Climate Engineering & The New World Order

September 6, 2017 1

Climate Engineering & The New World Order by Raphaëlle O’Neil, TLB Contributing Author So here we go… Barely have some of the flood waters in Houston Texas begun to recede, than yet another Hurricane and yet another […]


HAARP and the New World Order

December 11, 2015 1

Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier The Undermining of America – HAARP and the New World Order – For many American citizens, the information that I have provided on HAARP and Weather Manipulation sits as […]


Is The New Madrid Mega Quake Being Engineered?

August 21, 2015 1

  By: Nicholas West and Zen Gardner Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around us in awareness. – James Thurber The Powers-That-Be seem to be making a continuous effort […]


Geoengineering and Jade Helm – What’s the Connection?

June 2, 2015 0

By Dane Wigington (TLB Contributor and Partner) Contributor, ZenGardner.com The unravelling of the reality we have all known is happening from countless directions and at blinding speed. Earth’s life support systems are crumbling, the human assault […]


Smashing Atoms – for God

April 12, 2015 0

Julian Rose April 11, 2015 Contributor, ZenGardner.com You probably didn’t feel a jolt when a bunch of atoms were hurled down a tube at the speed of light – or thereabouts – and another bunch were […]

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