Lockheed Martin Releases Clip Of Simulated Attack On Russian Defense Systems

Preface by: Roger Landry (TLB)

Let’s get basic here … Does anyone about to read this truly believe that our defense industry is hell bent on preventing any conflict or war if it is at all within their means? That would be about the same as stating that the massive (even bigger than the Military Industrial Complex) Pharmaceutical industry is hell bent on saving lives and curing disease … BULL !!! What we are observing via Lockheed Martin’s release is in fact another example of Rahm Emanuel’s philosophy of …

You never want a serious crisis to go to waste!”

Having spent the majority of my adult life either in the U.S. Military (nuclear submarine fleet), or working for said Military Industrial Complex facilitating DOD contracts (Raytheon), I can assure any readers that this is not only the norm … but if you can conger up enough fear or anger on the opposing side … you may just start another arms race, or regional war … $$$ CHA-CHING $$$

The amount of money already spent on defense in the USA is estimated to be about 54% of every dollar collected in taxes if you actually add all costs including the multitude of related costs such as Veterans care, Medical, Retirement, Procurement, etc…, etc…, etc…! But apparently this is not enough, so Lockheed Martin has virtually slapped Russia upside the head in front of the entire world … and are waiting to see how many more $$$ this dumps into the coffers … because you cant sell multi-billion dollar weapons systems … if there is no Military threat, or angry  foreign leaders !!!

I am NOT saying (and never would) America should not have a strong military to defend We The People … But where does this all end? This is a question that needs to be asked with far more urgency than at any point in modern history.

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Lockheed Martin Releases Clip Of Simulated Attack On Russian Defense Systems

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Leave it to a major US arms defense contractor to hype the “ever-evolving threats” to US national security in a new hugely provocative video at a time the world fights an “invisible enemy” – as world leaders are calling it – in the form of the Covid-19 panemic.

A new promotional video released by Lockheed Martin simulates what appears to be a major airstrike on Russian weaponry. Taking note of the promo which features CGI footage, Russian state media described it as a “simulated first strike on Russian positions and weapons systems.”

Specifically Russia’s trademark S-400 anti-air systems are among the targets of Lockheed’s own systems in the simulated portion of the video, all of which touts the comany’s Advanced Development Programs, also known as Skunk Works, which is an elite group tasked with working with the Pentagon on the most advanced and secretive projects.

The video was published early this week through Lockheed’s official media accounts and describes development of “life-saving intelligence” and “solutions that are survivable” according to the narration.

Defense contractor mega-companies like Lockheed, Raytheon and others have over the course of a hyped “Russia threat” saturating the media for much of the past three plus years seen their stocks prices soar.

Screenshot via Lockheed Martin/You Tube. Uniquely Russian defense systems are clearly featured.

After about the one minute mark a bombing raid on what are clearly Russian S-400s as well as the Topol-M mobile intercontinental ballistic missile platform, which it should be noted only Russia possesses, is conducted in the simulation – though without mentioning Russia by name.

The timing of the video’s release while the narration emphasizes words like “life-saving” and “survivable” is certainly interesting, given the world’s current almost singular focus on finding a way out of the coronavirus pandemic.

It seems the execs at Lockheed are trying to cry “Russia!” precisely at a moment the hawkish and hyped ‘new Cold War’ narrative is being lost.


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