Think GeoEngineering (chemtrails) is Not Real? Think Again!

Posted by Christopher Lee | TLB Staff

*Phased Array Radar Creates Perfect Right Angle on Gale Force System

TLB Editors Note: *Phased Array Radar will be shown and explained at the bottom of this post by Paul Hayes in a GE training video.

Video and text by 1PacificRedwood 

Tue Apr 26; A Gale-force weather system located off the West coast of Oregon has a nearly perfect right angle imprint on its core. This is caused by a powerful phased array radar operating in the microwave band which is heating the core to weaken the 985mb weather system – and to disconnect the frontal system from the core. The inner core has a much smaller right angle visible. The heating creates descending clockwise air over the core counteracting the low pressure system.

Once again, we see irrefutable evidence of weather manipulation occurring on the East Pacific which adversely affects the weather patterns in Central and Southern California and the entire Southwest, which are still in exceptional drought conditions from lack of rain caused by this nefarious activity. The ‘meteorologists’ on television are not talking about this or showing the IR or Watervapor maps; instead, the public is treated to cartoon type weather forecasts. These weather casters are therefore on-board with the cover-up and are facilitating the ongoing CA drought conditions by ignoring the evidence. (Also see the videos from Jan 15 & 20 with right angle imprints- plus many other videos in Feb & Mar with these right angles)

Meanwhile, the aerosol chemtrail operation is in full swing today in Southern California as a large moisture field advances into the State. Despite the spraying the RH is steady at 50% and it feels damp outside despite very heavy aerosol spraying over the region today. Rain is forecast tomorrow according to TV weather. The chemtrail aerosols prevent rain in the region by blanketing the moisture-laden clouds which prevents lift and thereby stops the precipitation process.


In this video Paul Hayes, sales application engineer for the Inspection Technologies product line of GE Measurement & Control Solutions, discusses how to use Phased Array to comply with AWS codes.

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