The Real Freedom of ‘True Education’

scholar-eye[1]By TLB Staff Writer: L. Femine.

Everyone needs to know what’s happening now on this planet – all the facts, figures and atrocities. There are many and more brewing. I’m sure nearly everyone who reads these articles and commentaries, and similar ones share this desire in their hearts and sensibilities. Many of you HAVE communicated enough to wake some people up, whether through written or spoken words. You’re trying to educate them.

How many of you have had this enlightenment begin with pure ignorance of things like Agenda 21 or Common Core? I’m talking about bright, inquisitive people, caring and open to communicating with you and others, living life. Do they look at you blankly and ask – what’s that?

I’m always jolted a bit to find out most of these people I talk to don’t have a clue, although they might be vaguely familiar with the terms. I always get the thought – are we living on different planets? Granted, these government projects don’t sound very menacing; they don’t inspire fear in and of themselves. So maybe people put them aside as “political stuff.”


However, I will say that, almost one for one, I get an instant turn-around when I inform them, ever so little, about these long-standing plans to rid the planet of 80 percent of us and “re-educate” the rest through these programs. The light dawns.

Sure, some will pooh-pooh you as a conspiracy nut but, actually, not many anymore. They are already experiencing the blows in the form of less money in their pocket, higher prices for food, utilities and gas, healthcare skyrocketing through Obamacare, rights obliterated left and right. So, yes, they are more and more open to what you have to say.  Unless they still choose to stick their heads in the sand and wait for it all to blow over like a big storm. Not happening.

Ultimate Tyrrany


Personally, when I first saw Ron Paul on TV several years ago and what he had to say about the situations in this country, I began to live another life. My true education began and it hasn’t stopped since.

People in this country are being “educated” through Agenda 21, Common Core and the media to behave, to agree to be a slave, a happy socialist. The tragedy is many don’t even realize they’re being manipulated into re-learning how to live. Well, that’s not an accurate word – isn’t it really to “exist” in the shadow of the New World Order? You will be a full-fledged commodity. After all, you already have a product code – your social security number. Are you a real person in this country if you don’t have one? No, you don’t exist. People would consider you a vagrant. They’d be frightened of you, something like a walking dead or space alien.

Part of true education is finding out who you REALLY are – a powerful spirit who just happens to have a body, capable of achieving far more than you could ever dream of. Good things, I mean, that come from love of oneself and humanity.

That truth is nowhere to be seen in the educational system and if it does exist here and there, it will be erased or banned completely by Common Core and its buddy – psychiatry. But it’s one of the first things a child should learn in school, that he is basically free. He knows that deep inside; it just needs to be validated and encouraged.


A true education can only come successfully from that premise. If he is taught to be a slave, he will never have an original thought in his head. How many leaders will come out of that environment?

So what does true education come down to? You can learn to be a spirit (meaning yourself) capable of observing truth and acting on it or you can learn to be a slave (a mere body) being nothing but a workhorse for tyrants.

The difference is how much you are willing to look – and learn. And how much you will allow your children to have the same education. Home school them (recommended)

To know just “things” is not the same as to know the truths that have entered your heart and soul. That’s real education. Teach others.


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