Linderman Unleashed: Government Regulatory Oligarchies, the Constitution, Anti-Vaxxers, White Guilt & Picking Your Battles

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Government Regulatory Oligarchies, the Constitution, Anti-Vaxxers, White Guilt & Picking Your Battles

By TLB Staff & Talk Show Host: Curt Linderman Sr.

On this week’s edition of Linderman Unleashed: I’ll be speaking about the BLM and how this agency of government is continually overstepping their boundaries and destroying the lives of hard working Americans.

I’ll also be discussing the Constitution and how the American people are destroying their own liberties by asking the courts (to include the SCOTUS) to determine those rights and how we need to take back our liberties and force the federal, state and local governments to understand that this document wasn’t designed to define our rights but rather to restrict their rule over us.

Do you have white guilt? Apparently U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown does. It seems that anytime a white male performs any criminal act, it is a conspiracy of the entire white, male race and not only that, but white males are “the biggest threat to U.S., not Muslims….I’ll break that down while also speaking about the “Queen of Vaccines”; Melinda Gates and her agenda to marginalize anti-vaxxers.

How do you combat the people that call us conspiracy theorists for our truth? I’ll explain a definitive strategy today.

And lastly: are you wasting too much time trying to change a person’s mind and wake them up to what’s going on? How can you do your part to wake up those around you? I’ll give you my thoughts with the normal in-your-face, unapologetic approach that has created as many enemies as friends on my end…

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