NASA – Big Pharma (Merck) & other Big Time FRAUD/$22B a Yr.

NASA – Big Pharma (Merck) & other Big Time FRAUD/$22B a Yr.

Preface by Ralph Ely | TLB Staff

This is one of those reports that needs a Headline about 5 lines deep to do it justice. If by any chance you have some liquid refreshment in your hand, we advise you to put it down right now to avoid it starting to boil from the body heat generated by your anger.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is one of the biggest Government Frauds ever “sold” to the American people… and the rest of the World for that matter. NASA has a yearly budget of $22 Billion a year… that is approximately $61.5 Million per day spent of tax payer money TO DO NOTHING!

NASA is also one of the biggest “revolving door” operations between private sector/ space program contractors, Big Pharma (Rx), and government contracts for research. To say that NASA is “a rabbit hole” would be a gross understatement… It Is A Money Hole!

Before we get to NASA let’s look at several glaring examples of how Un-Accountable government agencies are with your money.

Credit: Reasoning Conspiracy

Another example of no answers, no transparency and Government Double Speak…

Credit: strictlyrevolution

Now that you understand how the “Non-Accountability Game” is played it should come as no surprise to anyone that NASA plays the “same Game”… they are just a little better at it. 

In the Video report below from “jeranism” we are taken through a “mind bending” tour of how “space pictures” are photo-shopped, the tie-in to big Pharma, how research contracts are handed out and how some high-level employees make thousands while only working 6 hours a month.   

Video credit: jeranism

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About jeranism: After I realized that I had been lied to about most things in life, my wife and I decided to start back at square one. We said, “Let’s prove things to ourselves and not allow teachers, preachers, or the news to tell us what was truth because we were finding our history, religion and current world affairs to be lies.” I think, therefore I am. That first one was easy. Second was where do we live. Well, I do not feel like I am spinning, living on a ball or flying through space at 66,000 mph around a 93 million mile distant sun. So to me, those are facts and to change those facts, I need sufficient evidence to make me give up my senses. Well, it has been a year and you have called me stupid and you have yelled and screamed but I have been given no evidence to abandon the truth. You can’t live on a ball and the curvature cannot be measured. Do your own research but be careful… science doesn’t allow you asking some questions.


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