Obamacare: Welcome to the Waiting Room For Hell

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By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Slowly but surely the reality I have been screaming about for what seems like an eternity is creeping in to the consciousness of We the People. The Affordable Healthcare Act is anything but, and in fact is the antithesis of its namesake! We cannot cover all the pitfalls of this outlandish farce in this article (links to other articles written are included below) but we can cover the points that kick you and I square in the teeth on a massive and destructive scale … Oh and I’m not even sure if that is covered by Obamacare …

Let’s start with the disastrous launch of an inept, seriously dysfunctional and massively overpriced national website that screamed volumes on what was to come. Then move on to the almost $500,000,000 already lost on failing state healthcare exchanges in only 4 states – Massachusetts, Oregon, Nevada and Maryland, and the government is already writing checks to the tune of over 120 million additional dollars to give these exchanges a second chance. Now add in the fact that the GAO has already stated unequivocally that this program will add many TRILLIONS of (almost worthless) dollars to the backbreaking debt the American people already suffer … but WAIT … weren’t we told this program would not add a single penny to that debt? There is no doubt left that this is the most disastrous and detrimental program an inept government could ever conceive of and we are just getting started.

Let’s not forget the significant movement away from full-time employment by medium to small sized businesses (the backbone of the American economy), or due to Obamacare, ones that will never be started in the first place, and the moving offshore of larger businesses to avoid Obamacare premiums. The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Research Foundation released a study showing taxes found (hidden) in The Affordable Healthcare Act will cause major job losses in the private sector. Most duly noted is that the health insurance tax (HIT) “will have a greater effect on private sector job loss than previously projected .” Projected (initially) by who … the cronies that wrote this bill?

We have already beat to death the keep your doctor, keep your insurance lies that have exploded in the face of countless Americans. And the lies just kept on coming. Whatever happened to “This is NOT a TAX … well the Supreme Court ruled it HAD to be a tax to be legal at all … So it is another colossal Lie. And then Obama told the nation that this program would result in an average savings per individual of $2500 a year … REALLY … WHERE … . Most (who can afford it the least) are realizing huge increases up to and in some cases exceeding 100% of what they where paying prior to this monumental facade.

Many high-priced specialty care scenarios such as cancers, reconstructive surgery or extended therapies just to name a few, will now (depending on your policy which the government already states the cost for an average family is $20,000 per year) be out of reach for you and your family. Sure you may live longer if you are treated at these high priced specialty clinics and hospitals instead of local facilities (if at all), but insurers say they’d have to raise premiums for basic and mid level exchange plans even higher … So go ahead and tell me again how your health or that of your loved ones will not suffer (and in some cases fatally) due to the institution of this program.

You wont lose your coverage … HaHaHa! Some reliable estimates are relaying that as many as 30 million people are going to lose their coverage, far exceeding the number who lost coverage in individual plans this year. For the same reasons that millions of policies in the individual market were canceled, employers who buy plans in the small-group market may not be able to renew their old plans this year. Many will have to choose between providing the more costly Obamacare benefit package (and possibly drive them out of business) or dropping coverage altogether (increasing your out of pocket costs). And if you are full time (over 30 hours per week) requiring your employer to cover you … guess what, you will either be knocked back to part-time, or your job will be eliminated!

And now another master lie … Just say for arguments sake (good luck) you can actually find a healthcare policy that costs less than what you where paying for or co-paying with you employer … and you find yourself thinking GEE maybe all this crap I heard about the high cost of Obamacare is just that, crap. Millennials who heard Obama say that they can buy a health plan for the price of a cellphone contract won’t be laughing when they realize what the $5,000 deductible means. (It’s like a cellphone contract that makes you pay $5 a text for your first thousand texts.) Rather than pay thousands out of pocket for care while also paying premiums, some (many) will quit paying premiums.

And now another straw is loaded onto this burdened down camel’s back … and maybe the one that will break that back … MANY doctors are deserting their practice in favor of retirement, or just flat out refusing to treat patients who fall under the Obamacare disaster, and many more are threatening to follow. Many doctors ridicule this program as a disaster of monumental proportions, ill-thought-out and executed. Understand that even if this program had worked exactly as described, there would have been a shortage of doctors to facilitate it, and now there will be a deficit of doctors on a biblical scale! If you still think that those of us who warned of medical treatment rationing and death panels (deciding who will get necessary and rationed care by what they still have to offer the state) are nuts or Doom Sayers, think again because this my friends is a serious reality check !!!

Oreilly is a horses ass and I am no fan! But this segment goes a long way to pointing out a lot of what I have been ranting about in this article. Yes I do agree that healthcare in America was headed in a bad direction … it is the solution forced on We The People through Blatant Lies, Greed, Favoritism and Misrepresentation that I rail against! So please try to ignore the obvious arrogance and listen to the message taken from of all sources … the Very Liberal New York Times …

So do you see all that’s presented here … all true … as either instituted or about to be? Because what I see is the total destruction of what was once considered to be the best healthcare system and the envy of all the planet, the destruction of the middle class (what truly makes America great) through reduced work hours, lack of jobs and increased cost for a healthcare system that by shear reality can and must deliver much less and the need to prioritize who will and who will not be permitted to receive the severely limited healthcare resources available, thus ultimately who is deserving (in the states eyes) to even live. Will you push back on this scenario, because if you do not, you are so totally propagandized as to never be reachable … until you or a loved one falls victim to this insanity … and then it will be entirely too late

YEAH. the term The Affordable Care Act is looking more ridiculous by the minute!

This program can only be described in one way “A Disaster of Monumental Proportions!

I will leave you with these thoughts: Do you truly believe that none of this was foreseen by those who cobbled together this wrecking ball for America? Do you honestly believe We the People have anything to gain by this program on any level? Do you honestly believe this is not part of a much bigger global scenario to bring America to her knees? Because if you do, or enough of you do, My parting shot can only be “America Land of the Free and Home of the Brave … May She rest in Peace …”








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