Mom Videos, Laughs At Daughter’s Fear Of Vaccine Shots

Preface by TLB Staff Writer: Christopher Wyatt

The following video shows a mother making fun of and humiliating her daughter because she is afraid of getting vaccinated. I feel very sick that a person would do this but it is an accepted norm across the world to force vaccines upon children. Children of all ages are bullied for being afraid of vaccines and in many cases children, including older children and teens are restrained by their parents and administered an irreversible medical procedure.

Take a look at this discussion from 2010 regarding a middle school student from West Virginia being forcibly vaccinated with the H1N1 vaccine. This student was held down by the police and was mandated to take a vaccine that in all likelihood will cause him health problems down the road. I am struggling to find the right words to describe just how upset I am about this.

There are too many people out there who would find such horrific actions acceptable, thankfully people are starting to wake up but this is a slow process and it is only because they are seeing their children injured and killed by vaccines. More often than not it takes a tragic life event to push people to open their eyes about what is really going on.

Forced vaccination happens on a daily basis and the pharmaceutical industry will stop at nothing in the attempt to see everyone vaccinated. There are still parents who will just blindly accept a vaccine for their children without doing any research.  The non vax / anti vax community has a duty to  change this by getting out into the streets and shouting the truth to anyone who will listen. Knowledge is power and it is why we can’t stop until every man, woman, and child knows that vaccines are causing unspeakable harm. (CW)

Mom Videos, Laughs At Daughter’s Fear Of Vaccine Shots

This is the world we now live in. A young girl, clearly terrified of getting three vaccine shots, is the subject of online and real life ridicule, prompted by her mother posting the video online. If she were being made fun of for any other reason, the witch hunt for the mother an all involved would be on. However, that’s not the case, because this is vaccines. Maybe the girl is on to something? All the same, it is sad to think that a child would endure public scrutiny because she’s afraid of multiple vaccine shots.

One comment, “The harder she fights SHE STILL GONNA GET DAT SHOT DEAL WITH IT,” really stood out to me. That’s the core attitude of the pro vax community. The vaccines are the child’s “right of passage.” The fears are humorous due to the child being a pawn in the system of vaccines.

The mandatory vaccine movement has taken a hit since President Donald Trump came into power. Hillary Clinton being elected would have nearly solidified mandatory vaccination around the country. It would seem we are on the precipice of reversing our course back to parental choice.

It would be an interesting follow-up to one day find out if this little girl forces her children to get vaccine shots…



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4 Comments on Mom Videos, Laughs At Daughter’s Fear Of Vaccine Shots

  1. This video brought me to tears!!!The TRAUMA they put that poor child through!!! Apparently compassion doesn’t exist in the medical community anymore!!! Everyone involved needs to be charged for psychologically abusing this little Girl!!!

  2. Her mother and the whole office is laughing. This is cruel, I don’t see how they think her fear of needles is so funny. It just shows how crass they all are. Bless her heart…

  3. Does ANYONE know who this child is, her mother, and the place where she got this kind of unprofessional treatment?

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