Linderman Unleashed: Medical Tyranny, the FDA & Its Gestapo Tactics

Linderman Unleashed
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Linderman Unleashed 06, 13, 2015 on TLBRN

By TLB Talk Show Host & Contributor: Curt Linderman Sr.

The FDA is yet another government regulatory agency that is completely out of control. This evening, I’ll be putting a personal slant on my dealings with the FDA and how they have shut down my websites and my social media pages.

Perhaps the idea of what the FDA was originally intended to do was great, but as the regulators became prostitutes for the very industry that they were to be watching over, things have gotten completely out of control. When the FDA raids cherry juice companies for rightfully claiming that drinking cherry juice can relieve arthritis, gout and many other ailments, we know that we are witnessing the oligarchy that has become America.

My personal dealings with the FDA stem from my affiliation with Young Living Essential Oils and I believe that this planet (and God) has given us everything that we need to be healthy and happy. Despite this belief, it seems that the FDA would not only have you believe that the only thing that can have any effect whatsoever on your health is pharmaceuticals, they have taken it one step further and decided that they will close down, raid and ultimately destroy any business or product that makes health claims that hasn’t paid homage to their extortionist demands.

Hypocrites told us many moons ago that we should make food our medicine and medicine our food. The FDA is ready to close you down if you have the audacity to claim anything close to this idea. This….is…progress. This is what we have become. Bow to your government masters or be destroyed.

Will you put up with this? What is your breaking point? I have personally reached mine. Join me tonight as I discuss the hypocrisy that is our government. It’s time that we took a stand. It’s time to demand that the pharmawhores that are running the FDA understand that we will no longer allow them to take control of what we can and cannot personally take that we believe can benefit us or our family.

It’s time to say enough is enough. The FDA wouldn’t know scientific evidence if it stepped up and spat in their face. They know bribery. They know extortion. They know strong-arm, gestapo tactics. It’s time we all took a stand.

Join me for a show that will enlighten you on the different tactics that the FDA uses to ensure that we will have nothing available but the continued disease enriching death drugs from the pharmaceutical industry as our “government” officials just bide their time in “public service” until they sell their souls enough to make it to the private sector that they were appointed to regulate.

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  1. In my experience, government agencies of any kind, and most private agencies (especially the big ones with power) DON’T HELP ANYBODY, and do a great deal of harm.

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