Measles 1950s Style! Listen & Learn!

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By TLB Staff Writer: Christopher Wyatt

The following video is from a classic radio show called My Son Jeep which aired in the early 1950s on NBC radio. Listen to the show and share it with your children because back in the 1950s measles was a normal thing. A program such as this one simply would not be allowed to air in the modern world!

Pro vaccine advocates try to paint measles as the worst thing that could happen to a human being and use third world statistics to back up their claims of suffering and death! Anti vaxxers most of them understand that the measles vaccine along with other vaccines are bad news but many fail to understand that the childhood illnesses are REQUIRED to have a fully built immune system! Measles has been proven to lower cancer risk and autoimmune diseases.

A similar thing has been found with the other childhood illnesses. Chickenpox has been proven to lower the risk of brain cancer, yet they still push a vaccine for it! They have known the 1940s that mumps lowers the risk of ovarian cancer and possibly testicular cancer but still they push for the vaccine! If this were not enough it is known that measles and mumps could help you survive a stroke or heart attack later on in life! One would think that knowing this information they would halt the use of these toxic vaccines immediately!

The bottom line is the CDC and the medical industry have intentionally made people afraid of the illnesses that prime the immune system to ward off much worse things! A spotty child who gives measles to his friends has been traded for children who have life threatening allergies, neurological damage, cancer, and for man made diseases that have yet to be named!

This is exactly what the CDC and the medical industry want because those without matured immune systems are ripe to develop cancer, autoimmune diseases, and eventually a slow painful death! Without such people the medical industry would collapse! They need sick unfit people to survive!

I challenge people to buck the system by eating organic food when possible and to actively work to find the measles and other childhood illnesses for their families and to keep them going! Trading mild illness for the unspeakable is unacceptable to me and it high time we stop worrying what the pro vaxxers think and start fighting for the health of humanity! (CW)

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