Oregon Dentists Now Authorized To “Medically Kidnap” Patients Through Vaccination Bill 2220

Oregon Dentists Now Authorized To “Medically Kidnap” Patients Through Vaccination Bill 2220

by Susan Price, TLB Contributing Writer/Analyst

Seriously, what’s going on in America today when the liberal state of Oregon sets the stage for Dentists to vaccinate patients in their offices?

Fact is “Oregon has the highest rate of unvaccinated kindergartners in the country, with at least 7.5% of toddlers claiming an exemption.

In some schools, more than 40% of children are unvaccinated through the state’s lax exemption process.

The state is one of 17 to allow families to opt out of required school vaccinations for personal, philosophical or religious reasons.”

Unless you are one of those Americans who have been living under a rock, the past few years have been a deep illumination of emerging truths combined with whistleblowers on the effects of vaccinations containing the toxic metals and dangerous ingredients such as fetal tissue, mercury, glyphosates and other harmful and unconscionable additives they inject into your most precious children and family members, even your pets for that matter.

The vaccine industry has become weaponized, corrupted by Big Pharma and corporations of a globalized agenda focused on eugenics and population control.

Those at the top level know their products are unsafe, yet, diabolical forces are orchestrating their agenda with a false sense of security and dishonest narratives so they can meet their quotas, trying their best to market vaccinations by trusted physicians such as the local dentists.

For the record, there has been a MASSIVE DECLINE in vaccinations as Americans are waking up to the increased rate of deaths to infants and small children as well as increased Autism cases.

Question, Does blanket liability cover vaccinating dentists and how many hours of training will Oregon dentists receive in managing seizures, anaphylaxis, brain swelling, and autism… brought on as a consequence of vaccination?

According to “TheVaccineReaction.org
“Dentists have now become Vaccinators via a Bill that was signed by Oregon Governor Kate Brown. House Bill 2220, passed Oregon’s House of Representatives on March 28, 2019, and the Senate on April 25, 2019, making it possible of Dentists to administer vaccines, these include, annual Flu shots, HPV, MMR, all while getting their dental checkups.

Their agenda 21/30 narrative reads “Dentists are highly trained medical practitioners who are well positioned to provide this additional preventive care service. Increasing our scope of practice to the administration of vaccines will help further integrate oral health with physical and behavioral health, ultimately better serving our patients,” ODA president James McMahan, DMD said.

The HB 2220 requires dentists to take a continuing education training course on vaccination and comply with state vaccine storage and reporting regulations in order to be certified to become a vaccinator. Protocols and training rules will be developed by the Oregon Board of Dentistry, Oregon Health & Sciences University (OHSU) and the Oregon Dental Association (ODA) ”

There is a snag in the implementation of this protocol because vaccinating Dentists will have the added duty of the vaccine history of their patient which means they will have to communicate with the primary health care provider, all to be decided by the Board of Dentistry Director, which are believed to be put in place by Jan 1, 2020. Seriously, don’t Dentists have enough job duties to take care of in their own profession without worrying about America’s immunization records?

The signing of the HB 2220 Bill, leaves Oregon becoming the very first state in the U.S. to authorize Dentists to vaccinate patients of any age, especially young children, with various types of vaccines, sounds like the politicians behind this bill are hoping for the domino effect of it spreading to the other 49 states.

To those who are unaware, this is like signing a death warrant as it’s a globalized conspiracy against our children.

Dentists in Illinois and Minnesota can only give the influenza vaccine to adults, according to the Oregon Public Broadcasting.

The University of Minnesota’s School of Dentistry is offering a 10 hour, self paced, online course to administer flue shots, also offers a more basic three hour online course.

Is Global Technocracy on the march via mandates coming from the UN, IMF, WHO, and related organizations?

The project is a hybrid of techno communism and fascism – an unholy alliance. Described under various names in the last century, such as the Technotronic Era, it demands continuous real time monitoring of every transaction to include personal care and health care.

Sen. Steiner Hayward is a big pharma cat’s paw. She brought a forced vax bill in 2015. She brought this bill, too, as well as the current HB3063. The only amendments that have been accepted, only to make the bill worse, have been hers.

She practices medicine at OHSU, and they have received millions of dollars in research money from the vax manufacturers. They are partners now, and yet their outsized influence on state politics hasn’t been questioned. She’s called the Senator from OHSU.

She’s arrogant and has replaced all doctors’ judgment with her own. And whereas she used to mouth pieties about trust and mutual respect for patients, she now rules over Oregon parents like a tyrant.

That’s why Oregon is going to be doing home visits of newborns and now Oregon dentists will participate in an all seeing eye system of constant surveillance to intimidate the public.

Time to push back on this agenda and demand a public debate on what the real drivers are behind all of this. Goes well beyond profits and false vaccine prophets such as Gates.

Just another example of BIG GOV Blue State mentality; that is, the elite statists know better than we do what is best for us. They will control all aspects of our lives for our own good. Give up your rights and they will take care of us. Orwell’s 1984 is very much here.

We need to seek out holistic/integrative dentists, who don’t vaccinate, or use toxic chemicals and procedures, i.e. fluoride treatments, mercury amalgams, x-rays, perform traditional root canals, etc.

Big Pharma is just one tentacle of The Deep State. The Deep State does not want us healthy and independent.

The Deep State ‘owns’ and dictates the AMA, ADA, FDA, CDC, EPA, etc, and ‘approves’ what is taught to physicians, psychiatrists, EMTs, ENTs, dentists, oncologists, optometrists, veterinarians, etc.

The bill was spearheaded by Philip Marucha, dean of dentistry at Oregon Health & Science University and the Oregon Dental Association.

I know I will not become a statistic to any obtuse health and wellness vaccinations, especially at my local Dentist office, no matter how much I trust my physician.

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