TLBTV: Rebecca Sounds Reveille – Wake Up To – Lies Exposed, Understanding the Diet Industry

Special Guest, Dr. Lewis Meline

TLBTV: Rebecca Sounds Reveille – Wake Up To – Lies Exposed, Understanding the Diet Industry – With Special Guest Author and MD, Lewis Meline


By TLB Project Media Director & Show Host: Rebecca L. Mahan

Combining diet and exercise is the most important thing we can do to be healthy. The biggest challenge has been truly understanding how to combine these two. Often people find themselves turning to supplements to address their health concerns albeit weight loss or another issue.

On this episode, Lewis Meline, a medical doctor, expert in nutrition and exercise, and a United States Air Force veteran, discusses the fallacy of the diet industry. He shares that there are two basics things of how our bodies function (nutrition and exercise) and how the diet industry banks on people not understanding these things. The industry’s agenda is to make money.

Nutrition is important and by eating properly, our bodies can obtain what we need without purchasing supplements. Dr. Meline breaks down the type of food and how our body processes the food we eat. He clarifies how the sugar in fruits compare to the sugar when eating a candy part is processed in the body. He also points out that many people believe we have to consume more protein, but that is not the case. We really need to stay away from processed food and understand portion size.

Exercise is also essential; however, there is a misconception that the more exercise we do, the better it is for our bodies. Dr. Meline indicates that in some respects it can actually be harmful. He even makes a statement that is striking, in that, people can even lose weight by eating “McDonalds”. In essence, we won’t be duped into spending money and overexerting ourselves if we understand and apply the two basics of body function.

Dr. Meline began his education in nutrition and exercise over 40 years ago. At that time, he was over-weight and very out-of-shape. Not knowing where to turn, he began to study nutrition and exercise.

He decided to lift weights and began applying the nutrition information he had been learning. After a few weeks of exercising, he noticed that nutrition was affecting his workouts. This encouraged him to continue to study nutrition and weight lifting.

When reviewing Dr. Meline’s website, there was interesting questions posed about what launched his discovery in understanding nutrition, exercise, and what was happening in the diet industry and these questions are answered on the show:

“Many different athlete’s diets were used trying to maximize his nutrition. However, after several years of blindly following the athlete and other diet plans, and using various supplements, he began to notice that the expected results were not being obtained. He wondered why. Was he doing something wrong? Was his diet inappropriate? Was he using the wrong supplements? Was he executing his workout routines correctly? This led him to start investigating the cause for the discrepancies he was noting.

In medical school, he thought these questions would be answered. However, he discovered that medical school did not address nutrition well and could not resolve the discrepancies he had noted in his own results and from all of the other athletes that he studied.

This was the beginning of the discoveries contained in his book, “LIES EXPOSED”. He spent many years studying thousands of articles, book chapters, and evaluating new information he observed until he figured out what the real truth is. What he discovered has been pared-down to include just the information that you need to avoid deception, achieve your best nutrition, and maintain your desired weight and health for the rest of your life.”

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