Matriarchal Power: Restoring the Balance

By TLB Staff Writer: Luca Majno

Part One:

WE HAVE SEEN – The Rothschild Zionist Dynasty (some know it as the crime syndicate or ‘cabal’), the so-called ‘head of the snake’ by some, wage war on the planet since the late 1700s with maybe 20 years of peace since 1776, while they profited from and enslaved us, causing every major conflict on earth.

They create and fund the illegal state of Israel, and continue to genocide the Palestinians, just as they did the Original People here on ‘Turtle Island’. They continue to expand in the Middle East, engineering mass ‘immigrations’ or the never-ending ‘refugee crisis’. They are guilty disrupting entire Nations who refuse to let the cabal install their ‘central banks’, and who are behind, for example, “every single ‘terrorist attack’ in this country” (America) since anyone can remember.

Now Rothschild OWNS the weather, engaging in weather modification and weaponized weather warfare against the masses, purposely engineering storms of ever increasing magnitude and destructive capabilities. A great example is Standing Rock, ND, where the Water Protectors are suffering from unnatural causes and weather anomalies.

Also, in the 1930s, this evil family managed to alter the 432 Hz Healing Frequency to 440 Hz as a standard for the music industry, which causes negative and adverse reactions, and so much more! They are at the top of the world’s richest 60 families, controlling everything on earth and one could easily write a book on this.


WE HAVE SEEN – Monsanto, aided and supported by those in power, just like in wars, in which they fuel both sides for profit. This company proceeds to sicken and dumb society down via the massive use of herbicides, pesticides, food-like products, and bio toxins, attempting to change our DNA forever with a continuous attack on everything that kills all Natural Life in the ground, in the air, in the water, on earth.


WE HAVE SEEN – The Bilderberg Group who, behind closed doors and in secrecy, seal the fate of humanity. This all takes place in one room for a couple of days a year, where no form of truly representational media is allowed.

Many independent journalists get arrested trying to get information about these illegal and unethical tactics born from the minds of those who basically are all complicit and guilty of all facets discussed in this article. It is here that they declare who will be selected to rule in their favor, and what they will control.


WE HAVE SEEN – Rockefeller completely trash ‘medicine’, work to outlaw Natural Healing, bribe medical schools, and promote his version of chemical poisons, (as they use Natural Healing themselves for illnesses). All this while waging war on societies health in order to profit massively.

Ironically this 5th generation racketeer family started out as one poor man at the end of his rope, drilling for oil with his last dollars. He became America’s first billionaire and the patriarch of a dynasty who is now hoarding its wealth at the expense of all. This is the preeminent family behind the soft-genocide on this entire planet, along with the likes of other elitists such as Bill Gates, George Soros and others …


WE HAVE SEEN – George Soros, one who profits from others’ misery, who pays people to riot and to cause mayhem, who trashes whole economies, and essentially helps the world’s richest goons complete their stranglehold on the rest of us! One cannot discuss this oligarch without mentioning his controlling and rigging of the ‘(s)election’ process, which is, as most of us now know, nothing more than a ‘selection’ by the powers that be of the one who will be the next puppet for the masters.


WE HAVE SEEN – Geoengineering raining metals and chemicals down on us, much of which was not fully understood by most until recently, but going on since the turn of the 20th century, sickening untold millions globally via the massive amount of nano-particles heavy metals (mainly aluminum, mercury and barium) raining down on us daily.

Consider the destructive effect these metals have on the brain and central nervous system and you now have another effective dumbing-down tool for the masses. The massive rise in Alzheimer and Dementia over the last century, with emphasis on the last 60-70 years … is NOT an accident!


WE HAVE SEEN – Big Pharma treating us as no more than guinea pigs or lab rats addicted to their poisons, who do nothing but disguise sometimes temporary or even lethal ‘pain relief’ because curing disease is not profitable … but treating the ongoing or reoccurring symptoms is.

These unnatural cocktails, together with Monsanto’s food-like products, cause even more continuous and irreparable damage on the human body This is an entity who is hell-bent on trashing (regulating as drugs, or making illegal) all Natural Remedies, with massive legal assistance from a corrupt and complicit legal system.

Now we are witnessing the implementation of mandatory vaccines (there is no such thing as a safe vaccine, ALL vaccines do some level of harm), which are very profitable for the ‘medical’ industry that Rockefeller created, thus making doctors richer. Everything in its place and time, done so slowly that most of us cannot even connect the dots… Some wars aren’t meant to be won overnight, and assured success is valued over expediency by this cabal.


After I wrote what is above, WE HAVE SEEN, suddenly, on social media, as if by coincidence, and there is no such thing, I ran into Jesse Ventura’s writing that brings most of this home:

“You control our world.

You’ve poisoned the air we breathe,

contaminated the water we drink,

and copyrighted the food we eat.


We fight in your wars, die for your causes,

and sacrifice our freedoms to protect you.

You’ve liquidated our savings,

destroyed our middle class,

and used our tax dollars

to bail out your unending greed.


We are slaves to your corporations,

zombies to your airwaves, servants to your decadence.

You’ve stolen our elections, assassinated our leaders,

and abolished our basic rights as human beings.


You own our property, shipped away our jobs,

and shredded our unions.

You’ve profited off of disaster,

destabilized our currencies,

and raised our cost of living.


You’ve monopolized our freedom,

stripped away our education,

and have almost extinguished our flame.


We are hit… We are bleeding…

But we ain’t got time to bleed.

We will bring the giants to their knees

and you will witness our revolution!”

~ The World In Which We Now Live ~



Part Two:

Now, I would ask you to hang on to that last word, ‘REVOLUTION’… Notice how it has the word ‘LOVE’ in it, backwards? Well, since every negative has a positive, and every coin has its two sides, let us examine the ‘other side’ of this issue for a while, in the form of the Matriarchal Society… that’s right, the Sacred Feminine, and we absolutely need to address this, because, as I stated in my previous article, THANK YOU FROM THE INDIAN CHILDREN, it is paramount to mention that the polar opposite to what we have seen until now in this writing, is indeed the Matriarchal Society, a Tribe, a world, led by right-thinking women. No, not like Hillary Clinton… I mean those who think about and watch out for, as in the Original People’s Tribes, the ‘American Indian’, the next Seven Generations yet unborn. This is very important to mention, after stating how the world is being absolutely controlled, from all angles, as the ‘male-dominated world’ tries so hard to maintain confusion and chaos of the masses, and to force the iron fist of control. Let us this examine further…

On these lands where we used to thrive, to give America as an example, (even THAT word means ‘the love of riches’ in Spanish!!), it is important to mention that Women were in charge, in a very big way, of most issues concerning the every day life of the Tribes ~ no, not all of them, but most.  They were on the War Councils, they owned the Lodges (housing), there was never any decisions made without them, and you never, ever, interrupted them when they spoke! There are even examples in which when two people spoke, not necessarily women, you ‘went around them’ and never cut or walked through or between them as they spoke. It was said that this was because they were sharing what was most Sacred between them: Their words, their soul.

In this world, Men understood, respected and lived every day, honoring their place in a Woman’s world. Many have said that Women were indeed superior to Men in a lot of ways, simply because they were the Life-Givers. They were the closest to Mother Earth, and they would be cleansed spiritually once a month, on what was called their Moon~Time, when they were so powerful spiritually, that they would encircle the Men in prayer from the outside, protecting them and their Offerings. The same was with the children, it was said that ‘Creator gives them knowledge that most adults miss’, because the younger they were, the purer they were regarded. I am using the past tense here, because this is how it was… Alas, it is not so now, and this is my point:

Take a piece of paper if you will, and draw a line right down the middle, splitting it in half with two columns, on one side at the top, one column is called PATRIARCHAL and the other MATRIARCHAL. One quickly sees where this is going, if we write down what it is that we are living today in the first column… The result becomes obvious POLAR OPPOSITES.


Some have also joked that a world with Women as Leaders would be a world without war, but with a whole lot of countries and nations not speaking to one another… A Matriarchal Society would simply not allow those entities such as Monsanto, Big Pharma and the total and complete destruction of our food, our water, soil and the Earth we live on, for the profit of the few, only to name a fraction of them… There would be no ‘millions sent to Israel every day’, while our infrastructure collapses, and ‘the homeless on our streets get their blankets taken from them’…

There would be no such thing as this ‘pie chart’ we see for ‘annual spending in 2015’, in which 57% of the funds would go to the MILITARY and only one digit % would go towards education, our Veterans’ benefits, housing and community, and others.

This is the shameful and inhuman world of perpetual war, of indifference towards We, the People, as I always say, “They simply DON’T CARE”! There is more and more proof every day that goes by that “The system is not broken … It was built this way” !!! This is what we urgently need to address and to educate others about, while we still have the time and the internet to do so.

A powerful example of Women restoring Order in a Matriarchal System can be seen in this 3 minute clip of the final stages of the “Oka Standoff” in the summer of 1990 with the bloated Canadian military, in which Mohawk Sacred burial sites were threatened by the expansion of a 9 hole golf course by mostly non-Natives in nearby Montreal, Quebec:…

It is very important to mention as well, that I am not encouraging a drastic turn-around to a Female-Dominated world, but rather, I am trying to shed light on a much-needed subject, a shunned subject of times past, thanks to church-and-state, in this country and the one ‘north’ of it, that has become the ‘male-dominated-norm’. Only THEN, after we have studied and seen the beauty of the ‘other side’, can we entertain a much-needed return to BALANCE: The ‘Yin and the Yang’, the equality of both sides, Male and Female, and the respect that BOTH deserve Equally.

The long overdue time has come to start practicing and using these Matriarchal attributes in our daily lives, and watch how we then start to flourish personally. Open the door for a stranger with his groceries, get to the back of the (long) line and put others first!

We need to start doing for others as we would want done for ourselves, and it is so easily done when we become conscious of it, and put it into practice. Even if we are doing it now, we need to do it more often, because as we do this, we set an example for others who are watching us. This plants the seed of ‘humanity’ in other’s hearts, and they, like me, no longer feel alone in the struggle to get back to where we should be in our every day lives.

I experienced a great feeling the other day, while going to my car in the parking lot of the grocery store, I saw an older man opening the door of the car for his wife. Afterwards the woman smiled with affection and pride as she watched him closely, holding on to the car as we walked around to enter his door.

This is what we need to bring back …  Exactly what the powers that be are scared of and refuse to see ~ Humanity … taking hold as it should. The repelling of the ‘New World Order’, ‘Ordo Ab Chao’, Divide And Conquer, and all the Evil that is trying to break us all down, and drive ‘Every Man For Himself.

The Power belongs to the People, and we all have it inside of us, each and every one of us, to make that difference, and to live by example towards others, as we should do for our children, who watch and record our every move, only to become like us.



About the author: Luca Majno is a TLB Staff Author and Audio Visual Technical Director.  Luca is also an ardent Protester and Activist deeply involved in the plight of those who cannot speak for, or defend themselves. Luca is also a Radio Show Host and Producer, see more at LEARN 2 UNLEARN


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  1. Luca my friend, as always you nailed every bullseye. How painful it is to come to the conclusion that indeed, WE never mattered. You’re an old soul back as a chosen prophet. Thank you for the amazing work you’re doing – as John Lennon sang, “Christ you know it ain’t easy . . .”

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