Measles BEFORE The Public Brainwashing

by Christopher Wyatt | TLB staff writer/documentary producer 

Once again the mainstream media is having a freak out about the measles. This time it is in Arizona where they claim that the state is having the largest outbreak of the year. One of the most overlooked pieces of evidence that the severity of measles is being exaggerated are old children’s books.

Take a look at the following books which are sadly no longer in print and in most cases now no longer available to check out at a public library. I urge you to share these books with your children and to research the health benefits of the measles such as dramaticly lower rates of cancer and autoimmune disease. I am begging you to avoid vaccines at all cost, actively seek out the childhood illnesses, eat real food, and to think critically about what is going on in the world. All of us have the power to reclaim health and build a better future in spite of the pharmaceutical industry and the CDC. (CW)

Michael Gets the Measles
by Marguerite Rush Lerner

michael measles

Michael Gets the Measles is about a 4 year old boy who gets the measles and is off from school for a few days then recovers from the measles. The book is part of a series that includes Dear Little Mumps Child and Peter Gets the Chickenpox. Take a look at the following page from the book and notice how the doctor is portrayed as being calm and that there is no death watch over this child with measles. IT WAS A PERFECTLY NORMAL EVENT!!! EVERY CHILD WAS EXPECTED TO GET MEASLES!!!

mm 2

The Book of Giant Stories

By David L Harrison

The Book of Giant Stories  is a brilliant Christopher award winning book that was published in 1972 and is comprised of three stories The Little Boy’s Secret, The Giant Who Was Afraid of Butterflies, and The Giant Who Threw Tantrums. The book is tied together by the masterful artwork of Philippe Fix.

The first story The Little Boy’s Secret  is about a boy sent home from school because he is coming down with the measles. Along the way he encounters giants and uses the fact he is getting the measles to scare away the giants. Check out the following video as it is a reading of the complete book. Take a look at the mother’s reaction to the boy’s secret as well as the boy’s reaction to the measles…

CREDIT: Tami Dunn

The Rare Spotted Birthday Party

By Margaret Mahy

rare bday


Mark has the measles on his birthday because it is going around and is upset because he will not be able to have a birthday party. His mother has a great idea that takes his mind off of being sick with the measles. READ THE FULL BOOK HERE



Notice how there is no death watch, or kids in the hospital??? These kids are having a birthday party and making the most out of not feeling well.


Credit: Malaysian Vaccines Exposed


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  1. In fact, measles isn’t really an ‘infectious’ disease as measles is coming out of us, not coming in. To assume that it is coming in is only theoretical, and so we then need to conjure up an ‘infectious’ agent such as a germ which is magical thinking. Professor Bechamp was right; he came up with the ‘cellular theory of disease’ which made sense. The germ theory was always a fraud. So measles isn’t infectious, no disease is infectious. Ian Sinclair said… “The term infectious disease is a misnomer for it implies that disease can be passed from person to person, when in reality, disease does not come from without, but comes from within.” (Infectious Disease – A Misnomer) This means that a measles vaccine is pointless and also dangerous as the vaccine may well suppress disease symptoms and we certainly don’t want to do that as this is a dangerous practice. John Wantling, Rochdale

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