Nunes reveals plan to ‘hold in contempt’ & to impeach’ Wray and Rosenstein… [video]

Nunes reveals plan to ‘hold in contempt’ & to impeach’ Wray and Rosenstein if subpoened documents are not produced today

By Thomas Lifson

“We are at a boiling point,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes told Laura Ingraham last night on Fox News.  He went on to reveal A plan to hold FBI Director William Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein if a two-page document they have been seeking since August last year is not produced today.

News of the plan to hold in contempt and impeach two senior officials was first revealed in tweet by Washington Post writer Robert Costa:

Robert Costa@costareports

House Intel Chair Devin Nunes privately told several colleagues today that it’s time for House GOP to hold Rosenstein and Wray in contempt of Congress, should they refuse to hand over requested docs, according to two people familiar with the discussions…

I strongly suspect that this came from one of the “several collegaues” and this forced Nunes to go on The Ingraham Angle to follow up.

It was the Costa tweet that prompted Ingraham’s questioning.

The document was an “electronic communication” (EC, it is dubbed in DC-speak) from the State Department to the DOJ and /or the FBI which was used to open the counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign by the FBI during the presidential campaign.

I infer that this was the foundational document for all that followed: the FISA warrant applications, the use of the Steele Dossier, and the wiretapping of Trump Tower that President Trump referred to (to almost universal media ridicule) but which actually happened, we now know. Thanks to the FISA warrants being granted and renewed.

The entire 8-minute interview of Nunes by Laura Ingraham is embedded below. But the salient points are that the House Issued a subpoena in August last year for the 2-page EC document, and Chairman Gowdy of the House Oversight Committee went to the FBI or DOJ to view it in a secure room, and discovered that it was entirely redacted.  During a second visit by Gowdy, small portions of the document were unredacted, but they were not on-point.

Nines made the point that the FBI has said that the EC named a May 2016 conversation in a bar between George Papadopoulos and Australia’s senior diplomat in London, but has refused to let the House see the document itself.

The continuing stonewall strongly suggests that embarrassing information being withheld. The chairman and ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee have security clearances enabling them to see anything classified, so there is not official excuse to withhold anything on the basis of classification.

Needless to say, Democrats and the media are freaking out.

Ted Lieu@tedlieu

The continual attacks by some extreme Republicans on law enforcement are becoming shameful and wildly out of touch with reality. 

An actual move to impeach the two officials would trigger protests that it was aimed at removing the person who appointed and is supervising Robert Mueller’s investigation. If Rosenstein were removed, it would open the door to a newly-appointed official to rein-in the drift far afield from Russia collusion that has seen Mueller spending taxpayer money investigation an affair that took place many years before Trump even declared his candidacy, among other excursions.

But the more of a fuss that would be made over impeachment, the more attention would be focused on the stonewalling of documents to which the House committees are entitled.


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