The making of a President : Obama versus Trump Part 4

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The making of a President : Obama versus Trump Part 4

Part 4 is the last of this series of articles from The Liberty Beacon. Today’s starting Headline: The Ponzi Scheme known as Social Security.

by me582

7. Leave Social Security as it is
Well, this Ponzi scheme program has only a few years left before collapsing. I think ’til 2035.
Let’s see what goes first, the Donald presidency or the social security system.
The Donald did not go into details of how he is going to save it.
Because the system is not salvageable.
Kiss your SS goodby people.

8. Cut taxes

It happened. Tax cuts for everybody.
But, the Devil is in the details. Always.
Read the small print of the “Art of the Deal”.
The tax deal provides permanent tax cuts for individuals who are multi-millionaires and billionaires. With this deal, all middle-class families will eventually face a tax increase, since tax relief for them expires. In 2023. Permanent, big tax cut for the 1% and small, temporary for everybody else.
The outsider maverick.

9.Eliminate the federal debt in 8 years


First of all, the Federal Debt can not be repaid. Read what I said before.
The only way will be to cancel it, at the same time with the privately owned Federal Reserve.
THIS will really MAGA.

But, meanwhile, he added a lot to that debt.
With the tax cuts and the big gifts for the military.

10. Sue his accusers of sexual misconduct
Well, it could have happened, if it wasn’t for the Stormy developments preventing it.

I do not care too much about the president’s private life and bimbos he nailed on the sidelines, except this shows his character, or lack of it.
A man cheating on his wife who’s pregnant( in fact cheating on all three wives), with a used up pussy, then pretending it did not happen, while privately paying her to keep her mouth shut, is not much of a REAL MAN. Real man do not pay 200,000 $ for a fling with a whore.
Only stupid, philandering, lacking class and dishonest ones do.

11. Enact term limits
Did anybody believe this?

12.Invest $550 billion in infrastructure and create an infrastructure fund

MAGA in this case means:
– rebuild IS..RA..EL through Billions $ ; the sum gifted to them was increased
-make MIIC colossal; the more than 600 Billion $ budget + the 21 Trillions that the Pentagon “lost” were not enough; add another 94 Billion $ to round it up to 700 Billions.

13. He did replace Scalia. I do not know too much about Gorshuch .
He is presented as a Conservative.
I can not object this.

14.Keep Guantanamo Bay Detention Center open
Of course.
You can not have public trials of people locked up there for 15-16 years, with no sentence, no proofs of their guilt.
This will put a strain on the 9/11 real perpetrators.

15.Bring back waterboarding
He did put Haspel as C!A director.
There are arrest warrants in multiple countries, including Germany, for her role in torture at C!A black sites.

16. Cancel the Paris climate agreement
The pollution is real.
The global warming secondary to man’s activity is very much questionable.
But US is the greatest polluter: 5% of the world population consumes > 50% of its resources and produces > 40 % of the waste.
Those are facts.
Maybe US should do something about this.

15.Increase the size of the U.S. Army to 540,000 active duty soldiers
Rebuild the Marine Corps to 36 battalions
Provide the U.S. Air Force with 1,200 fighter aircraft
Rebuild the U.S. Navy toward the goal of 350 ships
Ask countries we protect to pay more for joint defense :
“I think NATO’s great. But it’s got to be modernized. And countries that we’re protecting have to pay what they’re supposed to be paying.”

The 900+ US military bases abroad are not enough.
We have to build more.
Like the 19 bases in Syria.

NATO is a US construction and concept and always has a US general at its wheel.
See here what Lord Hastings Ismay, who was NATO’s first Secretary General says: NATO was created to “keep the Soviet Union out, the Americans in, and the Germans down.”
Now , make the vassals pay more for their own servitude.

16. Move the US embassy to Jerusalem
Well, this was the second important promise kept and one of the main reasons for his election( together with the Iranian deal).
A totally unnecessary move .
It was voted in a bipartisan move by the US lawmakers ( when it comes to IS>>>RA<<<EL , there is always a consensus) long time ago , but postponed by smarter presidents.

What did US achieve with this?
-It stands alone on the world stage ; look at the UN vote 128-9
-It removes any doubt whatsoever of where its allegiances are
-It exposes the US/Israhell ‘s hypocrisy.

-It unites the Muslim world (and I’m talking the population,not governments)

-It is putting the Saudis,Jordan,UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait in a CORNER(they were backing US/Israel)’

-It removes itself from the Palestinian peace talks; The Palestinians will seek more honest brokers, like Russia
-It triggered another Nabka, accompanied by 502 Palestinians dead, more than 6000 wounded, with ZERO casualties on the Israeli side; something the US sees as a great injustice for Israel
-It triggered the US withdrawal from the Human Rights Council(because they are biased against IS>>>RA<<<EL) , increasing the isolation of the US
-It increases the tensions in the ME, as if US did not do enough war crimes and destruction there .
-It denies any claim of the other two religions , Islam and Christianity
-US gives something it does not have (Jerusalem) to someone who has no right to it (IS… RA…EL);
Don’t give me the Bible talk that 2000 years ago it belonged to them; even if it was true, I can say this: 6000 years ago, it belonged to Sumer, and 3000 years ago to Mesopotamia and Babylon.
How about this? In the 15 th Century BC it belonged to Assyria ( the Syrian ancestors).
Then it belonged to the Ottoman Empire, where the Palestinians had more rights than now.
And the Palestinians, who have lived there and are SEMITIC people and many of whom are the real descendants of what was left of the Hebrew people after the total destruction of Jerusalem and their temple by Titus in 70 AD.
The non semitic, European, mostly of Khazarian origin ( cousins with the Turks) do not have any claim to that place.
But this was done and a solution needs to be found.
But not by continuous force and stealing of the Palestinian lands or unilaterally proclaiming Jerusalem as belonging to Israel.

It’s a losing movement on all levels for America.


14. [Hillary] Drain the swamp and lock her up

They are related.
She is still free to make book deals, give 500,000 $ speeches and lectures us on moral issues [ sic].
Do not expect any investigation , even if her crimes are so obvious that she directly qualifies for the jail, we can skip the trial.
The Donald discovered she ” is good people” and “she suffered enough.
She was a high ranking gatekeeper for the Empire, knows too much, is too connected, too ” swampy”.
Her domino falling will trigger a chain reaction.

As for the swamp drainage: look at his government, his cabinet.

The Goldman Sachs boys, who are above any law.
After so many scandals ( there is no financial scandal in which Goldman Sachs was not involved) and proofs of corruption and crookery , instead of being in jail, they are now in the government. They do not even pay their men there anymore, they are directly governing.

The Pentagon generals. Pentagon, the place of the war criminals, not brought to justice, but to direct power.

But do not panic, the dual citizens and chosen are well represented.

-Jared Kushner Senior Advisor
-David Friedman Ambassador to Israel
-Jason Greenblatt Special Representative for International Negotiations, the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
-Steve Mnuchin Secretary of the Treasury
-Stephen Miller Senior Advisor, Policy
-Gary Cohn Director, White House National Economic Council
-Reed Cordish Assistant to the President, Intragovernmental and Technology Initiatives
-Avrahm Berkowitz Special Assistant to the President and his Senior Advisor
Have you noticed that Treasury is always in kosher hands?

Then , we have :
-Bolton as National Security Advisor; a PNAC signatory.
PNAC is the GLOBALISTS’ MANIFESTO; their “Mein Kampf”.
-Pompeo , same ; plus having the C!A seal of approval
-Haspel : we’ll regress to torture again, to make C!A and the Empire really great
-The Kagan clan did not lose power, Vicky Nuland is recycled as CEO of the Center for a New American Security. The Kagan clan has been in power since Bill Clinton’s presidency.
– Nicky Haley . I am lost for words here.

She is the typical”diplomat” of a rogue state, a gangster State , a Mafia like organization, that is the US today.
Il Capo, the figure head, the Donald, who reports to the Capo Di Tutti Capi ( I don’t know how to say this in Yiddish), has the employees selected for these”qualities”: she is vile, evil, has absolutely no conscience and no shame, is arrogant and thinks she is above the law and above everybody else.
The proof are the pathetic shows at the UN.
Like Samantha Powers, the US UN envoy for Obama.
But Nikki is, as an extra bonus, extremely ignorant, an imbecile.
This is another display of an Empire rapidly collapsing.

Remember what Mr. Putin said recently? It is difficult to negotiate with people who CONFUSE AUSTRIA WITH AUSTRALIA.
Let this sink in.

This is the level of education and culture of the top US diplomats.

-then we have the State Department bimbos : Heather Nauert and Sarah Sanders. If you have the stomach to watch a State Department “briefing”, you understand what I mean.
Heather Nauert once refused to answer the question from a RT journalist” because he was Russian”.

I would comment here about MSM and fake news. They belong to the swamp.

Well the Donald did do a lot of damage to the MSM.
Or the presstitutes did this to themselves.
He did fight fake news.
But ONLY when it involved him.
Other way, he enthusiastically participated in creating and spreading the fake news and false flags.
Russia and the Skripal case.
Immediately endorsed by the Donald .
60 Russian diplomats expelled , the Seattle Consulate and two trade buildings closed based on FAKE NEWS and FALSE FLAGS.

And this after the “improved relations with Russia” that brought :
-multiple new sanctions on Russia for involvement into US elections(bwa-hah!; done last year in a bipartisan way, all US Senators and Congressmen , except 5 passed the law and the Donald SIGNED IT into law)
-kicking Russia out the Olympic games
-invading its property and diplomatic buildings like a gangster,confiscating illegally its property and documents, against Vienna conventions: San Francisco consulate case
-asking Russia to “give back Crimea” for lifting the sanctions(really?)
-sanctions after sanctions for no real reason, just invented ones

How about the fake news and false flags in Syria, based on which he attacked Syria, ILLEGALLY, twice?

Do fake news involving other people count for the Donald?

If you are an honest man and want to MAGA , you are not selective and biased in your actions.
But this means assuming that the Donald is an honest man ,and he puts ,as he has said in his inaugural speech “America first, America first” ;
Well ,I can only see Is…Ra…El first, second, third … ,Saudi Arabia,somewhere along the line( for the petrodollar reasons and the spreading of Wahhabi Takfiri ideology, you know, the one recruiting the jihadists used by the C!A ,Mo$$ad, M! 6 to spread democracy and freedom, one bomb at a time) .
I can not see anywhere America first.
But I may have this problem of thinking that when you say America,
you mean us, little people ,whose HOPES for CHANGE for MAGA have been crushed along with their standard of living, their aspirations for a better life for themselves and for their children, who have become irrelevant and so lilliputian that they can not be seen anymore .
They, the chosen ruling us, when they say America, they mean THEM, their needs , their Billion $ standard of living, their ownership of America for them and their offspring.

15.Foreign policy and the wars

This is another area where you can clearly see that the Donald is a Globalist.
He’s working to preserve the petro-dollar and US hegemony.

US defines terrorism listing the states or organizations who are actually fighting terrorism, as terrorists.
UD State Department lists as terrorists the following:

-Iranian Islamic revolutionary guard corps (IRGC)-key Iranian defense force fighting in Syria,Iraq against the real terrorists; under the direct command of Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran’s spiritual leader.

-Hezbollah fighting the zionist entity in Lebanon and ISIS/Alqaeda in Syria, key defender against the zionist entity and Wahabbi terrorism.

-Houthi/Ansarullah in Yemen fighting the Saudi

-PMU, Hashd Al Shaabi(the popular mobilization forces ,Shia in Iraq fighting ISIS/Alqaeda).

-Syrian Arab Army viewed as “hostiles”

-Russia viewed as biggest “threat” to US

-PLF, PIJ, PFLP, PFLF(resistance groups fighting the apartheid zionist entity in Palestine)

OUR friends/allies are the real terrorists:

-the zionist entity in ME

-Saudi Arabia


-NATO countries

And THIS was done on the Donald ‘s watch

Observe that most of the listed “terrorists” are enemies of the zionist entity.

Isn’t America great or what?

a.‘Bomb’ and/or ‘take the oil’ from ISIS , he promised.

Well, ISIS was bombed by the Russians.
The oil taking is happening under the new American project (plan F , from F*cked up), called Kurdistan.
America only pretended to bomb ISIS. And now it rescues ISIS leaders from becoming endangered species because of the SAA.
Through heliborne operations, witnessed by the local population, so many times.
It did bombed the SAA, multiple times, when they became too cocky in their eradication of ISIS, acting in this way as ISIS air force.

USAF is ISIS air force.
It threatened the SAA about the liberation of their own land from Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists in the South, Deraa region, with tough repercussions.
It did not happen ’til now, because I think the Russians made it clear to the American army that it can expect Russian repercussions in this case.
So, expect another White Helmet production.
It bombed Syria twice, based on false flags, done by the US State Department financed White Helmets, an organization belonging to the terrorists. The AlQaeda public relations team.
And this against the US own Constitution and all International laws.
And became the laughing stock of the world.
Continues to build US military bases, with great nonchalance, in Syria, an internationally recognized sovereign country.

b.Remove existing Syrian refugees

“I’m putting the people on notice that are coming here from Syria, as part of this mass migration, that if I win, if I win, they’re going back.”
They can not : they are ISIS fighters, waiting further orders.

c.Build a safe zone for Syrian refugees

“They should build a safe zone. Take a big piece of land in Syria and they have plenty of land, believe me. Build a safe zone for all these people, because I have a heart, I mean these people, it’s horrible to watch, But, they shouldn’t come over here. We should build a safe zone.”
It’s called Kurdistan= partition of Syria.
But Mr. Assad has this strange notion that his army will liberate “every inch of Syria”.
This has the added bonus of allienating Turkey, a NATO country , which switched sides .
This was one of the greatest achievements.

For Vladimir Putin.

d.Close parts of the Internet where ISIS is :

Speaking of ISIS, “We’re losing a lot of people because of the Internet and we have to do something. We have to go see Bill Gates and a lot of different people that really understand what’s happening. We have to talk to them, maybe in certain areas closing that Internet up in some way. Somebody will say, ‘oh, freedom of speech, freedom of speech.’ These are foolish people… we’ve got to maybe do something with the Internet because they (ISIS) are recruiting by the thousands, they are leaving our country and then when they come back, we take them back.”

He probably did not know about Rita Katz kosher productions then.

e.Develop a plan to defeat ISIS in 30 days

“We are going to convene my top generals and give them a simple instruction. They will have 30 days to submit to the Oval Office a plan for soundly and quickly defeating ISIS. We have no choice.”

This is so amusing by itself that I can not even make fun of it.

But, the American tradition of coming late to war and taking the Laurels was preserved.

Like in WWII.

Promised to stop arming “rebels” in the South, but kept the Al Tanf base for particularly this reason.

f.Ukraine continues to receive weapons, Javelins sent recently.
Troops( US advisors) and three military planes.
Restarted a low grade war on Donbass, with US backing.
The US ambassador is visiting the deconfliction zone, encouraging Ukraine to “fight the Russian aggression”.

g. Continuous attacks on Venezuela, meddling in elections, US tried a color revolution, placed tough economic sanctions, attacks of their currency, etc.
All acts of war.
But, since this is part of exceptionalism, it is permitted.

h. The genocide in Yemen, done by KSA and UAE, backed by US,UK and of course, Israel, continues.
Remember last year ,when the Donald (with Yael) laid flowers to one US” hero” killed in Yemen?
Because the Houthis are Shia, independent, and they know who the real culprits are( see when they burn the US, KSA and Israeli flags after each attack).
Because Yemen is located at the Bab el Mandeb strait, vital position and has huge amounts of oil and gas.
They need some democracy spreading, even if covert.
But the Houthis are a tough bunch.

g. Afghanistan
After 17 years of continuous war crimes, what else can be said?
He did another surge.
Increased the troops by 33%.
And dropped a MOAB ( mother of all bombs) there.
And the Talibans are gaining land.
After America spent a few Trillions on the war there, it can proudly show as results

( beside the thousands dead) :
-the increased poppy production , the fields are protected by US army
In 2017, opium cultivation in Afghanistan reached a record high, with multifaceted impacts on the country. From 63 percent, to 328,000 hectares (ha), the estimated total production of opium shot up by 87 percent to 9,000 metric tons (mt).
The C!A black budget got fatter.
And 64,000 Americans got dead.
-block the Chinese OBOR plan
-create a North front for possible attack against Iran

By these criteria the war has been successful.

What I would like?
Maybe I’m too dreamy, but I would like to see all 900+ military bases closed, troops withdrawn, the wars, overt or covert, ended, all this policing of the world finished, the Pentagon’s budget shrunk to bare necessities and US minding its own business for a start.
And I think these would be proofs he’s making America great.
And not the Empire.
But it will happen, sooner rather than later. And not done by him.
America is spread too thin and had multiple defeats lately.
It will be interesting to see what happens with the US mercenaries, I mean soldiers, stuck in those military bases, when the final collapse arrives? Because America will not be able to save them.

I can hardly wait to see how America will be booted out of Syria.
Syrian war is lost for the USA.
Just pack up and leave.
This will MAGA, the Donald!

The Donald’s saga is not finished and the Empire’s fate is not decided yet.
I am convinced that the Empire will collapse.
The details escape me.
Will it go down in a dignified way, without taking the world with it ( like USSR did) or will it finish its reign by creating an Armaggedon?

I can not make predictions about his legacy, except for the FACT he will certainly be the greatest TWEETING PRESIDENT ever.

Intelligent people will immediately observe that I could have spared you the long post and just summarize it : the difference between Obama and Trump are only cosmetic.
Each actor has his own makeup artist.
But I tried to provide some proofs .
I hope I succeeded.



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