LUCA’S WORLD ~ Episode LXII (62) ~ Presidential Lies & Hidden Warnings

LUCA’S WORLD ~ Episode LXII (62) ~ Presidential Lies & Hidden Warnings


Your Host: Luca Majno

Welcome everyone, to another episode of LUCA’S WORLD, in which we seem to dive in right away, after giving a run-down of what is on the show today, and also, as usual, I need for people to hear my DISCLAIMER. Why?

Because it simply tells you that if it is not TRUE to the best of my ability, and it is not USEFUL or NECESSARY for you to hear, we are basically all wasting our time, so this is again a reassurance to everyone that yes, it will be helpful, and I will make sure of that every time.

The Definition of INTELLIGENCE is first on the show, and I emphasize my stance, and also it can explain cognitive dissonance, which is another handicap many people have…

NOSTRADAMUS PREDICTED… is next, and here, with one of his quotes, I go through it line-by-line, and for me, this is another bit of proof that we are indeed on the right path to knowledge, as everything seems to ‘connect’.

I have to share this next segment, in which I call out our President, and simply state the LIES he tells, especially about COVID, and lay bare the FRAUD of this PLANNED*EMIC… and how far back this deception goes, complete with my edited clip of his speech in 2021, one he called “THE PANDEMIC OF THE UNVACCINATED.” ~ Wow.

Plus, he finishes with a ‘plea to all doctors’, followed by my WARNING about how so many doctors have VIOLATED THEIR OATH, the Hippocratic Oath, ‘First, Do No Harm’, because obviously the pay and the power-of-position were too irresistible for too many.

And all this is PROVEN by the next mini-segment, in which, not planned for the show, I share THE PLAN, explaining how this planning of COVID went back to 2017… I share my slides.

Note: Please forgive us for the glitches with the silence, the callers and also a volume irregularity that only lasts for moments…

WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?, I ask, in Hawaii’s recent genocidal government attack, and also, I ask, where are they, in protest against everything happening to their children, because of COVID, and the lockdown, why weren’t they ‘in an uproar’, like the few that ‘lost it’ in the school meetings, etc…

My guess is that they, on top of being afraid of repercussions from authorities, they just seem to be ‘immobilized’… by fear? Social standing?

THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION comes back again, this time because CHILDREN ARE GOING TO BECOME PROPERTY OF THE STATE, the pamphlet says, among so many other ‘happenings’ that came true, and I play a clip that confirms this with Claire Edwards, Whistleblower, asking my listeners and readers once again to open their minds and hearts to this new information, although it actually dates back a long time, over 100 years…

And today, complete with Cell Towers, seems like it ‘could’ possibly be a tragedy in the making.

I can also add the DUMBING DOWN aspect of their attack on the people, making us ‘less sharp’ to their deeds, by way of fluoride in our water, chemtrails, boxed foods, Big Pharma, etc…

THE GLOBALIZATION AGENDA follows, and this ‘fits right in’ to what we are discussing today…

And quickly, after that, another unplanned clip shows it head, 15 MINUTE CITIES with Jordan Peterson and a guest of his, hammering down C40, what the idea behind all of this is, their AGENDA, and why this is all speeding up.

For those who don’t know about CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE, by Henry David Thoreau, I am now suggesting that it might be a great idea, to actively participate in raising awareness, without any violence or abuse of any kind, just becoming LOUDER in the every-day struggle against all injustices… “GET COMFORTABLE WITH …”

And in my last segment, PACIFISM, I take the time to explain WHY this is not the time to act in such a way, because I feel it enables all that goes on against us, kind of what the churches and ‘false prophets’ are all there to do: to keep us quiet, and in acceptance ‘of our chains’…

Listen Up …


LUCA’S WORLD ~ Presidential Lies & Hidden Warnings

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As usual, I need to thanks all of you for listening and reading, and encouraging me to continue on this Journey, one of self-discovery that gets deeper every day!

My other show, LEARN 2 UNLEARN (LIVE) is here: ShakeAndWake Radio, Mondays at 3pm Central.

We’ll see you next week, Creator Willing!


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