Linderman Unleashed: Vaccine Rhetoric & the Republican Debate

Linderman Unleashed 9/25/15 EP19

By TLB Staff & Talk Show Host: Curt Linderman Sr.

This week on Linderman Unleashed: as usual, I don’t get to many of the articles and studies that I discuss at the beginning of the show. That’s not laziness as much as it is the fact that I have so much to talk about on each subject that I bring up.

I discuss this week, the wonderful meme that was posted on Facebook by an incredible warrior autism mom. She gets right to the point about the doctors that are “horrified” by the vaccine rhetoric that came up at the most recent CNN Republican debate. She was so spot on with her response that I simply had to bring it up on the show. She gets it!

Vaccines & Donald Trump

I’ll also be discussing a bit about what is going on in my life regarding our son’s vaccine injury and why it’s been so hard to keep focused…trust me this isn’t a pity party and it’s actually got me very fired up and wanting answers.

I will also be discussing cognitive dissonance again and a recent argument that I got into with a fellow Facebook friend and how this particular argument has made me even more convinced that Linderman Unleashed and my advocacy and activism is making a difference.

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