Occupied Palestine: Children Hold a Historic Right of Return Demonstration

Occupied Palestine: Children Hold a Historic Right of Return Demonstration

The Future Belong’s to Palestine: Part Two

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Written by Ariyana Love, Mike Farah & Wafa Aludaini 

For the first time in the history of humankind, 1000+ children marched for their lives at the Great Return demonstration in Gaza, with one simple cry they desperately need the world to hear:

“Stop killing us please!”

When in history have you heard of children gathering in such numbers, pleading for an end to their ongoing extermination? Is this the point we’ve come to? Can civilization fall any lower? Through organized criminal censorship, Zionists have turned corporate media into accomplices to these Crimes Against Humanity.

Have we completely lost our ability to feel compassion or empathy for the screams of innocent children? At what point did we loose our moral compass? There wasn’t even a peep in the media about the children’s protest! Seriously, does every column inch have to be bought and paid for in Palestinian blood? Who is left standing with the integrity required to give these children a voice?

The same two civil organizations which coordinated the Great Return March, the Higher Committee and Breaking The Siege, also coordinated the massive children’s initiative which was held two km from Erez Crossing in Gaza.

Our most beloved Palestinian cubs bravely roared like Lions on Tuesday, calling on the international community to take action and stop the Israeli massacres of  children and civilians. They are screaming for us to break the 11-year long siege which impacts their most basic daily necessities of life.

Israel is routinely slaughtering these children as part of a wholesale collective punishment of the entire Palestinian population. This medieval siege is being sadistically enforced through the ongoing testing of every conceivable variety of the latest high-tech weapons, made in our 21st Century. Israel cynically uses Gaza as a shop window on which to experiment and sell the most highly developed, banned weapons which are guaranteed to their customers as “battlefield tested.”

This unique selling point brings a much higher profit to the US, UK and Israeli arms industry, giving the Israeli military industrial complex a unique selling point and a reason to protect their lucrative financial interests in this ongoing genocide.

By keeping Gazans confined to the largest open air prison and weapons testing laboratory in the world, Israel is literally making a killing through ongoing siege and civilian massacres. Let’s not forget that the carnage is subsidized by American taxpayers, to the tune of 14 million Dollars per day.

Torturous attrition doesn’t begin to describe the acute and long-term traumatic effects of the crimes committed against these innocent and defenseless children, nearly all of whom have lost one or more and in some cases all of their beloved family.

In a grossly disproportionate response, Israel closed the only entry and exit for supplies to Gaza on May 12th. Limiting Palestinian fishermen to under 3 miles and increasing military strikes, Israel aims to compound the pressure on Gaza civilians and Hamas, to stop exercising their inalienable right to gather in nonviolent protest.

Israel’s criminal Zionist leaders are calling for another ‘Extermination of People,’ (Russell Tribunal on Palestine, 2014) through a full-scale military assault on the besieged strip of land. Israel is accusing Hamas of “forcing” them to have to kill Gaza civilians. The last thing Gaza and their children need is another “war.” They certainly don’t need more traumatic stress. Palestinians have the highest number of children suffering from the most severe PTSD in the world.

Can this seriously be called a war? There is no equal proportionality when one side has the 4th largest military in the world and is an undeclared nuclear power. Compare this to the indigenous Palestinian population which has no army, navy or air force. Are we watching the real life Avatarmovie?

The Native Palestinian people only have a democratically elected government and resistance, with a dramatically limited capacity when compared to their occupier. Even though international law gives all Palestinians the legal right bear arms against this military occupation, the protection of these rights are not being enforced. These children desperately need an international protection force and they need their Right of Return, as stated in UN Resolution 194.

“We come here to speak up for our rights and put an End to the Israeli violation of international laws,” said Aya, one of the child participants.

The children were divided into groups and each group shared a story. One of the groups shed light on the intolerable suffering of child medical patients and the lack of medicine due to the criminal siege. Other groups focused on the prolonged electrical outages and the undrinkable water, 97% of which is polluted and slowly poisons them.

“I was born in 2007. I never experienced 24 hours of electricity or uncontaminated water,” 12-year-old Amera stated.

Since the siege began in 2007, Gaza children Amera’s age have already endured 3 horrific, full-scale military assaults on the strip.

“Day by day we prove that our Great Return March is a popular and peaceful protest,” one of the organizers, Mohammed Thrayya confirmed.

Since the beginning of the Great Return demonstrations, 18 children were deliberately shot and murdered by illegal Occupation snipers. By the IOF’s own admission, these children were precisely targeted with internationally banned explosive bullets and murdered.

With no mercy in sight from Israel, Gaza children continue to pay the price for Zionist greed. As the global community’s awareness grows, the  children of Gaza cling to the hope that the international community will  step up and take direct action to protect them.

WWR-help.com has recently appointed a team manager in Gaza who provided this exclusive footage shot from the children’s march.


WWR is a registered charity that remains steadfast in their commitment to provide clean drinking water, bread ovens and general food assistance to the poorest families in Gaza.

If you would like to help or get involved, WWR aims to widen their capacity to also provide medical assistance for Gaza hospitals. Visit their website here.

Here are more photo’s from the children’s protest 


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