Linderman Unleashed: Cognitive Dissonance is Alive and Well on Planet Earth – Science Deniers Unite!

Linderman Unleashed
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By TLB Contributor and Talk Show Host: Curt Linderman Sr.

Are you tired of being labeled a “science denier” or a “conspiracy theorist” because of your stances on Pharma, vaccines, GMOs etc.? It can get pretty old but we must stand strong and united on this front. There will come a day when we shall be vindicated…if we can change the direction that the world is currently taking.

In today’s show, I will be discussing the obvious and nefarious collusion between industry and the “science” that many of us know to be false but that is almost universally accepted as truth by the brainwashed masses. Pharma controls the prestigious medical journals that have sold their souls. Scientists have sold their souls as well, primarily for research funding, gifts, trips and money. Yet we are to trust the science because a PhD follows their names on their stationary.

How is it that Avandia, Vioxx and countless other drugs can be considered safe and effective through industry-led scientific research, become killers of tens, even hundreds of thousands, and then be summarily taken off the market…yet we are conspiracy theorists for even suggesting that the vaccine or GMO science is suspect?

Monsanto and the other big ag companies own the university agriculture departments across the planet (once again: souls sold for research dollars) and the “science” simply cannot be trusted. The brainwashed masses consider us evil for not wanting starving third world nation kids to be fed because we are against GMOs. We’re considered anti-science for not believing the majority consensus that GMOs are safe and can save the world from starvation yet they look the other way when a scientist with morals actually brings science to the table that clearly shows the dangerous elements of genetically modified foods. They aren’t offended, nor do they seem to care, that these scientists are often ostracized or even ruined professionally and personally for their stance.

The “pro-science” morons abound and are unfortunately a strong, publicly and privately funded, powerhouse that are supported by the masses of people suffering from a terminal case of cognitive dissonance. Both of these crowds must be stopped at all costs. Our institutions of higher learning must be set aside from industry influence and those responsible for the atrocities beset on mankind must be brought to justice. This will not happen without a strong, united front of people prepared to demand action and integrity in true science.

I’ll also be briefly discussing the economy and the eventual fall of the dollar. Is Greece’s decision to terminate all international debt as fraudulent a sign of things to come? Will the NOW allow such a thing to happen without taking action?

Join me today at 7PM EST for yet another episode of truth and don’t forget to check out my website: Linderman Unleashed for links to all of the articles, studies and documents that we discuss on the program each week.


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