Why Are So Many Soldiers Committing Suicide?

December 10, 2013 0

  By TLB Staff Writer: L. Femine. For every soldier that dies in battle, 25 veterans die by suicide every year. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta calls it an epidemic. As of today, 33 percent of […]


U.S. Generals Now Take Action to Watch Obama

November 26, 2013 0

  By: F. Michael Maloof WASHINGTON – After one of them called for  the “forced resignations” of President Obama and congressional leaders in  response to multiple grievances, including the alleged political purge of  hundreds of […]


U.S. General: Let’s Make Obama Resign

November 21, 2013 5

By: F, Michael Maloof WASHINGTON – A retired Army general is calling for the “forced resignations” of President Obama, other administration officials and the leadership of  Congress for the direction they’re taking the nation, his […]


Common Core and Touchy-Feely Education

November 19, 2013 0

  By TLB Contributor: L. Femine Touchy-feely. What’s wrong with that? Doesn’t it sound good? I mean, comfy and sweet, full of emotional appeal? Well, it has a lot to do with the control of […]


Common Core – Kid Size Agenda 21

November 8, 2013 1

By: TLB Contributor, Lucille Femine. In recent months, I’ve been talking to many people about Agenda 21 and Common Core State Standards, very intelligent and aware people, and most of them didn’t have a clue what […]


America, You’re Being Conned

August 6, 2013 0

Commentary contributed to TLB by: Zine Larbaoui The willfully ignorant masses are kept at bay by selling them a false dichotomy of Republicans versus Democrats, conservatives versus liberals, and capitalism versus socialism. The ruling class distracts […]

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