Point of No Return: Earth Reaches 400ppm Threshold Permanently

Commentary by Cathy Geibel TLB writer/reporter and Activist 

I had to count to ten when I read this because I am sick to death of all this talk about “fossil fuel” driven climate change and increasing CO2 levels when I can look out my window, as I write this, and see the hard evidence of the tampering of our weather and climate.  I look out at the chem sky with dual spray trails and think to myself “do they think we are blind and stupid”?  As I see it, there are a couple ways CO2 will rise: increasing production and decreasing uptake and usage.  Has production increased?  Probably, there ARE more humans on the planet BUT…. consider this, according to Scientific American  the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization states our planet is losing upwards of 80,000 acres of rainforest a day and degrading another 80,000 acres daily.  That is a 160,000 acre rainforest loss a DAY, multiply that by 365 days it equals a staggering 58, 400,000 acres a YEAR… times, let’s say, 10 years equals 584, 000,000.  But it has been going on MUCH longer than 10 years, let’s face it.  I once heard the rainforests described as the “lungs of the Earth”, our planet is a living breathing organism and due to greed and monetary gain our planet’s ability to breath is being destroyed.  We are being slowly suffocated by greed.  And I contend if you were to follow the money it would lead right back to the global elite and bankers.  But go ahead NASA and NOAA and whatever other global elite owned and driven reporting agency, blame us!  

Now add to serial deforestation serial weather manipulation.  Megatons of nano particulate metals being vomited by planes and drones and super heated by HAARP and other Electronic frequency producing technologies such as GWEN towers and ships off the coastlines and ask “what could possibly go wrong?”  Global warming?  Again, our planet SHOULD be going into it’s cycle of a mini ice age.  I picture all that nano metal frosting in our atmosphere as one huge layer holding in all the heat and gasses, one huge inversion layer so to speak.  And I am NOT interested in hearing the debunkers take after this…  I DON’T CARE what they say.  WE KNOW what we see and are experiencing on a daily basis.  And MORE are seeing every day.   

So keep on banging that CO2 drum…. we do NOT believe it!  (CG) 


By Nadia Prupis  

Scientists say it is ‘almost impossible’ that carbon dioxide output will drop below symbolic milestone in our lifetimes. 

September’s carbon dioxide output failed to drop below 400 parts per million (ppm) despite historically being the year’s low point for CO2 emissions, which means the Earth has very likely passed that symbolic climate threshold forever.

The Earth has hit 400ppm before, but seasonal cycles have always reduced carbon dioxide output back below that level. Now, climate scientists say it is “almost impossible” that will ever happen again.


According to Climate Central:

September is usually the month when carbon dioxide is at its lowest after a summer of plants growing and sucking it up in the northern hemisphere. As fall wears on, those plants lose their leaves, which in turn decompose, releasing the stored carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere. At Mauna Loa Observatory, the world’s marquee site for monitoring carbon dioxide, there are signs that the process has begun but levels have remained above 400 ppm.

“Is it possible that October 2016 will yield a lower monthly value than September and dip below 400 ppm? Almost impossible,” scientist Ralph Keeling, who runs the carbon dioxide monitoring program at the Scripps Institute for Oceanography, wrote in a blog post this week. “Brief excursions towards lower values are still possible but it already seems safe to conclude that we won’t be seeing a monthly value below 400 ppm this year—or ever again for the indefinite future.”

Climate Central continues:

We may get a day or two reprieve in the next month, similar to August when Tropical Storm Madeline blew by Hawaii and knocked carbon dioxide below 400 ppm for a day. But otherwise, we’re living in a 400 ppm world. Even if the world stopped emitting carbon dioxide tomorrow, what has already put in the atmosphere will linger for many decades to come.

“At best (in that scenario), one might expect a balance in the near term and so CO2 levels probably wouldn’t change much—but would start to fall off in a decade or so,” Gavin Schmidt, NASA’s chief climate scientist, said in an email. “In my opinion, we won’t ever see a month below 400 ppm.”

The confirmation comes soon after a report from the U.K. Met Office in June warned that the planet was well on its way toward that grim milestone as the impact from rising fossil fuel emissions was worsened by a turbulent El Niño event. Similar predictions came in May as climate scientists cautioned the limit could be hit at any time.

Another recent report also found that the planet could pass another point of no return—the agreed-upon 1.5°C warming threshold—in a decade.


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