Parkland, FL School Shooting Deep State Operation for Gun Confiscation & #PedoGate link [Video]

Parkland, FL School Shooting Deep State Operation for Gun Confiscation & #PedoGate link

By Ariyana Love

The global, Zionist Cabal, which has it’s factions deeply embedded in the US Government as the Deep State, desperately wants to confiscate the American people’s guns so they can enforce martial law on it’s citizens.

Come what may, the American people must not under any circumstances, relinquish their 2nd Amendment rights. Gun confiscation is exactly what the state did in Cambodia, China and Nazi Germany, just prior to the slaughter of millions.

9/11 was the biggest false flag in American history. It was designed to hijack the US Government and place it directly into the hands of this elitist Cabal.

In the wake of 9/11, we saw the Patriot Act passed and Obama’s 9 unconstitutional and draconian executive orders, which raped us of one liberty after another.

Whistleblower Gregory Ford, who exposed the CIA Torture program, pointed out that 9/11 was an inside job conducted by the Bush crime family. But more importantly he stated, was foreign government involvement. I’m not referring to Saudi Arabia, who did contribute financially, but to an even more sinister enemy to American people, called Israel.

The fact that multiple false flags were conducted in Florida just this year, demonstrates that Florida has been prepped as a proving ground for gun confiscation.

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, which took place in Parkland, Florida on February 14th and left 18 people dead, has all the hallmarks of a false flag.

Now, false flag does not mean that nobody was killed. It simply means it was a state sponsored operation.

A major inconsistency in the MSM narrative, is the lack of reporting on the fact that a government drill was taking place at the school, during the time of the shooting. The school was crawling with fully armed, US Government personnel, who were already there.

Stoneman High School has a US Army Junior Reserves Officers Training Corps (JROTC) on campus. JROTC students had been participating in multiple active shooter drills together with the government agents, just prior to the shooting.

Multiple credible sources including parents, teachers and students of Stoneman High School, have openly stated on camera, that they were informed prior to the shooting, that there was going to be a “Code Red” active shooter drill and it would take place sometime during the semester.

They were also told the drill would come unannounced and police would be entering the school, firing blanks at the students and staff.

Wait… WTF?

Not just that, but the school’s security had been tampered with sometime in December, when secret service agents had entered the school to “change security protocols.”

Could that explain why there was no CCTV security footage of the shooting?

Let’s think for a moment.

The US President’s own security, the secret service, was present at the high school, carrying out an active shooter drill, but the fully armed security couldn’t stop the shooter? In that case, was the secrete service responsible for taking the drill live?

Intelligence insider and Whistleblower, Q Anon, pointed out that “children are precious to us” and there is a strong “emotional pull” as a result of the shooting being staged at a school. It’s no accident that the victims of the shooting, the children themselves, are now leading a nationwide campaign rallying for “gun control.” Anybody should be able to see that these kids are being used to advance a political agenda, which is absolutely sickening.

An aide to a Florida House lawmaker was fired after he said that the Parkland students who are speaking out on gun control, are paid actors.

One of the students whose face has been plastered all over the media like the anti-christ, David Hogg, was caught being coached off screen for his lines (minute 8.31 in video) in the wake of the shooting.

It must also be noted that Hogg is the son of a former FBI agent. Where that used to lend credibility, it now makes him highly suspicion.

The children’s rallying cries for “gun control” have not had the desired impact the Deep State was hoping for. The American people don’t seem to be falling for the psyop, so Trump made a game changing announcement last week in a press conference with Mike Pence.

Forget about gun control, they are going directly for gun confiscation, bypassing due process altogether.

And the agenda becomes more apparent by the minute.

MSM Propaganda

Blaine Cooper showed us a clip from The Ben Shapiro Show in his Youtube video, which addresses how mainstream media (MSM) began to manipulate and distract our minds immediately after the shooting. (See 3:18 video).

Media agencies reporting faithfully for the Cabal, repeatedly told us that “18 school shootings” had taken place in America, within the month of January. But when you look closer, this was not true.

The supposed “shootings,” were suicide attempts and lone bullet scenario’s which took place on a school campus. They were not actual “shootings” as media would have us believe. Only 3 school shootings occurred in January.

If all this doesn’t churn your stomach as it should, the next part of this article is guaranteed to do so. So please brace yourself.

Broward County and #PedoGate

The chief of police who led the Parkland school shooting investigation, was Sheriff Scott Israel.

During the first press release in the wake of the shooting, Israel emphasized to the press how in times like these, he draws strength from his faith, which he claims to be Judaism. Then he proudly quoted the Talmud. 

Talmudic worshipers are not the true Torah Jews. They are blood sucking Zionists. 

If you are not familiar with the Talmud, there are many pages within, which explicitly condone pedophilia and the rape of children.

Israel, who was also trained by the FBI, is most likely a Deep State infiltrator, with dual nationality to Israel, as his name indicates. He’s great pals with Hilary Clinton, another dual-Israeli national and traitor to the American people.

Thanks to Julian Assange and Wikileaks, we also know that Hillary Clinton is herself a pedophile, child trafficker and the list goes on..


You Are Free TV reported that Israel had an illegal relationship with a minor child, while he was married with kids. Israel made the girl pregnant and then forced her to have an abortion when she was 17 years old. In America, that’s technically pedophilia, known as statutory rape.

Parkland, where the school shooting took place, is located in Broward County, Florida.

Award winning journalist and FBI witness, Timothy Holmseth, is most known for the evidence he presented to a Minnesota court in 2009, which confirmed an international CIA/FBI child sex trafficking ring, operating out of Broward County since the 90’s. His evidence is 100% backed up by audio evidence and documents which you can find on his website,

Holmseth presented recordings of CIA and FBI kidnappers, pornographers and child procurers, who stole children for the elite’s global baby sales. This pedophile ring was connected to traffickers, Scott Rothstein and sex offender, Jeffry Epstein, all connected to CNN and Gloria Alred.

Holmseth’s release of information, reveals higher-up players in the Cabal and the Deep State shadow government, who are directly involved in this pedophilia business, gun trafficking, drug contraband and astounding cover-ups.

The child victims are being trafficked through US Embassy’s, facilitated by the Catholic Church and local government agencies such as Department of Family and Child Support Services in Broward County and other states. The evidence reveals this massive child sex trafficking cult, extending through Nebraska, Minnesota, Missouri and Washington, as well as Florida. Indiana too, is a shadow government hub for trafficking, that involves the US military.

The documents reveal US Vice President, Mike Pence is involved. When Pence was in control of Indiana, his close friend was indicted on charges of raping children. Pence helped to cover it up.

The documents also expose George H.W. Bush’s involvement with the trafficking of kids and babies, smuggling of guns and drugs.

Holmseth recently posted links of the court documents regarding the missing child, Haleigh Cummings case. Due to the release of these documents, Holmseth has been under serious attack. A heavily armed police brigade visited his home, threatening him in a frightening raid.

A Broward County Florida judge, named Michael Caplan, issued a ‘Domestic Abuse Protection Order’ against Holmseth, although he lives in Minnesota. They are looking for any reason to arrest and silence him.

The controllers descend from the upper levels of the cabal, trickling down through factions within government agencies, right on down to the local county level.

You Are Free TV explains, how the cabal involves low-life rapists and pimps from a local level in places like Broward County, to groom children (boys and girls) into prostitution. Then it connects into a global level through the US government intelligence agencies.

The higher up’s in the cabal supply the money, guns and drugs to these local criminals, who groom children for sexual slavery, turning out mind control operatives like Nikolas Cruz. A false flag is not complete without a patsy and Cruz was the obvious fall guy in this operation.

Cruz is an orphan. He is a product of Broward County’s Department of Child Protective Services and as Holmseth established, they are directly involved in the grooming and trafficking of kids.

Cruz shows clear signs of traumatic abuse. His foster parents stated in an interview, that he is autistic. Lord knows what was done to him. He could likely be a MK Ultra, mind control slave, groomed for this false flag event. FBI knew about his intentions to carry out a school shooting and they did nothing to stop it.



About the writer

Ariyana Love is a TLB Project Senior Staff writer-researcher and also the Director of TLB Project Middle East Rising, a website that reports on the truth in Palestine and throughout the Middle East.


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  1. Such increasing evil.. was already prophesied by Jesus.. but still so insane to see it increase, the moral degradation and degeneration of society is breath-taking.

    By the way, the word “Pedo” in Pedo-Gate is seemingly a faulty nomenclature. The word is not pedophile, this is a misnomer that entered into English because of linguist charlatans _(fraud language experts)_ . Pedo means “Children” which comes out of Biblical Greek word for children which is “Paidia”. “Philia” in Greek means “Deep Friendship love”, not sexual. The word you want is “pedo-sexual” for adults molesting young children, and Pederast for adult men molesting young boys/teenagers.

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