Modern Warfare – Death From The Sky

Commentary by: Roger Landry (TLB)

I originally wrote and published this in late December of 2012. The information contained here is just as relevant (or even more) today as it was two and a half years ago. It requires no updating or rewriting to properly represent the situation as it stands today. Please read on …


Drone warfare is the epitome of man’s ability to perpetrate evil, destruction and death on his brothers and sisters remotely and without emotion or conscience. From the time our young are old enough to hold a game controller in their hands they are being taught to expertly handle drones in the guise of video games, detached from the feelings associated with wars main byproduct, death, and devoid of any personal contact with their victims that would and should play on their conscience.

Do you think these games are all unassociated with “the big plan”, if you do then you are only fooling yourself. We are raising generations of drone and remote-killing experts and doing it in a very successful fashion. This is intentional and has become the weapon of choice for imperialist America to impose fear and obedience on the world as we see fit. At this point in time the US military is conducting deadly drone strikes in at least five countries (and how many more we are not yet aware of) we are not at war with or conducting legitimatized (by who) hostilities in, and without their authorization. When you are the biggest and the baddest bully on the block you don’t need to ask permission, right?

These drone warriors do their jobs as if it was a nine to five scenario with total detachment, even celebrating strikes with cheers and bravado. I can’t find it in me to blame them as individuals because they have been conditioned and desensitized over time with the “this is just a game” detached attitude they have carried with them since early childhood.

Now please stop and consider these questions: How long before our tyrannical government turns this weapon of control on its own people? There are 63 (that we are allowed to be aware of) drone command centers strategically spread across this country, what for?


But now let’s take a snapshot of reality

Our current Nobel Peace Prize winning leader is the drone king, utilizing this method of assassination and calculated destruction more than anyone in the history of this weapon by a huge factor. As the result of all the drone strikes accomplished to date, many thousands have died when judgment or retribution has rained down on them from the heavens, unexpected and unannounced.

In all this death, and by verifiable statistics, of the total number killed, less than ten percent where “high value targets”. Put this into perspective, out of every 100 killed, more than 90 where most probably innocent civilians including women and children, just unlucky in their choice of location. This is unconscionable but casually and callously termed “Collateral Damage” by our leaders, and the military, and dismissed.

We are now seen as a nation without conscience, morals or what most would define as humanity. Americans are now as hated on the world stage even more than the old USSR once was. Our government has earned the reputation of international bullies and evil monsters.

Now before you push back and say “Hey it’s not me flying that drone and killing innocent people”, ask yourself, “In who’s name is this being accomplished?” This is a representative government (joke), so in the eyes of the world it is within our power to influence and hold out leaders accountable for what is perpetrated in our names.

Do something, anything, because one voice may speak but many unified voices can roar, it is past time for We The People, in the name of justice and humanity, to ROAR … unless you are OK with all this … ??

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  1. The darkest abyss, the greatest abomination is the way the citizens of the so called great Democracies sit back and do nothing, they will even vote these b****** back in again.

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