Vaccines “Work” by Requiring Human Sacrifice

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By: Investigator

As happens on a daily basis, sometimes even multiple times a day, a young & naive person will make the mistake of swaggering into a large online group of educated people who no longer vaccinate their children, with some pretty self-righteous presumptions as to why these people have become non-vaxxers.  Today’s visitor didn’t ask why they became non-vaxxers.  He just opened with the premise that they were somehow “ignorant” and “needlessly fearful”, and posted a video to convince them vaccines “work” and “don’t cause autism”.   (Work at what, he didn’t say.)   So he found himself with dozens of people directing him to the peer reviewed scientific studies on how dangerous vaccines really are, how some of them cause things even worse than autism, and he was quickly overwhelmed by sheer numbers.   Some of the participants, having lost children to vaccine deaths, where rightfully angry.

Somehow he didn’t expect either, so many educated people, or so many people with real life experiences.   So as fair warning to other naive vax pushers out there — non-vaxxers and anti-vaxxers don’t care whether vaccines “work”.  They’ve simply each independently concluded that the price is just too high.

mourning-sculpture-aIf you want to see how non-vaxxers & anti-vaxxers think, just lurk a while to read what makes them tick.  Often, they are people who have suffered terrible losses in their lives, because vaccine injury is not uncommon, just made to appear so, hidden behind doors, in wheelchairs, and in coffins.

While we are waiting for the congressional hearings and whistleblower testimony on the data-fraud that the CDC committed trying to make it appear the MMR vaccine doesn’t cause autism, autism is already admitted, conceded, & listed by the manufacturer in the DTAP vaccine package insert as a possible side effect / permanent adverse reaction. How can anyone claim no vaccines cause autism, when the manufacturers themselves say some of them do?

Adverse reactions are listed because they DO happen to people, AND vaccine lots are shuffled before being shipped to doctors, so if there is a particularly bad lot, one doctor won’t encounter multiples of his patients crippled & killed all at once, so hopefully he won’t make the connection. It’s a continent-wide shell game. The vaccine killed & injured and their parents have been suffering alone for over a century, treated like kooks for grieving their children, when they saw with their own eyes the horrible effects suffered right after vaccination. Well, now these parents have found each other online, and the vaccine industry is collapsing.

You see, pro-vax visitor, we don’t care whether vaccines “work” or not. The price is just too high. The human sacrifice required by an industry that can only “work” for some people by killing and maiming random other people, with a geometrically escalating “schedule” (hence body count), is more than any of us can bear anymore.

No vaccine pusher yet has explained why we need to shoot up virgins and newborns with the particularly dangerous vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases HepB & HPV, and many non-vaxxers have concluded the industry has lost its humanity in favor of profits.  It’s become clear that vaccines have become a Russian Roulette game played against one’s own children, and we’re done.   We’d rather take our chances with diseases that might never happen anyway.

wheelchairWhy don’t YOU pull up some videos of girls horribly crippled by the Gardasil vaccine, and yes, “disseminated encephalomyelitis”, you know, the one where they just wake up paralyzed a day or so after receiving it, is listed right on its package insert. Of course, if their lungs were paralyzed, they don’t wake up at all. Lives taken and ruined. For WHAT. In case they MIGHT have gotten treatable cervical cancer 20 years hence? An awful lot of families would have liked at least those 20 years back.

There are multiple people in the group you visited today who woke up one day to find their babies dead just a few days after a multi-vaccine shoot-em-up at a “well baby check”. It’s pretty rude and cruel of you to waltz in on them and advocate for vaccines, when many of them have other children they are now protecting by refusing vaccines.

So I’m just telling you, non-vaxxers don’t care whether vaccines “work”. The vaccine industry, the horrible human sacrifice and suffering it requires, is over. It’s just a matter of the dominoes going down, people young and naive like yourself, waking up.

We already have better ways of preventing disease, if you care to learn from US.


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