One, Two, Three, Four, We Don’t Want Your #@%&ing War!

Hands off SyriaBy: Zine Larbaoui, TLB Staff and Contributor

Petitions, calls to show, online outrage … As the drums of war signal the beginnings of a Western military intervention against Syria, a number of American, British and French people rally to express their anti war sentiment. “Dangerous,” “illegitimate”, “expensive”, the anti war Westerners have multiplied the reasons for their disapproval of this war, which, according to U.S. media, could begin “on Thursday” and will last three days.

In the United States, a petition against the war addressed to President Barack Obama and members of Congress has collected nearly 8,000 signatures in less than a month. “You can not put out a fire by pouring gasoline, activists wrote in their letter. There is no military solution in Syria, more civilians will be killed.” “It is easier to send planes, bombs and missiles than to remove them, especially if a plane is shot down or if a pilot is caught”, they continue, “while calling for the holding of the International Conference on Syria in Geneva”.

According to a Reuters / Ipsos poll, some 60% of Americans say they are opposed to the intervention of the United States in Syria, even if the allegations of chemical attack by the regime in Damascus were proven. Only nine percent of respondents in this study, conducted between August 19 and 23 – or after the allegediran_iraq_war_chemical_mask_soldier1[1] raid Damascus suburb of Ghouta occurred on August 21 morning – think President Obama must act.

Hostile to the war in Syria, activists also called for a “massive” demonstration in Washington today, when Barack Obama is to give a speech at the 50th anniversary of the famous “dream” of Martin Luther King.

Same tone on the other side of the Atlantic, where British pacifists call for “emergency event” today outside the office of Prime Minister David Cameron in London. “Most of the British learned from the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya,” write the activists. “We need to intensify protests to prevent (our government) from getting involved in another catastrophic war,” they add.

According to a survey by The Telegraph, 74% of the British are against any military intervention in Syria. “Other events are planned for the weekend”, they said again.

In France, several users have stormed Twitter to criticize the president’s speech in Americans oppose US intervention in Syria: Pollwhich Francois Hollande said he was “ready to punish those who took the infamous decision to gas the “innocent” in Syria.

Ultimately, One can only hope a massive rallying cry for justice and reason will in the end prevail over the insanity of power.

“War is an admission of failure.” K. J. PARKER

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