interested in what you are saying, but do it in a way that will not frighten them. As soon as they become frightened, they will go back into their protective shell. You’re role, if you want to truly enlighten someone, is to be responsible in maintaining their interest.

You may have to handle their misconception of what is occurring and work this out until they can reach an agreement and understanding of the information you are telling them.. Then direct them to the document or site that will clarify any misconception or lack of necessary data.
It’s important, also, to have fun.

In order to improve your skills and have a better understanding of the game, study Sun Tzu “The Art of War.” This man understood games and he played it to success.

Let’s take this important quote from this famous book which is relevant to this article:
“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy not yourself, you will succumb in every battle. “

There lies our weakness. How many of us can say that we are fulfilling this requirement? Most of us can not. There are some that will say “I know the enemy, he is Satan” or ”The enemy is part of a secret society and that has all sorts of rituals.” Or “Our enemy is a psychopath.” That is true, he is a psychopath, but knowing this, does it lead to a solution?

Let’s look at some of the characteristic of such a person.

The reason he behaves in such in such a way is caused by his hidden terror of others. Everyone is an enemy and must be destroyed. Their primary goal is to destroy others in any way possible. Such a person will make people feel like they are nothing and have no power to fight back. If anyone, looks like they might help others to become more able and stronger, they would feel endangered and will attack such a person.

You see this method used daily to discredit anyone that tries to do so. First, the psychopath will ridiculed the one that is helping, by using the media or posting false information on the web.  If he doesn’t stop the one that wants to do good, then the psychopath will attack and use force. This is pretty much the tactics of the government which makes me think that maybe our government is run by psychopaths.

Most psychopaths don’t exhibit any outward signs. They will appear very rational even charming and can be very convincing. But remember their goal is to keep everybody down by using or creating any methods they can and that is what you are being affected by every day.

Keep that in mind that you are treating this as a game and keep that playful spirit. After a while you’ll be able to see and understand what they are up to and even have prediction on their next move. Not understanding this will keep you in confusion and at the level of a pawn.

The psychopath will use generalities to make you think that “everybody“ is a terrorist and that he is the only one that can protect you. He is a fear monger, uses generalities to make you feel like every one is dangerous. In his mind, everyone is out to destroy him because this is how he sees the world.

The psychopath will create or tell you bad news and will embellish it to worsen it. A good example is all the false flags that have occurred.

People around them tend to be ill and do poorly in life. This is a primary reason why people’s health is declining. Their products and their co-conspirators such as Monsanto, Big Pharma, and other industrial corporations are polluting our health for their benefits and profits.

yiUZCJbgcp_albundyya0[1]The psychopath believes that no one owns anything so it’s okay for them to take it away from you. They’ll install in your local government such policies as The UN Agenda 21 so as to have the rights to take away your property and move you to some area of their choosing.

They will use destructive actions to destroy constructive or helpful actions.
They will support destructive groups such as psychiatrists who prescribe harmful drugs to people as well as children. You are probably familiar with many government agencies such as the EPA, FDA and the many other agencies that are there just to stop anything good.

If people understood such personalities and isolate them, as we do someone that has a contagious disease, it could bring a major change and relief in this society and our lives. Until this is done we will always, history has proven that, be playing the game of Freedom vs Slavery. The psychopath is the main cause of our problems.

The education system has succeeded in creating, for the last 200 years, if not more, generations of students being unable to analyze situations by using logic and individual thinking.

The subject of logic and logical thinking has almost disappeared from our civilization.  It seems that people, when it comes to all decisions in life, politics, medical, legal etc, are unable to discover and handle the cause of problems, but can only confront symptoms.

Just look at the upset caused by the government’s solutions to what they consider problems. Day after day we are enraged by these so called answers which further and further infringe on our rights, health and prosperity.

If you want to know if you found the correct cause of the problem, apply it correctly and if it resolves the problem, then you got it. If, on the other hand, you use opinions, the problem will remain the same. It seems that most people use opinion as solutions. Now, on the other hand, if you use a wrong solution and you use it, the problem will get worse. Governments are a good example of using the wrong solutions.

thCANFWS7SHere is a good example of not confronting the cause of a problem:
In the medical field the doctor wants to know what the symptoms of your discomfort are. Then he proceeds to try to cure the symptoms without finding the cause of the sickness. He prescribes “medicine” to “relieve” the symptoms which soon causes a new set of symptoms created by the drug(s) prescribed. This is profitable for the doctor because of re-occurring visits and Big Pharma, which makes billions off the sale of drugs. It is not because doctors are evil, but evil men, such as Rockefeller, have made sure that doctors will only be trained in the subject of medical drugs.

There is so much more to write about the game of freedom that I will continue this article in future publications.

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