Monsanto / Roundup Class Action Lawsuit




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I am the first American lawyer to ever bring a consumer class action against Monsanto — for false advertising — for lying on the Roundup label. We are waiting now for the judge to issue a ruling. Naturally, there is a total blackout in mainstream media. Is this lawsuit TOO HOT for Roundup Archives?

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Monsanto/Roundup Class Action Lawsuit

Monsanto claims that Roundup targets enzymes supposedly found only in plants — not in people — but this is blatantly false.  

The truth is, Roundup targets enzymes found in both plants AND people — specifically in our gut bacteria — which are vulnerable to potent pesticides like Roundup.  

Monsanto’s claim — that Roundup targets enzymes “not found in people” — is objectively false and inherently misleading.

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Help Raise Money to Defeat Monsanto




This past Friday, the California EPA announced that it will list glyphosate — the active ingredient in Roundup — as cancer-causing under California’s Prop. 65. What does this mean? Roundup will not be banned, but California law will require the label to contain a warning to consumers — i.e., that Roundup contains cancer-causing ingredients! Obviously, Monsanto will now be required to remove the false and misleading language from the Roundup label — which spells v-i-c-t-o-r-y for us!! In the meantime, we wait for the federal judge in L.A. to rule on whether Americans have the right to sue Monsanto in the first place. Stay tuned. ~~TMP.


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