Oregon Update: Governor wants Fed’s to do Her Job

by Cathy Geibel | TLB staff writer/reporter

Date Line: Jan 21, 2016, Oregon-USA

Headline reads: Malheur occupation occupies Brown’s 2016 agenda

Kate Brown, current governor of the State of Oregon announced Wednesday 1/20/16 that she plans to  “scour the budget to make sure that we have the resources at the state level to subsidize the cost for Harney County.” She is also quoted as saying, “Federal authorities must act quickly to end the occupation and hold all of the wrongdoers accountable”  “The spectacle of lawlessness must end. Until Harney County is free of it I will not stop insisting federal officials enforce the law.”

Oblivious to Constitutional laws?

So Governor Brown, who is going to enforce the laws on the Federal Government? Specifically BLM strongarm and extortion tactics as well as the Judicial tampering seen by the Federal Government in the Hammond case. And since it is obvious you are oblivious to the Constitutional laws that are supposed to govern this country who is going to hold YOU accountable for not serving the citizens of this state, because Governor Brown, many of those so called “lawless wrongdoers” are also citizens of this very state, the state you govern but were never elected to as Governor.

I have no doubt the people of Burns/Hines and Harney County grow weary of this standoff. Disinfo reports sensationalize citizens protesting the occupying Militias. But I contend that there are solid Oregon citizens supporting those who require the Federal Government be held accountable. Case in point is the resignation of Harney County Fire Chief Chris Briels, who stood next to Ammon Bundy, and declared he “could no longer work for a local government he could not trust.” Brandon Curtis, head of the Idaho III% ers and the Malheur Refuge Security reports that besides the Patriot teams local citizens upset with the increasing FBI presence and armament were the ones who contacted the protestors informing them of the FBI instructions to increase blood supplies, medical teams and stage a medical helicopter in the area.   

No steps taken to secure mediation and peaceful resolution.  

And WHY Ms. Brown have you taken no steps to secure mediation and seek a peaceful solution and possible redress? It is reported and documented that on January 9, 2016 a delegation of the Pacific Patriot Network met with the FBI requesting resolution and mediation.  During this meeting they delivered 3 Articles of Resolution and VERY CLEARLY requested mediation and peaceful resolution. You say you have been in contact with federal agencies “at the highest levels of our government, the U.S. Department of Justice and the White House” yet this message was never delivered to you? I cry foul Ms. Brown. Instead you insist “Federal authorities must act quickly to end the occupation and hold all of the wrongdoers accountable,”  “The spectacle of lawlessness must end. Until Harney County is free of it I will not stop insisting federal officials enforce the law.” Clearly you don’t know the responsibilities of governor nor the powers that go with the office that allow you to serve the people of this state and could have ended this situation long ago. Instead you would rather bow to Federal tyranny than exercise the powers given to you to serve the people of this state.  

Huge deposits of Uranium and Natural Gas under the Hammond Ranch

There are huge deposits of Uranium as well as natural gas under the land the Hammond ranch sit on. How much would these deposits benefit the Federal Government? Enough to inspire extreme Federal Government over step and thumbing their nose at the Constitution? And a better question, were you promised any compensation for the uranium and natural gas deposits underneath these lands?

Why no mediation? 

Why are you not taking steps to provide mediation? Why Ms Brown are you not out there with a delegation or sending representatives? Your unwillingness to discuss peaceful alternatives as well as your unwillingness to address the judicial proceedings of the Hammonds and allowing the Federal Government to run roughshod over citizens of the state of Oregon make you worse than any Islamic terrorist for you tear at the heart of what makes this country great as well as the freedoms hard won by the people of this country.  Even ® Representative Greg Walden in his address to the U.S. House on 1/5/16 acknowledges the Federal overreach in the Harney County as well as the sentences of the Hammonds which are grossly disproportionate to the crimes committed.  [Mr. Walden’s comments are in the video below]

My challenge to Governor Brown

Ms Brown, you say this situation is costing this state over $100,000 a week. I challenge you to put this money to better use and MEDIATE. These people are PATRIOTS not criminals. These PATRIOTS are following the law of the Constitution. These PATRIOTS are husbands, wives, fathers and mothers who are taking a stand to put the Federal government back in check which sorely needs to be done. Again Ms. Brown I CHALLENGE YOU TO MEDIATE THIS SITUATION. Before one drop of blood is shed, before one shot is fired because it would be tantamount to MURDER. The fallout could easily cause the next civil war and split this Great Nation in two.


About the author:

Cathy Geibel is a TLB staff writer/reporter based in the state of Oregon.  She is an RN, writer, researcher and activist.

2 Comments on Oregon Update: Governor wants Fed’s to do Her Job

  1. The Hammonds are in the way of a very large State dept contract with RU for the Uranium. This is the core of the story in case anyone has missed it.

  2. Ms. Brown also is promoting an idea of a split minimum wage for Oregonians, those that live in the Portland Metro Counties would be paid more then the rest of the state, this is in clear violation of article 1 section 20 of the Oregon State Constitution, which insures that no law shall be passed that grants a privilege or immunity to one citizen or group of citizens anything that is not shared equally by all citizens, it’s in the U.S Constitution as well.
    She is violating the equality clause’s in both the Oregon State Constitution as well as the Federal Constitution, not to smart a lawyer I’d say, and since she is a member of the Oregon State Bar, and the tax payers pay for her BAR dues, she is now seated as the ACTING Governor of Oregon and should pay for her own BAR dues. She is seated in both the Executive branch and as active member of the BAR, one can see conflicts of interest all over her entire career as a politician and a public servant. Talk about conflicts of interest, didn’t Kitzhaber resign for simular issues?

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