Once Again Justice Turns a Blind Eye to the Powerful & Punishes Those Who Will Not Bow Down

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By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Here (attached article below) we have a text book example of the elite caste (or those who directly serve them) receiving preferential treatment over the unwashed masses (or those who don’t bow down to them).

If you or I as citizens of this once great, free and just nation, had been responsible for the neglectful death of an infant child, the prison doors would slam shut on our deserving butts so fast we would have wind burn. We would spend the next twenty years to life raking in $$$ for a “for profit” prison system … FACT!

But this does not seem to be the case with a circuit court judge, an individual in a position of power and authority, a person in place to do the bidding of his powerful masters.

The incongruity of justice today between the haves and have nots is so blatantly in our face that those who cannot see it … are truly blind.

Individual number one, a person of power and privileged commits a heinous crime of neglect beyond doubt, and seems to be all but impervious to repercussions. Whereas a family that only wishes to live outside the stranglehold of an overreaching system that is shoveling tyranny and harm down our throats daily, while breaking no laws and only wishing to provide an unfettered and healthy life for them and their children, is traumatized and punished by that very individual (number one) representing the corrupt and biased system …

Who, may I ask, is he to administer justice when he so obviously places himself above it? If this does not anger you to your very core, you are already dead and someone forgot to tell you!

For how much longer will We The People stand by and see justice serve (or turn a blind eye to) only those considered valuable by the corrupt and complicit system we allow to rule over us today?

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Judge Who Took Kids from Off-Grid Family, Same Judge who Killed his Own Son and Wasn’t Arrested

Hot Springs, Ark — On Monday, we reported on the tragic case of 18-month-old Thomas Naramore, who died after being left in a hot vehicle for four hours. The father, Wade Naramore, is a Garland County circuit court judge and has not been arrested despite the fact that he admitted to leaving his son in the car.

The lack of an arrest, coupled with the fact that other people have been immediately arrested in similar situations, raises suspicions that Naramore is being treated favorably because of his status as a judge.

In another twist to this story, Naramore is the same judge who presided over a child endangerment case in January that gained widespread attention. Seven children were taken from Hal and Michelle Stanley because the parents possessed a legal supplement called Miracle Mineral Solution, which Hal stated was not being given to the children. The Free Thought Project is not making a case for any perceived benefits of this substance.

Judge Naramore ruled that the Department of Human Services should keep the kids in custody, based on other allegations of abuse and neglect.  This is hard to believe after hearing the positive comments from neighbors. It could be that the Stanleys’ “off the grid” lifestyle and independence from government has something to do with their persecution.

Apparently the allegations have not stuck, as the Stanley family has regained custody of their youngest children in May, while the older three are allowed home on a part-time basis. It’s difficult to know exactly why the courts do what they do, since child welfare proceedings are surrounded by strict confidentiality laws.

It is sad irony that the judge ruling in a dubious case of child endangerment would put his own child in a far more severe state of endangerment, leading to the worst possible outcome.

Far too often, the state shatters lives by taking children away from their parents for no valid reason, putting them in the hands of state social services that can result in a far worse situation for the kids. There have been numerous instances of abuse while under the “care” of Child Protective Services.

While the State does not hesitate to interfere in the personal lives of so many citizens, it will take their time investigating Thomas Naramore’s death, assuring us that they search for the truth with the ultimate goal of determining the facts, regardless of who might be a suspect in a given case.

The Hot Springs Police Department will continue withholding investigative material…at the specific direction of Mr. Scott Ellington, the special prosecutor recently assigned the case.

The case could drag on for weeks before any charges are made, as investigators await the results of toxicology tests. The state’s Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission will also delay its probe until the criminal investigation is complete.


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