MAGA’s Real Crime … Spotlighting Government Failure

MAGA’s Real Crime? Spotlighting Government Failure

By: J.B. Shurk

The midterm elections are only weeks away. The Democrats are in complete control of the House, Senate, and presidency. Donald Trump’s name appears nowhere near a November ballot. Yet the only things Democrats talk about are the former president and his “Make America Great Again” voters. It is as if Joe Biden’s and Nancy Pelosi’s political troops have no interest in touting their successes in opening the Southern border to endless illegal immigration, promoting divisive lockdowns and “vaccine” mandates, passing a Green New Deal spending extravaganza, encouraging transgender drag queen shows for elementary-schoolers, emptying prisons of criminals, eliminating cash bail for felony arrests, leveraging Americans’ pain at the gas pump to push them into expensive electric vehicles, or presiding over the highest rates of inflation in over forty years. They’ve accomplished so much in such little time! Maybe their campaign slogan could be “Making Americans Poorer and Less Secure for Their Own Good” or “Vote Democrat: Because We Know Better.”

Or maybe the Democrat party realizes that its policy “successes” have caused so much pain for the American people that the only path to continued power consists of cynically demonizing half the country as “extremists,” “insurrectionists,” and “terrorists” who must be defeated at any cost. For a nation not engaged in violent civil war, it sure sounds as if 75 million Trump voters have been officially declared the enemy. Senator Mazie Hirono says pro-life Americans who oppose abortion are “literally a call to arms.” Representative Hank Johnson says parents attending school board meetings to protest racist, sexualized, and Marxist indoctrination disguised as academic curricula are part of a “coordinated attack happening across the country.” Ohio Senate candidate Tim Ryan says, “We’ve gotta kill and confront” MAGA “extremists.” Department of Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas claims that the country’s biggest national security threats come from “domestic extremists” who are “radicalized” by “anti-government sentiment” or “false narratives propagated on online platforms.” Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Mark Warner commemorated the twenty-first anniversary of the 9/11 Islamic terror attacks by equating those heinous acts with the January 6 Capitol protests. And all of these pronouncements targeting ordinary Americans as enemies come after President Biden stood before a red-drenched Independence Hall in Philadelphia on the first of September and all but “declared war” on MAGA Americans, repeatedly labeling them a “danger” and “threat” to “democracy.” Yikes! The war on MAGA is real!

That elected officials and high-ranking bureaucrats could so venomously condemn half the country as veritable enemies of the State is an inexcusable rhetorical escalation against American citizens. Is this or is this not the “land of the free”? Do Americans still have the right to disagree, debate, and speak freely? Are we no longer “allowed” to dissent publicly from the officially held positions of the federal government and its officeholders? How exactly does “democracy,” as White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre recently claimed, require denouncing all contrarian viewpoints as unacceptably “extreme”? Are we not “permitted” to express thoughts unless they are first approved by the State?

If a Democrat party emissary or any of the Democrats’ corporate news media sycophants ever deigned to attend a Trump rally or speak to actual MAGA voters, that rubbernecker would find some of the most pro-American patriots in the country. Filled with military veterans and civilian law enforcement officers, their families, and their supporters, it would be impossible to find a less likely group of “insurrectionists.” That so many Americans who have put their lives on the line in defense of their country could be called “terrorists” and “traitors” shocks the conscience. That Americans who proudly wave the American flag and sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” with glee could be targeted as “extremists” undermines precisely what it means to be selflessly patriotic. That the highest officers of the U.S. government could equate the 9/11 terrorists with so many Americans who actually put their lives on hold twenty years ago and ran into battle half a world away to make sure no 9/11 attack would ever happen again is outrageously disrespectful to every family who lost a loved one in those wars and utterly revolting to every servicemember who made it home.

Just what is so condemnable about MAGA Americans, anyway? Is it their resistance to an economic globalism that has wildly benefited Wall Street and foreign adversaries these last three decades while destroying blue-collar manufacturing towns from coast to coast? Does supporting the creation of Main Street wealth over the protection of international investment bank profits make one “extreme”? Is it really too much for helpless Americans to demand that the federal government enforce its own immigration laws at the Southern border and, by doing so, cripple the rampant drug- and sex-trafficking and devastating violent crime anguishing families and towns throughout the country? Is struggling to keep your children and community safe now the hallmark of a “racist”? Is it somehow un-American for MAGA voters to oppose public schools’ unilateral decisions to indoctrinate their children with the tenets of Critical Race Theory, transgenderism, and other highly contentious school curricula? When did the State seize more authority over America’s children than their parents? Why should Marxism and pornography replace morality and religion? Why must Americans heed every new stricture of “political correctness” promulgated by Democrats and their media allies to avoid being socially ostracized, punished, or fired? If everyone must believe everything Democrats believe, how can any American ever be truly free?

Or perhaps MAGA Americans are denounced as “extremists” precisely because they think for themselves and demand real change from their government. Perhaps they are seen as a “threat” because they refuse to become poorer and less secure in the world just so globalists can profit at Americans’ expense. Perhaps they are reviled as “insurrectionists” because so much of the American government has forgotten what the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution actually mean. Perhaps those who want to “make America great” have become the enemy because so many in Washington, D.C. want to make America and Americans feel small. Maybe Democrats have nothing else to run on in this midterm election except hate, division, and threats.


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