Liberty Singer Dale Bozzio Among List of Prince’s Last Music Purchase!

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April 26, 2016—Many of you know me as a Liberty songwriter who writes songs about subjects important to Ron and Rand Paul supporters. Prince had always been an inspiration to me, and though I never had the opportunity to meet him in person, we share a common bond: Our taste in music, specifically, Dale Bozzio.

Dale recorded seven of my Liberty/Wake Up songs in 2013-2014. How fortunate I was to have the opportunity to work with Dale, who was originally discovered by Frank Zappa. She is a true Diva, a musical treasure that even Prince recognized.

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Dale Bozzio of the band Missing Persons, and also Liberty singer, was among the list of the last six CDs Prince purchased on the Saturday preceding his untimely death. On April 21, an article by Peter Cox of MPRNews revealed Prince’s final music shopping list at the store “Electric Fetus,” and according to the store’s retail music manager Bob Fuchs, “The Best Of Missing Persons” was one of the CDs that our Dearly-Beloved had purchased just days before dying. Also on the list were CDs by Stevie Wonder, Chambers Brothers, Joni Mitchell, Swan Silvertones, and Santana.

According to Wikipedia, “After Missing Persons disbanded in 1986, Bozzio was signed to Prince’s Paisley Park label which released her first solo album, Riot In English. The albums first single ‘Simon Simon’ successfully charted. Bozzio subsequently reformed Missing Persons and continues to perform the band’s repertoire at venues across the United States.”

Here is a playlist of the seven Liberty/Wake Up Songs performed by Dale Bozzio, available for free downloads. I don’t know if Prince had a chance to listen to them, but now you have the chance. I hope he would have liked them, and I hope you will as well.

Rest In Peace, Beautiful Prince. You will always own a place in our hearts.

I am a grassroots supporter, and do not officially speak for Ron or Rand Paul.

Special Shout-Out: You may remember in my Voices Of Liberty article about Mainstream Media that I met Dale at The Autograph Show for St. Jude, thanks to my friends Stella Martinez who is door-opener-extraordinaire, and also Nadir D’Priest, singer and frontman for the band LONDON. Thanks to you both for introducing me to Dale, and huge thanks to Dale for agreeing to perform the controversial songs.

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