Monsanto Loses GMO Permit In Mexico

By Jeremiah Jones

Many countries around the world have now completely banned genetically modified food and the pesticides that go with them, or at least have severe restrictions against them. Now Mexico can be added to the list!

According to The Yucatan Times, This comes after the world has experienced a massive resistance against Monsanto and other biotech giants that manufacture GMOs and pesticides.


The resistance is also a result of a multitude of studies that have emerged showing the environmental and health dangers that are associated with pesticides, as well as health dangers that could be associated with GMOs.

The most recent country in the headlines for banning Monsanto products is Mexico. A group of beekeepers was successful in stopping Monsanto from planting soybeans that are genetically modified to resist their Round-up herbicide.

Monsanto had originally received a permit to plant its GM seeds on over 250,000 hectares of land, which equates to approximately 620,000 acres. That’s a lot of land and a lot of pesticide! They were able to get the permit despite thousands of citizens, beekeepers, Greenpeace, Mayan farmers, The National Institute of Ecology and other major environmental groups protesting against it.

“A district judge in the state of Yucatán last month overturned a permit issued to Monsanto by Mexico’s agriculture ministry, Sagarpa, and environmental protection agency, Semarnat, in June 2012 that allowed commercial planting of Round-up ready Soybeans. In withdrawing the permit, the judge was convinced by the scientificevidence presented about the threats posed by GM soy crops to honey production in the Yucatán peninsula, which includes Campeche, Quintana Roo and Yucatán states. Co-existence between honey production and GM soybeans is not possible, the judge ruled.”

Mexico is the fourth largest honey producer and fifth largest honey exporter in the world.

The pesticides ARE killing the bees, and farmers are unable to export pollen from GMO crops! If the honey is made from GMO crops, then the European market becomes unavailable due to the European ban that has been in place since 2001.

With the myriad of scientific information showing the dangers of pesticides used on GM foods and the physical disappearance of much of the bee population, isn’t it about time to reconsider what we call “food?” Isn’t it time to reconsider filling the fields with death?

It is time for American leaders to listen to the dozens of other countries that have banned GM food!


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  1. Most every country is rejecting banning GMO and genetically engineered pesticide by Monsanto. Meanwhile back in Amerika us slaves are mandated
    to eat drink and breath this cancer. Another special interest paid for
    by slaves.

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