NATO Plot Fails Miserably! No MERCY For SYRIA!

By TLB Staff Writer: Ariyana Love

There is a tremendous amount of mainstream media whitewash when it comes to the severe crimes of the NATO allied governments presently bombing civilians in Syria. This is NWO genocide. It’s Hard Kill on a scale we have never seen before.

With extremely advanced and precise weapons being used, along with severe media manipulation.

At once point last year, there were 11 NATO allied nations bombing civilians in Syria, under the guise of bombing ISIS. Russia is the only government which is there legally. Invited by the Syrian Government to intervene in it’s fight against foreign backed terrorism. Russia’s presence is approved by international law and the United Nations Charter. All other governments are committing crimes against humanity and genocide.

Many times the U.S. Government has taken great pains to spread propaganda and false information regarding it’s illegal activities in Syria. The State Department has blamed targeted attacks of hospitals on Russia multiple times, without providing sufficient evidence to back up their claims.

In fact, the U.S. Government has itself bombed hospitals in Syria, multiple times. In recent months, U.S. air strikes killed hundreds of civilians in isolated incidents and wounded hundreds more, with no accountability.

The U.S. Air Force has even been caught painting it’s war planes to look like Russia fighter jets!

NATO Plot Fails

An international humanitarian pause was announced on Thursday for safe passage of civilians in Aleppo. Buses arranged by the Syrian Government were transporting people out of Aleppo. “Rebels” did everything in their power to prevent their safe passage, including announcing at the local mosques that they will be shot at if they go out toward the Syrian Army. While the Syrian Army and Russian aviation observed the humanitarian pause, the “Western coalition” opened fire on Aleppo.

Hasajek, a suburb of Aleppo was bombed. Two apartment blocks with civilians in them, were reduced to rubble. The attackers were identified as Belgian fighter jets. Two F16’s flew in from the North, bombed the civilian buildings and then returned to their base in Jordan. The Commanders pretended that they never got the information and only when proof of civilian casualties was produced, they decided to comment on the incident.

Belgian’s Minister of Defense denied Belgian jets had anything to do with it, claiming they never flew that day and this was just “Russian propaganda.” But Russia’s Ministry of Defense and Syrian Air Defense has evidence to the contrary.

The only place we may very well get real reporting on events in Syria, is from Russian news channels.

I highly recommend watching this second video below, which is a short public speech Putin gave on the U.S. presence in Syria. It’s something all Americans need to hear but our Zionist controlled corporate media will never let you see…


ariyana-loveAbout the Author: Ariyana Love is a TLB Project Staff writer, researcher and project Director. Ariyana is also the director of the  TLB Project website Middle East Rising, a website that reports on the truth in Palestine and throughout the Middle East on a level rarely matched on the global stage.


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