By: TLB Author Luca Majno

In this article our subject takes us into the depths of recently more talked about rabbit hole, the one of RACISM, as an ideology, as a social construct…

Racism, as we know it today, was unknown to the Indigenous People, the First People, the Original People of this land, Turtle Island, before 1492.

As Dr. Roland Chrisjohn, PhD. And Professor Emeritus & Scholar Michael Parenti take us through, each of them, a thirteen, then two-minute rant on exactly that… The art of assimilation and/or genocide, through cultural, deeply-rooted Ways and Practices and Spirituality that were attacked on all fronts… and ripped to pieces.

In this series, I want to examine the ‘Canadian’ residential school system, a mirror of what happened in the country south of it, here in these ‘united states’…

We get to see in detail how things were systematically done in order to ensure the invader’s success on all counts, on all fronts.

We get a glimpse into these two peoples fascinating lives, with in-depth analyses and life’s contradictions, explaining the terms involved, the timelines, and the reason for racism to be present, in order for this all to work.

It is still tearing us apart, as well or better than it did at the time I have chosen for this week’s show and article.

In a very short time, one ends up knowing a lot more on intent, deliberate and premeditated destruction and overtaking of a People and their home and how to get their land next.

The history of the word GENOCIDE, the united nations convention on GENOCIDE, and the man behind it, and why the word was coined, The so-called ‘Canadian’ (non) apology set forth by then-‘Premier’ Stephen Harper, we get to really start to see and to feel what it is like from the other side of the fence… in this case, the First Nations of ‘Canada’ and their treatment, which mirrors, as we will see, the ‘american’ experience, the horrors of their crimes against humanity, as this self-proclaimed superior race bullies its way through everything, claiming title now to the air we breathe and the falling rain that we are no longer allowed to collect?

“How does the residential school experience have anything to do with today’s education system?”, I hear you asking…

They both are similar in the ways they were pushed on us all, and how unimportant personal growth and individuality are to the elite who run the program.

Rockefeller had already sold his soul and committed medical crimes of incredible proportions, bribed universities, and overtook medicine as a whole, as we will see more in detail in other upcoming shows, and the stage was set for disease and cancer and their explosion through chemical medicine and fake foods.

The purpose was to simply have us for slaves, dumbed-down by everything from fluoride to aluminum to mercury poisoning among others, on a long-term scale…

And so today, we see ourselves as being the INDIANS OF THE 21st CENTURY, and true-to-form, I mean… literally… If we can see how this government and the one north of it treated their undesirables and those they wished would disappear…

Little did they know that the very people they tried to extinguish are today lawyers, doctors, and very educated souls, learning how to play the hand that was given them: One that would not honor not one treaty made with the Original People, out of the 400 or more… not one.

Here is the short story on RACISM and GENOCIDE, simply put, in a patriarchal system that cares nothing about human life, but needs always to have that bottom line…

Please watch this video:


Luca Majno. is the host of TLBTV’s newest show ‘LEARN 2 UNLEARN’  and Audio/Video Technical Director for The Liberty Beacon project. He was born in Boston Massachusetts and raised in Geneva Switzerland, in the French language. For about the past 25-30 years he lived in Canada where his activism started. In 1995, after seeing “Geronimo’s” face on a portrait, he really started to question everything. As an internationally recognized speaker, having conducted conferences in high schools, colleges and universities in Canada, and through his radio/video programs, along with his mini-documentaries published on his Youtube channel. Luca has spoken on the following topics: Canadian and United States History (genocide/ethnic cleansing), The Concept of Race/Racism, The Role of Women, Bullying and Intimidation, Getting Back to Nature, The Pharmaceutical Industry vs. Natural Health, Chemtrails/Geo-engineering/De-Population Agenda, and The Pipeline Controversy.

Luca is available for speaking engagements  in the United States and can be contacted directly or by clicking the email link below:

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